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    [–] Hunger speeding milleribsen 2 points ago in funny

    Huh, TIL, thanks!

    [–] Gay_irl milleribsen 42 points ago in gay_irl

    All sorts of things, from party drugs like MDMA to cocaine to meth.

    [–] Hunger speeding milleribsen 3 points ago in funny

    Why would being active military be something that needs to be noted?

    [–] Gay_irl milleribsen 102 points ago in gay_irl

    Oh honey, it's cute that you think that poppers is what they're on

    [–] Triple stranded colorwork milleribsen 5 points ago in knitting

    I agree with all the great comments but also want to say I love your manicure. I keep finding myself checking out manicures now that I've decided to get my nails done soon.

    [–] Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pocky | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit milleribsen 16 points ago in bon_appetit

    i've made a number of BA recipes and not a single one has disappointed me. I made the Chicken Picata recipe this week for the second time, that recipe is magic I tells ya.

    [–] Woman rams gate, does doughnuts on golf course, hits golfers, police say milleribsen 24 points ago in SeattleWA

    for a good minute I had forgotten that Happy Gilmore was a thing and was trying to figure out what it had to do with the Gilmore Girls.

    [–] Chipotle’s new slogan milleribsen 1 points ago in funny

    As someone who takes their regularity very seriously, I always get annoyed with these sorts of jokes (this one, the same thing about taco Bell, or Indian food).

    Honestly it just says to me that they're not getting enough fiber or they need more probiotics in their lives.

    [–] Canada triggered WW3. What did they do? milleribsen 2 points ago in AskReddit

    They can keep the ketchup chips but they best hand over the all dressed before things get serious

    [–] Back when I was growing up, ice cream came in a box! milleribsen 8 points ago in nostalgia

    The looks I get when I say I don't prefer chocolate are hilarious

    [–] Casserole pads. milleribsen 2 points ago in nostalgia

    My mother has a couple, I keep my eyes out to buy my own but I've never had the opportunity

    [–] Simply Nailogical does her annual tuition giveaway milleribsen 321 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    I really love when she and Ben get into their "advice for the youth" conversations. I think it's really good for younger viewers to see adults functioning in the world in a mindful and reasonable way.

    [–] Jenny Joseph, the woman that modeled for Columbia Pictures to create their iconic logo 1992 [640 x 480] milleribsen 17 points ago in HistoryPorn

    Same, but also when I was 30 I straight up, without missing a beat told someone I was thirty five and didn't realize until my friend got all wide eyed and said "no you're not"

    [–] Finally finished the Death Eaters milleribsen 2 points ago in harrypotterwu

    my current plan is "well in about a month and a half my normal walk to work will be considered Dawn so..."

    [–] How i feel at gay bars milleribsen 3 points ago in gaybros

    I'm like 80 percent sure I know where this is and what event it is and keep trying to parse out if I know any of these guys.