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    [–] Do i go for Food Cart Franchise for 300k? melperz 3 points ago in phinvest

    I assume you don't have kids yet?

    I'm coming from the other side of the spectrum. I was also able to start a business while young, where i took a big risk of my savings. It went well so I quit my job to focus on my business then. Now it's almost self sufficient with minimal attention needed, so i am a full time dad now (wife is still working).

    Now i have a kid, i'm more afraid to start another venture that will cost us big time if it fails. So my advise is it's okay to fail (of course we don't want that) early in your life, than later where it's not just you who's going to get affected.

    Good luck to you. 😀

    [–] How do I prevent urine splashes when urinating (male)? melperz 3 points ago in lifehacks

    I soak one of my leg into the toilet bowl and run my pee through my legs. This ensures the pee goes straight into the bowl, and makes less noise.

    Also, flush it using the same leg because it's probably dirty and you don't want to risk getting that dirt onto your hands.

    [–] Do i go for Food Cart Franchise for 300k? melperz 2 points ago in phinvest

    You're on the right track buddy. You established your base finances well and I think you handle your money responsibly given how you manage your expenses.

    I don't have any experiences with franchising a kiosk, but I can tell you to go for what you think is good for you. You're still very young and still has a lot of wiggle room for mistakes. If it doesn't work out, you're still young and learn from it.

    [–] Dumb and dumber melperz 2 points ago in instantkarma

    Happened to my uncle when he's denying the selling of his property to my dad.

    The judge was asking the witness of the deed where did it happen and she answered at <my dad's> house and then my uncle angrily shouted back "WRONG!!! IT'S AT <MY OTHER UNCLE'S> HOUSE!!!"

    [–] This is why I never use Chrome melperz 3 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I want to upvote you to 420

    [–] Kobe to Shaq alley-oop, Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals. melperz 549 points ago in nba

    You only couldn't see them but they can still come in contact with you physically. Last season Harden was the primary victim of this.

    [–] Devin Booker gets frustrated over a double team, Joakim Noah responds melperz -1 points ago in nba

    We don't really know. They could actually be working on a specific play where it could go option A or option B, and the lack of movements from his teammate is what frustrates him.

    [–] Kobe's New AD NXT Sneakers...... melperz 1 points ago in lakers

    Kobe from White Hot would definitely wear these

    [–] Surgery practice on an egg melperz 10 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    That's too pricey. That's probably why my ex practiced injecting water in me instead.

    [–] KD pinches Drake's nipple melperz 1 points ago in nba

    They shoot poop in the hoop

    [–] KD pinches Drake's nipple melperz 3 points ago in nba


    Do you love me?