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    [–] Slack Wyrm (xpost r/comics) mfcneri 2 points ago in SympatheticMonsters

    Only a true monster doesn't return the tupperware.

    [–] Dog birthday surprise mfcneri 5 points ago in aww

    You can get them pretty cheap from Amazon or a normal toy store, just look for Ball pit balls.

    Just be careful we did it with our dogs, one is ball crazy and started destroying and resource guarding them.

    [–] Rimeraze Island - Off the coast of Nagaf mfcneri 1 points ago in wonderdraft

    Please let there be a Sean Connery some where on that island.

    [–] PM: "We need to upscale our databases, queries are taking too long!" mfcneri 8 points ago in programminghorror

    Base on the flow chart the nested query would run each row.

    So the first query returns 180 rows, the next one returns 1, but 1 per 180 rows.

    Same with the third.

    Then the 4th pulls the full 611 rows, for every row 180 rows etc.

    [–] I want your old characters to be my worlds deities. mfcneri 1 points ago in DnDBehindTheScreen

    Neri , God of Duality.

    Some say Neri is a protector, benevolent even altruistic others say he is ruthless, dishonest and selfish, the truth is Neri is both.

    (one I'm using myself) Thorund Moltenaxe God of Ale, bounty and battle.

    Once said to be a great warrior on the battlefield, tearing enemies asunder then celebrating with Ale and feasts.

    [–] I have a new respect for programmers mfcneri 4 points ago in Unity3D

    I'm trying but years of writing it gets engraved, I have to go back each time and re-type it correctly.

    [–] I have a new respect for programmers mfcneri 4 points ago in Unity3D

    Yup worked for such a company, I still write my if statements on individual lines


    a == b


    c == d



    [–] They are turning... mfcneri 20 points ago in CasualUK

    An obfuscated format where the small numbers indicate the positions where the large digits should be placed. In this reading, 0 is used at positions 2 and 5, 1 is used on position 3, etc.; the result being 20130227

    [–] Hi, I'm DndBehindTheScreen, and I've Been a Subreddit for 4 Years. AMA! mfcneri 25 points ago in DnDBehindTheScreen

    Happy Birthday!!

    Have you considered how much you've helped DMs the Last 4 years and all the joy and happyness that has brought all those players?

    [–] Urban Plot hooks to entice a wild druid mfcneri 14 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in DMAcademy

    A Sprawling garden in the centre of the city is under threat of being build over to make way for more living space.

    A great under city cave network has a lush and diverse biome which has started disrupting the city road ways with roots and blights (twig/ vine etc), the city want to destroy it, maybe there's a better way?

    The city has strong ties with nature and lives along side it rather than pave over it, everywhere you go there are tress bushes and wild animals but even idyllic cities have dark secrets.

    The Crazy Cleric was right! An Other worldy being is punishing the cities inhabitants for destroying its once idyllic view, everyone is going mad!

    [–] Any tools for making a 100% homebrew campaign? mfcneri 1 points ago in DMAcademy

    Try a wiki. I use Doku wiki and tags to organise my home-brew campaign. It's more flexible than onenote and you can reference any page from anywhere.

    [–] meirl mfcneri 1 points ago in meirl

    #7 No posts involving the other sub, /r/Me_irl, allowed in any way.

    [–] "Historically Grown" Database Model mfcneri 27 points ago in programminghorror

    Well the same company that supplied the current system has an upgrade path to a MSSQL base which has been re-written and is a lot more stable, additionally supports 64bit, has an API and is GDPR compliant, it's also cheaper to run monthly (and other features) but the client doesn't want to pay for the upgrade.

    It's probably not the best overall, but the most cost effective.

    [–] "Historically Grown" Database Model mfcneri 48 points ago in programminghorror

    That explains it, one of my clients still uses a paradox based "customer database" been trying to get them to switch for years now...

    [–] His assignment was to film polar bears for the BBC. mfcneri 75 points ago in aww

    Another polar bear, filming humans filming polar bears.