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    [–] What’s the crappiest job you’ve ever had? miffymango 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Children’s swimming teacher - dirty, wee infested water & snotty nosed kids. You get sick a lot.

    [–] What was the worst time you’ve procrastinated? miffymango 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Avoiding opening a letter which said I was going to either lose my licence for 3 months or be on ‘good behaviour’ for 6 months & could still drive if I called up. Didn’t open the police letter for weeks, finally did past the deadline - most scariest 3 months of my life driving because in that time I got a new job 1.5 hours away from home in my dream industry so had to take it because I otherwise would have been unemployed.

    [–] Buzzfeed Quiz: Which "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Guy Are You Destined To Fall In Love With? miffymango 3 points ago in crazyexgirlfriend

    Despite brashly telling myself I’m going to get Nathaniel - no doubt about it! I ended up with White Josh :-I

    [–] 407 Promo Photos miffymango 2 points ago in crazyexgirlfriend

    Yes! Looks like a good and developmental Nathaniel storyline! Woo!

    [–] What does YOUR anxiety feel like? miffymango 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Swimming against a strong tide

    [–] Melbourne Bourke Street incident: one dead, two injured after stabbing - live updates | Australia news miffymango 3 points ago in worldnews

    Agree. Yes it’s defined as terrorism. Yet it’s also one person whose mind has become disgustingly scrambled who is being driven to be violent and chaotic.

    Australia has a population of 25 million and he’s one in that 25 million causing mayhem today. Something for Australians to keep in mind who are now fearful of going near the area again. He’s one super charged nutter trying to get attention and deeply twisted feelings of importance by causing fear but it’s caused his death.

    [–] Scene from 4x04 (Spoilers!) miffymango 3 points ago in crazyexgirlfriend

    Could this behaviour from Nathaniel and then expect quick growth by him- be a precursor for the audience to compare him when Greg returns? Just a thought.

    [–] Scene from 4x04 (Spoilers!) miffymango 1 points ago in crazyexgirlfriend

    Like your thinking, some quick growth episodes would be nice. Guess it has to happen bc the spoilers about Greg coming back allude to the fact he rocks the boat with Rebecca and Nathaniel’s relationship.

    [–] Scene from 4x04 (Spoilers!) miffymango 4 points ago in crazyexgirlfriend

    Really well said. It’s annoying that they’ve kind of changed his character a bit. He’s obviously frustrated by standing by her for so long - hopefully they can find a middle ground & the writers than give us more substance to their relationship.

    It’s clear Nathaniel has to learn to be more subtle in getting what he wants when he really wants it. I think the writers need to give us more content on their professional relationship - that’s where Rebecca shines and personally I think it’s awesome she’s part owner of a law firm (let’s hope this pretzel saga ends) - the only female one & she kicks ass - would be great to see more female workplace empowerment story lines where she helps Nathaniel on an intellectual level as well as emotional.

    Okay sorry that was all a big of stream of consciousness waffle - but holding onto hope for the ship’.

    [–] Photos from 4x06! (Spoilers!) miffymango 5 points ago in crazyexgirlfriend

    Can someone post them somewhere, I can't see the link being in Australia

    [–] Chill people of Reddit, what drives you crazy? miffymango 1 points ago in AskReddit

    People saying ‘yous’ instead of you or we

    [–] Want to run away miffymango 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    Run and take the dog with you.

    [–] Girlfriend (30F) keeps bringing up details of her sexual past miffymango 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    She’s doing it for attention and to boost her self esteem. Just do it back to her so she won’t like it and will stop doing it.