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    [–] jayson tatum has a "big-ass picture" of him booming LeBron at his house melperz 17 points ago in nba

    I'd get my neighbor passed out drunk and tattoo it on his back and deny I did it

    [–] Gilbert Arenas explains why the NBA's defense on Harden is "dumb as f**k" melperz 1 points ago in nba

    Being a left handed, I think what the players are currently doing are just right. It's true when I step back to shoot, I'm going to my right but if the defender is on my left, that would mean he can try to block me while jumping AWAY from my direction so there's also minimal chance of fouling.

    Defending me on my right-back also just makes me confortable driving to my left so I'm already 1-2 steps ahead of my defender and if I jump to shoot while he's trying to catch up, that's a shooting foul.

    [–] Reversing skills melperz 1 points ago in gifs

    You know those little convex mirrors for blind spot? Those are your friends, get those things.

    [–] Honestly, the buffets in the Philippines is much better than other countries.. melperz 3 points ago in Philippines

    M Buffet, I remember our reactions when finding out wines are also included. Also those king crabs made me feel like a king for an hour. Next on my list is Spiral

    [–] Minnesota Timberwolves are now the Minnesota Direwolves melperz 1 points ago in nba

    They didn't called it Kings Landing for no reason.

    [–] The Boston Celtics can no longer win 50 games melperz 1 points ago in nba

    Will NBA allow it if we make amends with the Celtics and give them few of our wins?

    [–] Is there an existing accessory that connects to the phone's battery port? melperz 2 points ago in androidafterlife

    Wow, didn't expect for you to make an extra step to lay it out this simple for me. Thank you very much!!

    [–] Is there an existing accessory that connects to the phone's battery port? melperz 1 points ago in androidafterlife

    Thank you for your response. I'm not yet really familiar with rooting stuff, but I can start looking into it. So basically with ACC I can force the phone to use the plugged power directly, instead of getting its juice from the constant-charging battery?

    [–] Condoms in Philippines melperz 1 points ago in Philippines

    Yung mga gustong gumamit ng condom, sila pa nga dapat yung binibigyan ng libre.

    [–] Bato-bato sa langit... melperz 1 points ago in Philippines

    Nah. Even Eraserheads don't have royalty rights to HEB, it all goes to their label company.

    [–] feels bad for this dude melperz 13 points ago in trashy

    Yeah that's why i'll be mad if i was him!!!!