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    [–] Threatening mods miqotes 1 points ago in short

    Fucking finally "she" is gone. It was obvious from day 1 they were a troll.

    [–] Girls should be grateful to get raped.... Jesus Christ. miqotes 9 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    This wasn't a troll. This is from last year. He regularly makes comments like this and do to him not backing down, his life got torn apart.

    [–] Homeless man in L.A. describes Skid Row miqotes 1 points ago in videos

    Yea, i'm guessing a lot of reddit doesn't actually live in major cities based on threads like this. Junkies are everywhere. Sometimes you run into the white collar junkies in SF. They're always fun, because they usually just want to talk your damn ear off. ~

    [–] The image of a 5'9 guy in your head is actually 5'7; The image of a 6' guy in your head is actually 5'10, and so on... miqotes 1 points ago in short

    I agree a bit. My partner is 5'10". When we stand in front of each other, I realize him being 10 inches taller is not much.

    Or rather its a lot less than what I thought it would be do to dating really tall people before sometimes.

    [–] My girlfriend [24F] of 2 years gave me [26M] some nude photos as a surprise gift. But I found a friend of mine [M] took them and I feel really uncomfortable about it. miqotes 1 points ago in relationships

    Yea i'm lost by this myself. I've done a lot of nude photography and some of the photographers I became friends with. I also have introduced some of them to my previous partner. There was never a question about whether it was professional or not, because it was assumed it is. I feel like O.P is just insecure and doesn't know how to communicate that properly.

    Also i've done nude shoots with one of my friends who has a girlfriend who has also seen him developing the film of myself and plenty of other nude models. This all just sounds like insecurity talking.

    [–] “Universally attractive” miqotes -1 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Her face is. Not so much her body to me.

    [–] meow_irl miqotes 1 points ago in MEOW_IRL

    Awww, now hes library cat for life~!

    [–] Is it ever, and if so at what point, is it acceptable to discuss your partners weight? miqotes 55 points ago in relationships

    We are all shallow. To pretend like health and looks don't matter is feel good bullshit people spout to make themselves feel morally good.