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    [–] Letgo minimal 1 points ago in Calgary

    Still a shit stain.

    [–] Worst of McMansions: Canada Edition (aka: How to Design Houses on Lower Springbank Road) minimal 5 points ago in Calgary

    Sounds like something someone would say if they bought a shitty McMansion in Discovery ridge... Oh, right.

    [–] Best place for sushi platters minimal 0 points ago in Calgary

    The best part is how you added value to the conversation!

    [–] Dogecoin to hit $1 middle of 2018 minimal 1 points ago in dogecoin

    Tell me about it. I've tiped 130,000+ Doge and donated over 1,000,000. But hey, that was back when Doge was 60 sats, and btc was $500, so it's cool.

    [–] This city is ridiculous minimal 0 points ago in Calgary

    More likely the ones not getting stuck, as they are from a place where 8 inches of snow is not the fucking apocalypse.

    [–] This city is ridiculous minimal 4 points ago in Calgary

    People who have never been to a world-class city.

    [–] Calgary man dies in Mexican hospital (update on blood donor request) minimal 4 points ago in Calgary

    No, you are a shit stain. But keep on keeping on, the rest of us know you are deflecting, snowflake.

    [–] Reverse Sear Tenderloin, Potatoes with Dill Cream, Green Beans Almandine. minimal 1 points ago in tonightsdinner

    I start the steak in a low oven (In this case, 175f) for about an hour till the internal temp is ~115. Then I let it rest for 10 min and then finish it in a screaming hot cast iron pan to get a great crust, and serve immediately. The steak ends up at a perfectly even med rare all the way through. More info here:

    [–] [Homemade] Deconstructed Spam Musubi minimal 1 points ago in food

    Not going to lie. Looks terrible. Sorry, but /u/Artagandkel is right, this is just lazy, and frankly, demonstrates what is wrong with this sub.

    [–] Navy SEAL who says he killed bin Laden: ‘A military parade is third world bulls---’ minimal 3 points ago in politics

    Also, Sending a few planes and ground support staff to an airfield is not even in the same zip code as organizing a multi-brach gathering of tens (or Hundreds) of vehicles and hundreds (or thousands) of troops, to parade through city streets of a major city. The economic impact of the security alone would be in the millions.

    [–] [Request/Discussion] Attention cooks/chefs, how are these super crispy restaurant french fries made?! minimal 1 points ago in food

    Not the batter method, but this is the way I do them.

    Soak cut potatoes in a weak vinegar and water solution for an hour or so, drain and dry, par cook at low temperature oil till softened, let them cool.

    At this point, you can either cook them in hot oil, and you will have perfect crispy fries that are fluffy in the middle, or you can freeze them in batches and cook them later.

    [–] [pro/chef] Demi. minimal 2 points ago in food

    Um, are we confusing terms? Demi glace gets reduced to glace... no?

    This looks to be solid at room temp, which, as I understand, is the end state of the process, glace. Demi (Or half) glace is still a thick liquid at room temp.

    It has been a while (read: 17 years) since I cooked professionally, however.

    [–] [pro/chef] Demi. minimal 2 points ago in food

    Looks nice, Glaze, though, not demi, right? You went another stage in the reduction.

    Having free access to Glace de Viande for my home cooking is the thing I miss most about cooking as a pro. Just can't bring myself to make it at home...

    Either way, nice work,