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    [–] 🤔🤔 milleribsen 10 points ago in SuddenlyGay

    Sex between two people not of the same gender is not gay.

    [–] DAE, as an adult, still struggle with swallowing pills? milleribsen 1 points ago in DoesAnybodyElse

    Please talk to your pharmacist or doctor before trying this as for many pills chewing will cause problems, mainly anything time release should not be chewed or cut, as you'll lose the time release properties

    [–] What is something you don't like of men in general? milleribsen 3 points ago in askgaybros

    Guilty, I do trim my toenails though. I have a weird gaight due to a medical issue in my childhood that causes one foot to have gnarly calluses so I really should take better care of them.

    [–] The alternate dimensions hall of fame. milleribsen 11 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    I would be all about Mystique on all starts, bitch has had an INTENSE glow up

    [–] Thrift store score! Tupperware circa 1960, mint condition milleribsen 2 points ago in nostalgia

    I've recently decided I needed to own kitchen canisters and I'm bummed I couldn't find the sweet sweet 1970s Tupperware ones like these. Great find

    [–] Gay😔irl milleribsen 22 points ago in gay_irl

    You gays love just being show dick pics in public right?

    I mean, yes. But not in front of this kindergarten...

    [–] Sausage cheddar and jalapeno biscuits for breakfasts this week milleribsen 2 points ago in Baking

    Apologies to US Southerners for not being traditional buttermilk biscuits.

    Apologies to the British for any confusion with the word as these are not what we call "cookies" in the states

    [–] Clock the mug milleribsen 6 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    Miss Vida Boheme was robbed at the nationals in Hollywood.

    don't @ me.

    [–] S'mores chocolate tart with homemade marshmallow meringue milleribsen 1 points ago in Baking

    I am a huge fan of marshmallow so I'm fully going to try this one

    [–] Does anyone else hate thyme? milleribsen 1 points ago in Cooking

    I made garlic thyme balsamic mushrooms today, I love thyme, but it's totally fine to not like things other people like. I'm not huge on parsley.

    [–] Ever take an ethnic ingredient that you thought was interesting but did something different you enjoyed with it? milleribsen 2 points ago in Cooking

    I use miso in almost all of my marinades for all meats. A lot of time it just adds a funkiness I like.

    I love miso so if you don't you probably won't like it as much as I do.

    [–] My Wife and I have spent a lot of time watching “The Great British Baking Show” and thought it couldn’t be so hard... we were wrong. milleribsen 3 points ago in Baking

    I bet it tastes great! I'm moving into more baking after learning to cook really well and I can tell you it's not as easy as they make it look, but after some practice you get way better. Plus it's fun, and at the end you get baked goods! Enjoy!

    [–] Bf wanted to make a sandwich but ran out of bread..... milleribsen 3 points ago in shittyfoodporn

    Honestly, melt some cheese, maybe a light grill on the pepper and this could be really good

    [–] All Stars champions with the winners of their OG seasons milleribsen 6 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    She's giving a lot more energy and approachable energy in general than Alaska. All the queens in this image are amazing queens but I think the initial winners all are sparkling better than the all Stars winners

    [–] Manila Last Night in Mexico milleribsen 1 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    Serving some Megan draper in mad men vibes

    [–] Who wants dessert? milleribsen 1 points ago in WeWantPlates

    This really brings a new meaning to "Eton mess"