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    [–] Forum Liber - Întrebați și discutați cu /r/Romania Orice - 26.10.2018 mihalachemihai 3 points ago in Romania

    E foarte dificil cu dependenta de cazino, Al Pacino spunea intr-un film ca " dependenti de cazino nu se duc sa castige, din contra, se duc acolo ca sa piarda. Pentru ca tocmai au recreat cel mai groaznic scenariul din viata lor, au pierdut tot, tot, bani/casa/masina/etc, si ei inca sunt in viata.... nu mai stiu exact continuarea." depinde felul in care incerci sa il ajuti.... de exemplu daca ii spui ca nu e bine ca face asta, ca isi pierde banii, timpul si incercarile de genul acesta nu o sa aiba nici un rezultat. Trebuie sa il faci sa aiba un motiv mai mare decat nevoia de a juca, de exemplu sa ii spui ca mergeti intr-o vacanta sau la un anumit restaurant/club, sa ii starnesti interesul pentru a isi tine banii pentru motivele respective. De asemenea conteaza foarte mult si ce anturaj are, daca cei mai apropiati prieteni ai lui joaca la cazino nu o sa se lase niciodata. Iti doresc mult succes si sper sa reusesti

    [–] Forum Liber - Întrebați și discutați cu /r/Romania Orice - 26.10.2018 mihalachemihai 2 points ago in Romania

    da se poate trata acest viciu, important este sa intelegi de ce a aparut in primul rand si sa incerci sa il inlocuiesti cu alte activitati, poate gasirea unui nou hobby.

    Poti incerca si un pshiholog gratuit online, sunt multe siteuri unde ai o sedinta sau 2 free iar daca vezi rezultate te poti duce si incerca si unul in viata reala. De asemenea poti incerca sa te uiti si la filmulete pe youtube despre adictie, poate te ajuta.

    [–] Looking for an anime mihalachemihai 1 points ago in anime

    hitman reborn maybe?

    [–] Hunter X Hunter Ant Arc Thoughts mihalachemihai 1 points ago in anime

    Gon and Kite is the first friendship we saw in the hunter x hunter, they met in the first episodes and Kite saved gon from a bear. Also Kite tell Gon about his father, something no one every did, and talk about being a hunter. In some ways Kite opened new possibilities for Gon who never thought, to that point, about leaving the island and setting to new adventure. Also he was the student of his dad and as we see when Gon recover, even if Gon never met his father, he cared about his opinions and Gon took all the fault of Kite being killed upon himself.

    [–] [Video] Watch This If You Feel Like Giving Up mihalachemihai 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    level 3Average_By_Design4 points · 20 hours ago

    I am glad you find it useful, keep working toward your dream, I believe in you. Don't listen to the no sayers and all the haters.

    [–] [image] long roads mihalachemihai 4 points ago in GetMotivated

    " A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu

    [–] For views, How many other social media are you trying to create an audience? mihalachemihai 2 points ago in PartneredYoutube

    You should start as fast as you can, it takes time to build an audience no matter the platform. The longer you are on the social media the more followers you will have. You must focus primarily on where you base audience is.

    Instagram has a good feature which allow you to put links in your instastory so people could easily access your videos.

    Twitter is good because you can share the video link directly in a tweet.

    For facebook I think the best method is to make a facebook group rather than a fan page because you will get a better engagement.

    If you are new, test, test, test and see what fit your channel. It's better to at least have an account on every social media platform because people may make a duplicate account and start trashing or make a bad reputation.

    [–] For views, How many other social media are you trying to create an audience? mihalachemihai 1 points ago in PartneredYoutube

    also you can use the new instagram feature, I don't know what is called, but it's that channel where you could post new videos and episodes and people could watch it on instagram.

    [–] [Video] Watch This Every Morning When You Wake Up mihalachemihai 4 points ago in GetMotivated

    Yes, affirmations have an unbelievable power, especially in the morning. You will start your day filled with positivity and confidence