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    [–] PSA - Health Warning Issued to Australian Grand Prix Attendees for Measels. mertcanhekim 2 points ago in formula1

    extremely valid, they knowingly and willing put themselves and others at risk

    With that definition, everyone who doesn't stop their car at a red light is a terrorist.

    [–] Mark Normand: Women On Dating Apps Are Height Supremacists mertcanhekim 1 points ago in videos

    That's the title of the YouTube video. Not picked by the Redditor.

    [–] Singleton is back 12-19 Apr mertcanhekim 1 points ago in MagicArena

    It would be great if someone from Wizards clarify.

    [–] I just wanted to sell some Magic cards. mertcanhekim 25 points ago in magicTCG

    It may be due to the currency. I believe 600 is in dollars.

    [–] Draft Winrate Needed for F2P to Collect All Rares From The Current Set (tl;dr It's 45-54%) mertcanhekim 1 points ago in MagicArena

    I've already fully completed Ravnica Allegience rares. The duplicates did not happen to be a huge problem for me, but I was Traditional Drafting more often than Ranked Draft.

    [–] Damn it! mertcanhekim 17 points ago in Avengers

    Mods, tag this as spoiler. It ruined my expectations.

    [–] Patch 9.6 notes mertcanhekim 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    TIL Shaco boxes are not considered pets

    [–] Magic Arena player battles with a paper player mertcanhekim 1 points ago in MagicArena

    Thank you, time traveller. I appreciate the upvotes you gave tomorrow.

    [–] Give option to turn off animations mertcanhekim 6 points ago in MagicArena

    It's fine until Shudderwock eats the whole turn timer

    [–] 200 IQ strat vs Bjergsen mertcanhekim 17 points ago in leagueoflegends

    The timing of the barrier was frame-perfect

    [–] Have you seen this guy? mertcanhekim 140 points ago in MagicArena

    No officer. This is the first time I see one.

    [–] No Duplicate protection ? mertcanhekim 12 points ago in MagicArena

    Rares and Mythics have duplicate protection. Unless you have collected 4 copies of every rare in the set, you shouldn't be getting any more duplicates.

    [–] I analyzed shuffling in a million games mertcanhekim 1 points ago in MagicArena

    aside from the opening hand algorithm I didn't find any meaningful differences between Bo1 and Bo3.

    I'm specifically looking for the opening hand algorithm though. Anyways, thank you.