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    [–] What's the best way to ruin a perfectly good bout of depression? mikipolar 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Focus on mise en scène!! Make sure your environment is clean, cozy and comfortable. If you have the energy, wash your sheets. Even just make your bed. Then you have a feeling of a little bit of accomplishment. Buy or find some cheap fairy lights and string them around your room, and grab a super fluffy comfortable blanket. Have a shower or a bath and get really clean. Wear clean pyjamas/comfy clothes. Make a warm drink. Whether it’s tea or hot chocolate or just warm milk. Put a nice movie or tv show on, or play some video games. If you can just start with small things it will help. Make your bedroom a part of your heart. Have things you love, things that make you happy around you. Reconnect with an old friend, cook your favourite meal. Have some friends over and cook a meal together, drink wine and play Mario Party. Go for a walk every day while listening to music. Go to the cinema by yourself. Remember that the way you feel is a symptom and it is not reality. Things will and do get better. Reach out, get therapy, get medicated, be cozy, love people and dance whenever you can <3

    [–] My 11 year old daughter and I watch Ru every Sunday. She decided to draw our hero. mikipolar 2 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    Wow!!! She is so talented! This is amazing. I can not believe she’s only 11! I hope you pass the comments onto her, she’s got a really special talent and I hope she keeps at it! :)

    [–] Halloween 2015 Katya is my January 2019 mood mikipolar 2 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    She shared the link and said something like “Sunday listening” :) !

    [–] Halloween 2015 Katya is my January 2019 mood mikipolar 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in rupaulsdragrace

    Yes she is a fan!! I remember she shared “In Der Palastra” on her Twitter AGEESSSSS ago! She’s the reason I’m a fan!

    [–] Need some support.. mikipolar 2 points ago in thyroidcancer

    For context, I’m a teenage girl and I was 14 during my treatment. I’m also a really big baby and it was very scary and daunting for me to endure but honestly, the anxiety I felt pre treatment was so much worse than my mental state during treatment. I know this is subjective but you just go into such a cool badass mode. You will smash it and all your loved ones will be so proud of you :) It’s scary, it’s hard, and you are going through so much already. But the life experience you will gain and the perspective will be invaluable. I found (again, very subjective) making fun of my situation helped me so much. It helped me so much to make silly cancer jokes with my siblings and friends and make light of the situation. I actually think that was the key to me being so okay through it all. It might be the opposite for you, but it helped me a lot to remember that life is funny and beautiful and fun and silly and even though scary things happen those wonderful moments don’t disappear :) xx

    [–] Need some support.. mikipolar 3 points ago in thyroidcancer

    You’re amazing! Don’t stress. I know you will stress, because it’s a very human reaction to such scary news, but what will happen will happen. Some things I wish I knew before my thyroidectomy are: - the recovery isn’t as bad as you think. Take the pain medication. The pain isn’t horrible (given the surgery is successful) and it will be even more tolerable if you’re medicated. The worst of it is that your body knows you can’t bend your neck, it feels stiff and sensitive, so you can’t really move your neck for a few days. Have lots of nice things planned for yourself once you get out of surgery. I had to travel for my surgery and stay at my family friends house so I made sure I downloaded a bunch of tv shows and movies to watch while I recovered. My mum cooked all my favourite meals and bought my favourite snacks (I had no trouble eating after surgery!! My first meal was a happy meal from McDonald’s and it was delicious) while I stayed wrapped in a blanket on a couch watching kids movies. It was nice. The pain is not bad :) - the scar is sooo cool!! It’s so cool that you get a scar on your neck! Not many people get to have such a badass scar in their lifetime. If your surgeon is experienced, it will heal well. My scars are keloid so they’re quite thick and pink but I love them so much. I think they’re awesome! Whenever my cancer anniversary comes around I draw little eyes above my scar so it looks like a little smiley face haha.

    Things I wish I knew before RAI: - it was a bit lonely, not going to lie. I only had to stay for 5 days but I remember spending so much time washing my hair and shaving my legs. Bring as much as you can to entertain yourself. I bought my iPad, my DS, my phone and all the colouring books+magazines my lovely loved ones supplied me with haha. When you feel yourself getting bored or lonely or sad, make little challenges or celebrate little victories for yourself. For me, this was making a massive deal of a movie that was set to play on live tv at like 7pm on one of my days. I made a massive deal of being super excited for it, made an effort to think about how fun it would be to watch and how much I would enjoy it. It made me excited all day, even though it’s a very small thing. I have a very vivid memory of running from the shower to my bed to make sure I’d make it in time. It made me feel good to have something to look forward to, and gave me a bit more purpose in the little room. - while it is lonely, the worst of it actually is the disgusting low iodine diet hahahah.

    You’re going to be okay. I promise. You have got this!! You’re going to smash it!! I so believe in you. If you have any questions, or feel lonely at all, feel free to message me! I know during my diagnosis I get very lonely and isolated. It’s really hard to deal with and sometimes you just want to talk to people who get it. I believe in you. You’re in my thoughts. Be strong and fight!! <3

    [–] What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you? mikipolar 3 points ago in AskReddit

    When I was 16, I flew by myself for the first time. I’d had a really wonderful trip visiting a friend in another city and it was very sad to say goodbye at the end of it. My first return flight ended up delayed, and so I missed my connecting flight. I was so stressed out because I’d been told by a flight attendant on board that I would make my flight and not to worry, and then when I arrived and asked an attendant if I was still able to make my flight they searched it in their system and couldn’t find it. So to them my flight just didn’t exist (it was just because it had departed and I’d missed it). I didn’t know what to do at this point because the flight attendants seemed just as lost as I was and I was panicking. A lady behind me from my first flight put her hand on my shoulder and asked if I was supposed to be catching the same flight as she was. I said I was and she told me to go with her. So I followed her. She was with her two young daughters, one who was my age, and they were just so friendly and kind to me. We went to the customer service desk and when they told us we’d missed the flight and they’d organised accomodation for us (which is cool and not dramatic at all) I was just so exhausted and freaked out and I started crying. It was just a necessary stress relief even though the outcome wasn’t sad. She gave me a hug and told me to stay with them. She helped me get to the hotel and we went back to the airport together in the morning. It turned out she was a teacher from my hometown and taught a few of my friends which was pretty random. She was just so kind, maternal and helpful and I hope to be like her when I’m older. She made such a difference to me, without her intervention I would’ve been a walking mess.

    [–] UPDATE: Tricky areas with consent in my relationship mikipolar 10 points ago in relationship_advice

    To be honest, you seem like a bit of an asshole. Here’s the thing - If you believe I am lying, but you can’t prove it, why would you comment? Why would you be rude to a victim of sexual assault if you weren’t sure if it was true? You very obviously lack empathy. If you were truly empathetic to victims of sexual assault, instead of risking delegitimising someone’s sexual assault because you don’t believe them, you would keep quiet. At least, I would, unless I could prove it wrong.

    You don’t have the proof and you’re repeatedly going out of your way to be nasty to me. My story is true, and you’re being rude. You’re being disrespectful to me.

    I understand why you don’t believe me, but if you have such an empathy for people who have been sexually assaulted, why would you ever risk making one feel bad for their assault. I just don’t understand your logic or intention at all. I’m responding to defend myself. You, who I assume is a grown man or woman, are going out of your way to make me feel bad about my post. I don’t understand it.

    Personally, if I doubted someone’s post, I just wouldn’t comment, but I guess you feel your input is important and valued.

    [–] Tricky areas with consent in my relationship. mikipolar 3 points ago in relationship_advice

    It frustrates me a lot that you’re being a bit aggressive with me just because your opinion is that I made my story up. I’m really sorry to hear about your wife and family member and I hope that they’re okay.

    What I wrote happened. I wish you would believe me. The reason I wrote it was not for attention but because I didn’t feel ready to ask friends and family for their advice.

    If you would say don’t waste time and ignore me if I could prove it to you, why bother commenting in the first place?

    [–] UPDATE: Tricky areas with consent in my relationship mikipolar 6 points ago in relationship_advice

    Okay. I understand why you don’t believe me. I just think it’s a bit rough to be mean because what I wrote is true and actually happened. I respect your right to give your input and not believe me but that doesn’t make it nice for me when something very real is getting torn apart for being fake.

    Again I understand especially in today’s climate why you’d believe it’s fake. But I’m allowed to be upset and bothered with how you approached it. I just don’t think it’s that helpful.

    [–] UPDATE: Tricky areas with consent in my relationship mikipolar 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    Thank you so much for comment! I appreciate your understanding and kindness x

    [–] UPDATE: Tricky areas with consent in my relationship mikipolar 8 points ago in relationship_advice

    Thank you so so much! I would’ve stayed if it wasn’t for the advice I received. The general reaction from everyone made me realise I was in a bit of a bad spot. I was definitely trying to convince myself that I was the one doing something wrong because I didn’t want to accept that my relationship was unhealthy. The idea of breaking up terrified me before a heap of people told me that I probably should. Thank you for your comment, it’s very kind x

    [–] UPDATE: Tricky areas with consent in my relationship mikipolar 3 points ago in relationship_advice

    This is a bit mean. I understand disagreeing with me, or giving me criticism, but your comment just reads bitter and unhelpful. I’m sorry if my writing reads that poorly. I am pretty dramatic as a person.

    I don’t know what benefits you get from internet points. I don’t actually give a shit about “sweet karma”. I just wanted advice, perspective and guidance. That’s it. I couldn’t care less if my post has 10 karma or if it had 1000, so long as someone gave me advice.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    [–] Tricky areas with consent in my relationship. mikipolar 3 points ago in relationship_advice

    Hi. I see you made a pretty angry comment on my new post. This one is pretty angry too. I’m sorry for making you feel mislead. If there’s a way I can prove my story to a mod then I would like to. What I wrote is true. I didn’t do anything when he disrespected my boundaries because initially, to me, I wasn’t sure if it was me overreacting as I’d consented to the sex. I was also pretty taken aback. I froze when he stuck his finger inside me because I was scared and didn’t want him to be angry if I reacted poorly. I didn’t feel safe enough to “break his nose”. He was usually very kind to me which made me feel like his behaviour towards me during sex was in a grey area. what I wrote is all true. My account is new because I wanted to use a throwaway - I have another reddit account but it’s the username I use for social media + my boyfriend uses reddit. The only thing slightly fabricated is the age we became friends (in reality it was earlier). I did that because if he stumbled upon this post I didn’t want him to immediately connect the dots.

    Again I’m sorry for making you feel this way. I still appreciate your comment. If there’s a way to verify I’d like to.

    [–] Tricky areas with consent in my relationship. mikipolar 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in relationship_advice

    Hi. I got an IUD because I had cancer when I was 14 and really struggled with my periods. My gynaecologist didn’t want me on the pill as it increases the risk of breast cancer, and I was still fresh out of my treatment. I had my first IUD placed about two years ago and I recently underwent surgery to remove endometriosis, and during the surgery my gynaecologist replaced my IUD as I was still receiving bad pelvic pain on my first. What I wrote isn’t fake. It happened. I made a new account under an alias because my boyfriend uses reddit. Sorry for making you feel mislead.

    [–] Tricky areas with consent in my relationship. mikipolar 204 points ago in relationship_advice

    Thank you for being so kind. It means the world. It amazes me how nice strangers can be. Your comment is comforting, reassuring and also makes me realise a lot. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry you had to go through that x

    [–] Tricky areas with consent in my relationship. mikipolar 1447 points ago in relationship_advice

    Thank you so much for responding. Your comment means a lot and has hit hard. I think I really need to consider a few things.

    Thank you also for telling me I have done nothing wrong. I feel guilty about my reservations towards him regarding this behaviour, and I even feel guilty posting here about it. Thank you so much. It means so much.

    [–] Tricky areas with consent in my relationship. mikipolar 109 points ago in relationship_advice

    Thank you so much for your kind response. It means the world. Your empathy and compassion is so lovely. It really means a lot that you care. I think you’re right.

    It was my boyfriends idea to go on birth control (he wanted to have sex without condoms) but it was my gynaecologists idea to go on the IUD. I had cancer when I was 14 so my gynaecologist recommended the IUD as apparently the pill increases the risk of breast cancer, and she didn’t want to take the chance when I was still waiting for my 5 year cancer free mark.

    In short, it was (according to her) the best option as I have a really bad history with periods (I was diagnosed with endometriosis this year via keyhole surgery) and a history of cancer.

    Thank you again for your kind comment xx you are an amazing person and I appreciate the time you took to respond. <3