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    [–] Help me find out what kind of teddy bear! mgphotogirl 5 points ago in HelpMeFind

    I have a bear very similar to this one... I'll dig it up tomorrow and get back to you.

    [–] What is the most “grown-up” purchase you bought recently that you would have not been excited for as a child? mgphotogirl 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I gave my husband a shoe rack for his birthday... Problem was, I was too excited to wait for him and put it together while he was at work.

    [–] Car trouble mgphotogirl 18 points ago in Charlottesville

    Bob's Wheel Alignment is trustworthy and quick. Not sure if they're open Sundays.

    [–] car detailing with ozone treatment for odors? mgphotogirl 3 points ago in Charlottesville

    Not sure about a detailing service, but Walmart sells an ozone spray that does wonders for smells. Definitely make sure the corpse gets removed though... any mechanic around here should be able to find it.

    [–] Wife and I went to go pick up the kids from school. When we came back there was four puppies cuddled up in the back corner of our carport. Meet the four newest members of our family. mgphotogirl 0 points ago in aww

    Congratulations on your new family!! Pro tip about fleas- bathing in vinegar is very safe for the pups, and will kill any fleas still present. I used to mix equal parts Dawn and apple cider vinegar and leave it on their coats for however long they'd sit still in the tub. 😂 Rinse well, air dry, and give lots of kisses!

    [–] It’s National Milkshake Day. Where can I get the best one? mgphotogirl 3 points ago in Charlottesville

    The Sugar Shack has an extensive list of flavors, and they are all super rich and delicious!!

    [–] Pebble ice? mgphotogirl 3 points ago in Charlottesville

    Not sure about a bag, but Chick-fil-A at Pantops has the best ice.

    [–] I found a diamond on the floor of my wife’s plastic surgery clinic. mgphotogirl 6 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I lost one of the diamonds out of my engagement ring yesterday, the exact same size. What are the chances...

    [–] Are there any regular meetups for people with dogs? mgphotogirl 2 points ago in Charlottesville

    Peak time is usually 4 pm until dark, depending on the season, at any dog parks around here. Saturdays tend to have more activity in the mornings than other days. Sunday mornings are apparently popular at Chris Greene lake Park, but you have to pay to get in during summer.

    [–] 35¢ surprise soda machine mgphotogirl 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I live two blocks away from this machine... Small world!

    [–] Friend went to Luray Caverns (VA) and I just had to share some of his pics. Visiting there soon for sure! mgphotogirl 2 points ago in rockhounds

    Check out Grand Caverns if you're in the area! It's much less commercialized, and there are some awesome formations that Luray doesn't have.

    [–] What’s the biggest plot hole in The Bible? mgphotogirl 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The difference here may be that yes, animals do experience discomfort when giving birth, but typically their pain is low or non-existent. When there is pain, that usually means something is very wrong. However, it is hard to make an accurate determination since animals respond very differently to pain than humans.

    [–] What are some good places in the region for a scenic drive? Parks or other places where you can stop would be sweet but aren’t necessary mgphotogirl 4 points ago in Charlottesville

    810 connects Crozet to Greene. Absolutely gorgeous drive, very little traffic, and some interesting quirks along the way. While not exactly a tourist route, you can stop at Stinson Vineyards or Patricia Ann Byrom Forest Preserve for a picnic.

    [–] Best neighborhoods for quiet 30ish couple? mgphotogirl 20 points ago in Charlottesville

    The Fry's Spring neighborhood is fabulous! Quiet, historic, dog-friendly, and not at all snobbish.

    [–] Camper/RV storage in Charlottesville? mgphotogirl 2 points ago in Charlottesville

    Can't remember the name off the top of my head, but there's a decently priced one out at Zion's Crossroads (East of town) that stores large vehicles. Security seems tight, too.

    [–] Newlywed tax questions mgphotogirl 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Thank you for the clear answer!

    [–] Newlywed tax questions mgphotogirl 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Thank you! That link is extremely helpful.

    [–] Reddit, meet Shadow, the world's first cat-kangaroo hybrid. mgphotogirl 3 points ago in blackcats

    He mostly just lays there. :/ Sometimes he rolls over though!