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    [–] I tried Maui apps, but I still get a title bar milohr 1 points ago in kde

    More info at

    Mist recent release was 2.0, so expect missing feature in the version you are using....

    [–] Why am I not getting CSDs on Mauikit Apps? milohr 1 points ago in kde

    You can add the value: CSDStyle=macOS

    The last maui report explains this better.

    [–] A new Maui Report is out! Improved CSD support, translucency, PDF file previews in Index, and much more. The report series now has been moved to the official web page. [Link in the comments] milohr 4 points ago in kde

    I will add a how to install section for upcoming posts. For now there are APKs for Android on the Mauikit webpage apps section. Also appimages, the apps are shipped by default on plasma mobile, and nitrux os. Some diestro repos already package the apps, such as arch and kde neon