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    [–] FWB only wants BJs and nothing else. Don't know how to tell him this is not acceptable miqotes 16 points ago in sex

    The girls are equally if not more trash on Tinder

    Trashy people exist regardless of gender. One gender isn't any worse than the other.

    [–] FWR has a good point about penis shaming, but thinks that it is just as bad as racism. miqotes 2 points ago in FragileWhiteRedditor

    Let me know when dudes are getting lynched, enslaved, and refused housing for their dick size. Then you may have a point.

    [–] oh dear miqotes 1 points ago in Botchedsurgeries

    Um. Not to try to detract from your point, but there are bimbos who are married, raise their kids, are hired for stuff, and have friends.

    There are porn stars married, have kids, have been hired already for stuff outside of porn, have friends, etc.

    It's not either be plain Jane or whatever you're talking about.

    Sex work doesn't keep people from having all the same stuff a engineer has for example.


    [–] oh dear miqotes 0 points ago in Botchedsurgeries

    I love Aletta personally.

    [–] oh dear miqotes -1 points ago in Botchedsurgeries

    It's a fetish. If you don't have it, you don't understand it. Some women want to look like this and it makes them happy. I can garuntee there's something stupid or weird in your life you like that other people could criticize into the dirt.

    [–] oh dear miqotes -2 points ago in Botchedsurgeries

    You are damn sure one to talk. Lmfao.

    [–] r/PewdiepieSubmissions - "What did notch do?" "He refuses to encourage mentally ill people" relating to trans people. This whole thread is a shitshow. miqotes -7 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in AgainstHateSubreddits

    I'm really tired of this lie being posted from people who never watched the original video that he took down immediately (but not before people decided to make a big deal if it of it).

    Throughout the entire video he made crazy requests from the website fiver, which advertises that people will do anything for 5 dollars.

    He contacted many groups and the vast majority of them just took his 5 dollars and didn't fulfill the requests or refunded him and again did not fulfill the request. The guys who made the sign were one of the few who actually fulfilled one of his silly requets. It wasn't meant to be a political joke. It was meant to be a joke on how advertising people will do anything for fucking 5 dollars will apparently get you the ability to purchase shit like this.

    On top of this he did apologize for the subject matter and not realizing that not everyone was in fact just going to tell him no and not fulfill his requests.

    [–] When your mom throws you a birthday party but its really for her.. miqotes 5 points ago in trashy

    You really want to pretend like everyone can afford private schooling? Is that really the hill you want to die on?

    [–] When your mom throws you a birthday party but its really for her.. miqotes 4 points ago in trashy

    Take the fact that most people are molested by family members rather than strangers as children and you'll realize, most people are terrible. If you were fortunate enough to not have family that was fucked up, then count your blessings.

    [–] An easy decision miqotes 173 points ago in childfree

    Danger noodle street.😋

    [–] Top Mod of Frenword’s post history...classy miqotes 78 points ago in FragileWhiteRedditor

    Its another sub that hasn't taken off like many others? Or could it be because its actually a small skincare sub and not masturbating to a specific ethnicity sub?

    Could it be because /r/SkincareAddiction already exists?

    If you're attempting to say because black women aren't as attractive, then you're blind dude.

    [–] Alabama students speak out on abortion ban: ‘I’m not planning on living here after I graduate’ miqotes 13 points ago in politics

    The first link.....

    So its illegal, but totally fine do to broad language. And if its imported then its 10000% okay!

    [–] My friend matched w/ this guy on Okcupid miqotes 8 points ago in niceguys

    There are men in relationships with women who have outies. I don't think you guys really understand how much men don't really care about whats downstairs, as long as its clean (and in some cases, men don't care about that either).

    It seems you weirdo's who can't get women, to begin with, have the strangest idea that you know what everyone wants.

    [–] Dude flying kicks Arnie in the back before asking for a Lamborghini. miqotes -8 points ago in WTF

    Colonialsm is still affecting people today. Fucking look at what the Leopold did to the Congo and how it's still fucking the Congo TODAY.

    [–] I think I'm becoming a niceguy miqotes 1 points ago in dating_advice

    I mean both genders cheat so you'll be working yourself up to be disappointed if you think the gender(s) you're attracted to don't cheat.

    [–] I think I'm becoming a niceguy miqotes 0 points ago in dating_advice

    N-no. Not every guy takes rejection and becomes an asshole once he doesn't get what he wants.

    [–] From a morbidly obese Facebook friend. There comes a certain point where your weight makes you look nothing like the character regardless of talent. miqotes 5 points ago in fatlogic

    Not really. A lot of famous cosplayers just pay other people to make the costumes for them and then sell merch/photography/get donations on their patreons.

    It is more about looking like the actual character.

    [–] 90% of this sub miqotes 1 points ago in niceguys

    My sex life is great. Most men suck at sex and too many women fake orgasms for them.

    [–] Obviously she doesn’t owe me sex, but she did owe me sex miqotes 8 points ago in niceguys

    Not unless you made that a term at the beginning of the date.

    How can you not see it's fucked up to take someone somewhere and then strand them because they didn't give you sex when you never told them that was the deal.

    The best way to not be an asshole piece of shit in this situation is to be 1000% upfront in the beginning. If all you're after is sex, then just say that. If you're going to want to be paid gas money if she doesn't fuck you, then say that.

    I mean obviously you'll never get a date in your life doing this, but at least you won't be an asshole.