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    [–] What is a fact that you think sounds completely false and that makes you angry that it's true? melperz 3 points ago in AskReddit

    For those assholes enabling poaching, i'd use toe nails and i'd make it sure to walk barefoot on the sewer first.

    [–] If half of humanity died today, what would we do with the bodies? melperz 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Probably harvest their organs first. Healthy ones go for transplants, those sick ones can be donated to universities to study. Hairs can be used for wigs or some kind of thread. Bone marrows.

    Other remains can be buried at some deforrested area.

    [–] What legal way can the average person cause the most chaos? melperz 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I remember at my old work, an HR attached the wrong file that was sent to the whole company distro in my country (at that time we're about 17,000 employees). The file attached was the list of every employees' salaries. Oh boy some trouble ensued and many firsthand stories and drama that I witnessed there.

    [–] How to parent a princess melperz 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    Can i call u daddy pwease?!

    [–] Anon tricks the system. melperz 1 points ago in greentext


    [–] What the NBA would look like if the players reset to their first team melperz 2 points ago in nba

    You said that on point. It's not that I'm complaining about Lebron joining the Lakers but last year's squad was so much fun watching them play and I don't care whether we make the playoffs or not but his year it seems like there's always this pressure that we have to contend for a playoff spot.

    [–] [SS&R] Damn LeBron isn't even being subtle anymore melperz 1 points ago in lakers

    He was also directly surrounded with players getting mention along with Lakers this coming FA.

    [–] Creating an extra spot on the ASG for Dirk and Wade was such a power move melperz 2 points ago in nba

    Those people that do the HoF assessment pretty sure are very well aware of that asterisk in their ASG. Besides, it's Dirk and Wade we're talking about here so there's not much argument going into it.

    [–] The Joker up to his usual trickery melperz 28 points ago in nba

    And then everyone dabbed

    [–] Is there an existing accessory that connects to the phone's battery port? melperz 2 points ago in androidafterlife

    I already tried but it doesn't turn on at all. I guess it has to do with the battery ports, they're 4 pins.