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    [–] Trying to impress a girl. micktorious 1 points ago in gifs

    Sounds like a different person, this guy would just get black out drunk and not have a reason for most things he did, would just be angry and stupid.

    Tended not to remember things the next day and laughed when I told him angrily about the stupid shit he did.

    [–] Trying to impress a girl. micktorious 10 points ago in gifs

    Nope, was just browsing comments here, clicked the link and was like, oh yeah I remember posting this a while ago and it was mine. Wasn't my OC, but knew a guy who was just like this and did stupid shit without thinking a lot.

    [–] Trying to impress a girl. micktorious 21 points ago in gifs

    Huh, that was my post I forgot about until now

    [–] Vandals keep breaking the fixtures in the bathroom micktorious 107 points ago in NotMyJob

    The mirrors aren't even glass, they are metal with a reflective surface put on. You can't break them that easy.

    [–] I’m my dads number 1 wingman micktorious 59 points ago in Tinder

    We just say, "That's a bingo."

    [–] Feels like this belongs here too micktorious 65 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    I do professional basket weaving for 7 hours a week and my wife collects butterflies for charity. Our budget is $10 million.

    [–] Black out panels with a twist micktorious 52 points ago in pics

    I think that's a real person doing god's work up there

    [–] Showering in the dark is so soothing! micktorious 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I also hang eucalyptus leaves under the shower head(against the wall so they dont get wet) and the steam activates them to make the shower really smell nice. Works for usually 2 weeks or so before needing to be replaced, and the bundles are only 3.99 from my local TJs