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    [–] Any one selling z31 parts? midorivx 2 points ago in 300zx

    Not sure if you're still looking, but and are both great.

    [–] Evolutionary Leap in Modern Elves? midorivx 1 points ago in ModernMagic

    It's a pretty fun list. Drawing infinite cards, gaining infinite life, and making infinite mana on the regular around turn 3-4 is pretty fun. : )

    [–] Magic Duels: How do I respond after blockers are declared? midorivx 1 points ago in magicduels

    I see a timer as soon as the declare blockers step starts, wherein they have time to declare it that one? Because after that, there is not another timer...

    [–] How bad is Civ 5 without DLCs? midorivx 1 points ago in Games

    I personally hated Gods and Things, so I always play it vanilla, and this is coming from someone who has played every Civ game since Civ II.

    Really, it's just personal preference.

    [–] How do I exactly access the website since my ISP is blocked? midorivx 1 points ago in PSO2

    I'm trying to reset a market code, how could I use CyberKitsune's proxy to do this?

    [–] The Jewish and Japanese what?? midorivx 0 points ago in funny

    The Jewish and Japanese Reposted Every Month.

    [–] [US] Under $400 for PSO2 midorivx 1 points ago in SuggestALaptop

    PSO2 will run on the shittiest Core 2 Duo and a 7800GT. I know the Baytrail is better than a Core 2 Duo, but I just wanted to make sure the integrated graphics would be at least as good as a 9500GT. Graphical quality doesn't matter that much to me. I mean, the Vita port of PSO2 looked like a bag of assholes, but it was still amazingly fun.