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    [–] House Dems call for vote on lifting gun violence research limits misyo 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago) in politics

    Research isn't banned by the Dickey amendment, the CDC using studies to advocate for gun control is.

    Edit: here we go again. The text in question:

    "none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be used to advocate or promote gun control." Source

    The CDC has conducted studies on gun control since 1996.

    [–] MRW a girl brags that she's "just one of the guys" and doesn't get along with other girls misyo -5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 years ago) in TrollXChromosomes

    I'm one of those women. I just don't give a shit about 80% of the things a lot of women care about. It's not for attention, I just genuinely have more of an interest in things that are associated with men. I'm really excited for the day when we stop assigning hobbies and objects a gender so more girls will come over to the "masculine" hobbies and interests. I'd like to have more girl friends. For the record, I have made efforts to get into girly things, but I am miserable at them or get bored with them really quickly. There also seems to be this unspoken subconversation going on when other women are discussing things, and I'm not picking up on it.

    Social anxiety does not help.

    Edit: just being honest trolls. You can say it's for attention if you like, but I'm not looking for male attention- just people to talk to who share my interests and it's usually more men than women.

    [–] What the hell just happened in Nevada? Sanders supporters are fed up — and rightfully so -- Allocations rules were abruptly changed and Clinton was awarded 7 of the 12 delegates Sanders was hoping to secure misyo -1 points ago in politics

    If I recall, the rules were changed before the convention started and delegates were still checking in (rule change around 9:30 am, convention began at 10:00am). Seems like a very poor time to make a rule change... unless you wanted to ensure the outcome went in your favor.

    Also, is it normal to have law enforcement standing by at conventions?

    [–] The unexpected side effect of Hillary 2016: How she transformed Democrats into “new” Republicans - First of all, the number one reason that Bernie Sanders supporters are told they should vote for Hillary is to stop Trump. Nowhere is there an argument about the merits of her platform misyo 56 points ago in politics

    My point was that people who have looked at her policies and rejected them don't feel they have merits worth discussing on a micro level. I'm certain people who support her believe her policies have merit. The people who don't support her don't. From what I have observed on r/politics and even in r/politicaldiscussion, the common retort to people saying they don't support Hillary Clinton or her policies is usually a rebuttal against Trump or outrageous claims about Sanders, not a defense of her policies. I see plenty of "so you'll just vote for Trump then?" or "Donald Trump has no policies!" or "Clinton isn't perfect, but you'll destroy our country if you vote for Trump!" or "Bernie's healthcare will cost $18 trillion dollars!". Often Clinton's supporters are the ones who are most to blame for avoiding her policies and jumping to Trump or Sanders.

    [–] Ugly, bloody scenes in San Jose as protesters attack Trump supporters outside rally misyo 1 points ago in politics

    You know, it pissed me off then and I didn't understand why it happened to me at the time. It took a lot of hindsight to understand their anger and to realize it wasn't something I did. I'm not saying that my experience is in any way equal to the daily harassment many minorities face in the US, but it helped me to develop empathy and tolerance. I realized it wasn't about my whiteness so much as people fighting over the scarcity of resources. My skin color was an excuse for them to lash out about economic frustrations, laws they perceived to be unfair, and government power. It helped me understand racial tensions and a lot of the current issues America faces. Race is how those in power divide us because if the poor, working class, disenfranchised, and exploited joined together, we could over throw them. Race is and has been for a long time, a tool of oppression by elites in the United States to maintain wealth and power.

    [–] The unexpected side effect of Hillary 2016: How she transformed Democrats into “new” Republicans - First of all, the number one reason that Bernie Sanders supporters are told they should vote for Hillary is to stop Trump. Nowhere is there an argument about the merits of her platform misyo -1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in politics

    Her written policies are minorly progressive. Given her shifting stances on these same policies over the years and her long history as a New Democrat, I'm not so sure the actual outcome of these policies will be progressive for the country. It seems a sad case of one step forward/one step back. Her policies, as they currently exist on her site, don't cover the seriousness and extent of the problems she wishes to address. By the time they're run through the Senate and House, they'll be watered down shadows of their former selves- if they aren't DOA to begin with. My real fear is that she'll actually sign the watered-down shadow just to say she's "getting things done".

    [–] Here's What Bernie Sanders Had To Say About Donald Trump's RNC Speech misyo 3 points ago in politics

    Or a lot of them are progressives who've been fucked by the DNC for 30 years and are tired of seeing their policies pushed aside after they keep giving their support to Democrats.

    [–] Contrary To Clinton’s Claims, Sanders Has Been Very Loyal To Democratic Party misyo 0 points ago in politics

    Fuck it. If you're not going to bother to read or process what I wrote, I'm not engaging you further in conversation.

    [–] Anti-Abortion Protesters at Queens Clinic Did Not Harass Patients, Judge Rules misyo -2 points ago in news

    Oh, there's some heavy judging involved too. Let's not pretend that's not there.

    [–] Sanders Crushing Trump in Polls 53 Percent to 38 Percent, Seen as Strongest General Election Candidate misyo 62 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in politics

    Just want to correct that "honeymoon in the USSR" nonsense. It was related to his job- he just happened to go right after he got married and took his new wife. He made a joke about it being his honeymoon but it was a business trip.

    Edit: just want to add that I don't care if he visited Russia, even if he went for his honeymoon. People have to let the cold war die. It's been over for two decades. Let it go.

    [–] Coworker's response when walk 2 miles to work in -10 F wind chills, having just moved from LA to Chicago... misyo -1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 years ago) in AdviceAnimals

    This right here. Fuck LA.

    edit: Hum, peaked at 10 and now it's down to zero. Its like I watched time zones happen.

    [–] Migrants displaying "Open or Die" banner at checkpoints into Europe misyo -4 points ago in worldnews

    Does Pakistan have a special money tree in it that pays for more refugees than they already have from a different war? You might have noticed that Pakistan isn't exactly full the brim with wealth. So what if it was created for Muslims? That was for a different reason and a different time. Hell, Syrians and Pakistanis don't even speak the same language.

    [–] [Humor] When people tell me I should get some tan misyo -6 points ago in SkincareAddiction

    I would love a tan but I only burn and 3 people in my family have died from melanoma. It's really just genetics sometimes. It's not "hard" being white but there are some realistic precautions you need to take. My skin just isn't meant for the Southern California sun because it's mostly made up of northern European genes. Different skin care concerns for different skin types.

    [–] [TX] Friend is trapped in a psych ward and we don't know how to get her out. misyo -31 points ago in legaladvice

    I think you're taking a lot of liberties in assuming what will and won't affect some who is recovering from a suicide attempt. That you find the conditions acceptable doesn't mean patients do- which this patient clearly doesn't. It obviously is affecting her, her mental state, and her recovery.

    Do you have any suggestions for OP that would help get this girl transfered to a place that she's more comfortable receiving care in and that WILL help her stabilize so she can be released?

    [–] Marco Rubio took almost $100,000 from Betsy Devos' family before confirming her today. misyo -13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in politics

    I downvote everyone who posts this stuff.

    Edit: it's been reposted so many times, it's spam. It doesn't contribute to the conversation and you're handing out upvotes for an overused meme at this point. We have bigger shit to worry about now. Move on and fight the fight at hand.

    [–] Hillary Clinton Polling Numbers Down In New National Election Survey misyo 5 points ago in politics

    It's swing states where she suffers and that's not from the far left criticism of her. She has been a polarizing figure in American politics for 20 years and has been involved in numerous scandals. She is literally one of the worst Democratic candidates to run in a presidential election but the DNC has such myopic vision that they only saw her donors and democratic polling numbers and they threw everything into her. Clinton doesn't need the far left to kill her run for her, she's done it all by herself. The DNC is foolish.

    [–] Sweden announces first centre for raped men misyo 0 points ago in worldnews

    If a discussion thread is your evidence that extremists have taken over the feminist movement, then 9/11 was a conspiracy, Hilter and Tupac are alive, chemtrails exist, and the government owns an earthquake machine that they use to impoverish 3rd world countries.

    [–] Female IRA fighter, 1970s. misyo 11 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    That kind of seems to be the thing a lot of Brits forget when they get angry over the IRA. Britain fucked with the Irish for centuries and caused the rise of the IRA. I'm not in anyway saying innocent people deserved to die for it, but Britain terrorized the Irish far more than the IRA has terrorized the British.

    [–] Megathread: AP declares Hillary Clinton has enough delegates to be Democratic nominee misyo 4 points ago in politics

    Welp, tell me how the election goes in November. Democrats, I hope you're happy with your corporate bought scandal ridden war hawk. Republicans, I hope you're happy with your over inflated bloviating egomaniac. The rest of the country thinks you're all fucking idiots for supporting these people and shitting out two of the worse choices for president in modern history. It will be an ugly vicious campaign cycle between these two turds and regardless of who wins, the American people will lose.