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    [–] Newlywed tax questions mgphotogirl 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Thank you for the clear answer!

    [–] Newlywed tax questions mgphotogirl 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Thank you! That link is extremely helpful.

    [–] Moutainbike for Heavy Guy mgphotogirl 5 points ago in MTB

    Second all this. My fiancé is a "husky" rider as well, and his Trek Stache has been one of his favorite bikes ever. He has 27.5+ wheels (which he recently upgraded to be stiffer- helps with energy distribution). Only thing I'd add is definitely invest in a good helmet and shin guards. More mass = more force = worse injuries. Somehow my fiancé doesn't understand this, and has the scars to prove it.

    [–] Help Europol fight child abuse by identifying these items. (Part 4) mgphotogirl 3 points ago in whatisthisthing

    Maybe this is a stretch, but these remind me of jars that store bullion cubes.

    [–] To those demanding photographic evidence of Nazi regalia in #charlottesville, here's what's on display before breakfast. Be safe today mgphotogirl 58 points ago in pics

    Can confirm. Cville is the mosquito breeding farm that supplies Florida's seasonal tourist repellent.

    Side note: went to Lowes, and they were mysteriously out of tiki torches. 🤔

    [–] Car runs over group of people. mgphotogirl 3 points ago in Charlottesville

    Best view of the actual collision yet, for those curious. Praying that everyone hit is ok.

    [–] Simply Mac on Barracks Road mgphotogirl 1 points ago in Charlottesville

    Check out the iPhone repair place on the Corner, next to the Shenandoah Joe's.

    [–] Here is the bear yesterday at UVA Children's Hospital mgphotogirl 2 points ago in Charlottesville

    Yesterday my fiancé texted me that there was a black bear out front of the children's hospital. I responded, uh duh, that statue has been there for years... wowza.

    [–] This little guy waiting for his new family to pick him up mgphotogirl 6 points ago in aww

    I've never met this dog, but I know deep in my soul that his name is Marvin.

    [–] Antique car? mgphotogirl 1 points ago in Charlottesville

    Check the county fairs- most of them have a car show portion. The Somerset Steam and Gas Pasture Party usually draws out the serious collectors and restorers, but that's not until September.

    [–] Lewis Mountain Campground mgphotogirl 3 points ago in Charlottesville

    Lewis Mtn is great! If there are any overcrowding issues, the Loft Mtn campground is wonderful as well. Definitely store your food safely away from bears and raccoons and bring plenty of bug spray.