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    [–] A break from all the episode talk misshillarywho 2 points ago in thebachelor

    i don’t have my contacts in, but i feel he looks like the hotter version of jared haibon here?!

    [–] There’s NO way [SEASON SPOILER] ISN’T the Bachelorette misshillarywho 5 points ago in thebachelor

    you clearly don’t watch the show. because the last 6 bachelorettes were brunette. 😂

    [–] sometimes i enjoy brightening up the shadows in photos just to see the “hidden” photoshopping. i need a life, i know. 😭 misshillarywho 4 points ago in Instagramreality

    it’s difficult to understand if you’ve never photoshopped a photo yourself before. but it’s a combination of liquifying the body and using the spot removal “cloning” tool to mask the evidence. so those very dark spots aren’t shadows like they should be; they were placed there to cover something else up.

    [–] my third attempt at the curly girl method on my cute 7 year old... misshillarywho 1 points ago in curlyhair

    she’s my only girl and my only curly kid (her three brothers got my straight mane gene!) any tips for this totally curly-clueless momma? cause this freaking took an hour and a half. 😭

    [–] 🤣 misshillarywho 89 points ago in thebachelor

    its like these teams have never “scored” before.

    [–] Or Do You Want To Be Annalise's Bitch? misshillarywho 3 points ago in htgawm

    babe, i think you may need to lay off the meth...

    [–] Who is the most fashionable contestant to come out of the franchise? misshillarywho 4 points ago in thebachelor

    i don’t love her “fancier” event outfit choices, but original lauren b has some of the BEST off the shoulder tops + lots of amazeball variations on you typical overall. i also don’t think she’s ever worn a jacket i’ve been mad at...

    edit: spelling.

    [–] “please baby jesus do not give me a morning man...” - KB misshillarywho 28 points ago in thebachelor

    i’m mildly embarrassed by how much i’m feelin’ their relationship. so hopefully he’s a quiet and nonjudgmental morning man for kaitlyn’s sake, thank god my husband is, because i consider my sleeping to be my greatest talent.

    [–] “please baby jesus do not give me a morning man...” - KB misshillarywho 26 points ago in thebachelor

    well fuck, thats awkward.

    reference 42:50 on today’s grape therapy. poor dude is going to be TOO sleep deprived. (ps. if you didnt read too in the clio + kaitlyn ‘tooooo’ voices then you’re canceled.)

    [–] Did Hannah G. Lie ?? misshillarywho 60 points ago in thebachelor

    now im the liar. she actually competed THREE times. she was third runner up in 2015 too!

    [–] Did Hannah G. Lie ?? misshillarywho 35 points ago in thebachelor

    ... she actually competed in it twice. in 2016 she took third runner up but in 2017 she was the first runner up.

    [–] I never realized how extensive Maquel’s plastic surgery was until I saw her old pics misshillarywho 16 points ago in thebachelor

    ps. i’m from utah & i’ve seen her in the actual real life world recently. and in the nicest way possible i must say i’m 95.6% sure she hasn’t had her bridge shaved down; because, it’s still the same aquiline nose.

    [–] I never realized how extensive Maquel’s plastic surgery was until I saw her old pics misshillarywho 18 points ago in thebachelor

    to be fair, i scrolled all the way down through her photos on instagram and found another photo of her wearing the same shirt. she was like, 16 years old in that photo and likely in this one too. i know i haven’t had any plastic surgery and there is a world of difference between my 16 year old face and my current 26 year old face... 🤷🏼‍♀️ i’d share a comparison photo of my own if i had any idea how to do that.