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    [–] So... this happened meredithtalin 11 points ago in teenagers

    My friend from primary school died at like 15 because he was getting high on lighter gas

    [–] How old do I look? meredithtalin 2 points ago in teenagers

    I have a friend that says I dress like I'm 120

    [–] who’s that person that you wonder if they still think about you? what’s your story with them? meredithtalin 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It's my childhood friend. We've know each other since I was like 5. We've come through many, many waves, many times we thought we are talking for the last time, many times we felt pain together. But there was more. She was the person I loved the most, only my mom was more important in my life. We understood each other in amazing ways, we laughed over same things for years, at sleepovers we were falling asleep in each other's arms. We had crushes on the same guys, together we buried her animals when they were dying, we drank our first drinks together. Our life story was similar. I comforted her younger sister when their drunk father yelled at them and my friend couldn't help shaking and crying. When she was about 12 years old she wrote a poem about our friendship. On our last sleepover together we wondered how we'll keep in touch in our 80's. But then she fell in love with some girl. I didn't like her from the beginning, not because I was just mean. I was so scared that she'll cause trouble... And I was right. I'll never know who was the problem. If it's my fault, or if it's my friends selfishness. The last day was her 18th birthday. I got drunk alone at the party, because I couldn't stand the way she treated me, not only this evening, but for months before. She had absolutely no time for me. At the party she didn't even speak to me. I was so devastated that I left in the middle of the night. Next morning she said that it's the end for us. She doesn't want to see me anymore and we don't know each other. I was completely unable to react. Tried to asked her what's the reason. She said something about my awful behavior. And I think it was just an excuse, she wanted to end things earlier. Person I knew for ten years wouldn't react this way. I remember I said something like "but you know that this friendship was my biggest treasure...". She responded "but not mine". She never complained. We talked everyday, knew each other nearly all life, went through shit together and yet she didn't fucking dare to say anything. It was Monday morning. It was centre of town. I felt like my heart stopped beating. I cried so hard I couldn't see where I'm walking. I cried every day for at least six months. It's been more than 18 months since she's gone. I suffer from depression ever since. I had dreams about her. I couldn't look at her at the bus without crying and I had to every day. I remember smell of her hair. She moved to England to go to the university with her girlfriend. I wonder if she hates me.

    [–] Eye defects and driving license meredithtalin 1 points ago in Advice

    Unfortunately it's illegal in my country to drive without license with someone other than driving instructor.

    [–] Eye defects and driving license meredithtalin 0 points ago in Advice

    The basic course involves 30 hours of driving. Thank for your response, I'll consider additional lessons.

    [–] Eye defects and driving license meredithtalin 1 points ago in Advice

    Well, in my case (in my country I think) the medical examination for driving license is just a way for doctors to earn some easy money, they don't really care how much I see, should I drive or anything. On my appointment doctor asked me which row on the letter board I can read with my glasses on, if I smoke and if I am suffering from any chronical diseases. Maybe that's enough, I don't know.

    [–] This feel when you get a car that's 3 years older than you. meredithtalin 2 points ago in pics

    I'm not complaining! I find it funny that it's so old, but I love this car!

    [–] Yeah, I'm in IT school meredithtalin 1 points ago in pics

    sadly, that's the point

    [–] your top 5 florence songs? meredithtalin 1 points ago in FlorenceAndTheMachine

    Remain Nameless, What The Water Gave Me, Pure Feeling, June, and whatever else ❤️

    [–] What is the "Thing we don't talk about" in your family? meredithtalin 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I don't know why my father was in jail before I was born. I think I don't want to know.

    [–] Craving for meat meredithtalin 2 points ago in vegetarian

    I think it might be the point as my diet isn't excellent, I should do some blood tests.

    [–] Craving for meat meredithtalin 2 points ago in vegetarian

    I am living good without meat for almost 2 months now, I just like it's taste.

    [–] Before and after pictures meredithtalin 22 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    So real, I thought I was fat when I was 15 kilos lighter

    [–] I'm 17 and I seriously want to kill a family member just to get rid of him meredithtalin 1 points ago in Advice

    I talked to her many times, we have good relationship with each other. But she has no idea what to do. She doesn't want to leave this house but sees no other option. She doesn't want to throw my brother out because when he's sober he isn't so bad, but when he becomes a problem one day I'll kick him out with her. The problem is my uncle, she surely would like to get did of him but there's no way to do so.

    [–] I'm 17 and I seriously want to kill a family member just to get rid of him meredithtalin 1 points ago in Advice

    My brother is the smaller problem. I'm trying to convince my mom to get rid of him and we have the right to do so it won't be too hard. But the problem is my uncle who has rights to live here.

    [–] I'm 17 and I seriously want to kill a family member just to get rid of him meredithtalin 1 points ago in Advice

    I know this doesn't sound very bad. But my sanity is very poor. I won't be able to leave house for uni. I am not able to buy clothes. And this man lives here for free like a king and I can do nothing about it.