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    [–] Did lotr quest for first time metropolic3 33 points ago in Borderlands2

    Important to say that this quest is unmarked. If you pick up the ring and nothing happens, it's not bugging out, it's just how that "quest" works

    [–] Ich🥤iel metropolic3 2 points ago in ich_iel

    Ich steh Mate eher neutral gegenüber, aber ich hatte eher den Eindruck, dass da jemand einfach nen Eimer Wasser durch einen Heuballen hat laufen lassen.

    [–] Lmao Gotteem metropolic3 3 points ago in Grimdank

    I mean, the Emperor isn't really a god...

    [–] Putin declared triumphant in referendum allowing him to rule until 2036 – five hours before polls close metropolic3 3 points ago in worldnews

    before attempting to grab power, you make sure all institutions that could stop you are staffed with yes men who will have your back instead of stopping you

    however, i wouldn't even consider trump himself the prime danger here. the republican shitstains hiding in his slipstream are the real menace

    [–] ich🍻iel metropolic3 31 points ago in ich_iel

    Natürlich kann man was anderes als Brötchen sagen, damit hat man sich aber bis ans Lebensende jedes Recht verspielt, sich über irgendwen zu beschweren, der kein gutes Deutsch spricht.

    [–] moi⚔dlvv metropolic3 6 points ago in moi_dlvv

    voilà comment les faire

    [–] Redeye leaves esports metropolic3 4 points ago in DotA2

    You are aware that the main flak against Redeye came from CSGO, right

    [–] ich🍦iel metropolic3 13 points ago in ich_iel

    Vor allem find ich das Eis geiler als die Waffel. So wie man aus einer Waffel essen muss ist aber eben nach dem Eis nur noch Waffel übrig, also ruiniert sie mir noch nachträglich das Eis essen.

    Deswegen Becher.

    [–] Mein Name ist Ulrich Knoxville und das sind die Tagesthemen metropolic3 49 points ago in de

    Also Anne Hidalgo (Bürgermeisterin von Paris) hat vor kurzem erst vorgeschlagen, stadtweit ein Tempolimit von 30 km/h einzuführen. Die Pariser fanden's lustig

    [–] Shopkeeper being serious about distilled chaos metropolic3 10 points ago in slaythespire

    R5: Distilled Chaos costs 78 gold. Distilled Chaos also costs 73 gold.

    Conclusion: The Shopkeeper accidentally the whole economy.

    [–] ODPixel: Regarding Tobi metropolic3 27 points ago in DotA2

    isn't that the thing incels reinforce themselves

    i mean, they constructed a fucking identity around not getting laid and gave it a specific name, you tell me who thinks that not having sex makes you a loser

    [–] Nahaz : Ragarding Toby metropolic3 172 points ago in DotA2

    I don't get this. It's everyone's own decision to work with someone or not. If talent is presented chat logs, pictures, or whatever and goes "damn this guy is a monster" and decides that they're not going to accept this person and not work with them anymore, just what the fuck do you - a random shitter on the internet - wanna do about that

    We kinda have to count on our talent handling this issue carefully, but appropriately, because reddit sure as fuck can't do that

    [–] Ich_iel metropolic3 1 points ago in ich_iel


    [–] ich📜iel metropolic3 1 points ago in ich_iel

    außer Klaus

    [–] Wie Mainz 05 auf ein rassistisches Kündigungsschreiben antwortet: metropolic3 1 points ago in de

    Ich meine dass sich jeder Rassist ins Knie ficken gehen kann. Jeder einzelne.

    [–] Wie Mainz 05 auf ein rassistisches Kündigungsschreiben antwortet: metropolic3 260 points ago in de

    Es ist das Label, mit dem sie ein Problem haben, nicht der Rassismus selber. Niemand wird gern als etwas abgestempelt, mit dem weite Teile der Gesellschaft (zu Recht) ein Problem haben. Deswegen wird auch nach Kräften immer mit Hülsen wie "race realist" oder dergleichen um sich geworfen. Purer Selbstschutz

    [–] Austrian Britain metropolic3 1 points ago in eu4

    This is disgusting and I hate it

    [–] Trump's 'antifa' accusations spark debate in Germany, the movement's birthplace: After Donald Trump claimed most protesters in the US were "antifa," Germany's Social Democrats rushed to declare solidarity with the movement metropolic3 130 points ago in worldnews

    The thing with antifa is that it is, in fact, not an organisation at all, yet Trump claims to want it declared a domestic terrorist organisation.

    You mentioned it:

    that the people who claimed to be "Antifa"

    In terms of Antifa this is as far as it goes, claiming to be it. Because that's just what it is, a label, to make clear to everyone what your activism is supposed to go against (fascism). There is no collective "Antifa". There are antifascist groups using the label to make it unequivocally clear where they stand. These groups are usually very fragmented, are registered nowhere (and they don't have to be; that's what freedom of assembly is), their only common denominator is opposition to fascism.

    Going back to Trump: If there is no organisation to accuse of domestic terrorism, where does that put us? Declaring people domestic terrorists who display sympathy to the idea. Be it through criticising Trump, the police, the GOP, having an antifa sticker on your backpack, listening to punk rock music, reading anti-fascist literature, you name it, if anti-fascism can be somehow pinned on you, you're fucked out of luck.

    [–] Germany wants to kick extremists out of military faster metropolic3 18 points ago in worldnews

    if your job is to protect a state with certain constitutional values, going against those values would be pretty dumb, wouldn't it