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    [–] The guys at my dads work are so overweight that the company had to reinforce the toilets after so many of them broke from plopping down on them. moby323 5 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    In the lab at work there is a woman who weighs probably 350 lbs and she kept breaking chairs.

    So they got these HUGE chairs which are wide enough for two normal people and can support like 600 lbs.

    But since this lady moves around to different parts of the lab depending on the work schedule, they went ahead and replaced EVERY chair with the big ones.

    So now the rest of us sit on these huge chairs that make us look like toddlers by comparison. It sucks.

    [–] RDR2 Daily Question and Answer Megathread: 12/10/2018 moby323 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    How long does it take herbs to regrow? Can I sleep a day and re pick them or does it take longer?

    [–] 'I can't breathe.' Jamal Khashoggi's last words disclosed in transcript, source says moby323 35 points ago in politics


    They literally have recordings of the murderers making phone calls to Riyadh to give progress reports as they were cutting his body up.

    [–] Impressive stats for VT QB Ryan Willis. 2nd highest TD rate in history of Hokie Football. moby323 1 points ago in CFB

    No one is trashing him, I’m simply pointing out that his stats are not remarkable. That is a fact.

    [–] Impressive stats for VT QB Ryan Willis. 2nd highest TD rate in history of Hokie Football. moby323 1 points ago in CFB

    I’m glad he was a bright spot in your season and I can see why you guys feel you might have a solid QB for the following few years.

    [–] Impressive stats for VT QB Ryan Willis. 2nd highest TD rate in history of Hokie Football. moby323 26 points ago in CFB

    It’s not even remotely impressive.

    You might as well brag about a running back with 450 total yards or a lineman with 3 sacks.

    [–] Clemson's Christian Wilkins to finish Master's Degree Next Week, Graduating in 3.5 Years moby323 16 points ago in CFB

    It’s a communications degree, which are becoming more complex these days as they factor in a lot of stuff about technology and social media.

    It’s not chemical engineering but it’s not a bullshit degree either.

    [–] Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray wins the 2018 Heisman Trophy moby323 1 points ago in CFB

    Is it just me or was there less excitement and interest in the Heisman award this year than previous years?

    [–] WVU QB Will Grier will not participate in the 2018 Camping World Bowl vs Syracuse and will focus on his preparation for the 2019 NFL Draft. moby323 1 points ago in CFB

    Obviously, we like to see Christian Wilkins who passed up being a top 10 pick and come back simply because he loves CFB and his teammates, but I can 100% understand his decision.

    Now that the bottle is off of this genie, this will only become more and more common.

    The big deal will be when someone does it for a playoff game

    [–] Kratos right now moby323 1 points ago in gaming

    We all lost

    [–] Hugh Freeze at introductory press conference: Jesus "is the only one I've ever met who can handle my junk" moby323 1 points ago in CFB

    This conservative school, supposed supported of family values, says gay people cause natural disasters but has zero issue hiring a guy who was fired for hiring hookers on recruiting trips.

    The fucking hypocrisy of these people

    [–] Kratos right now moby323 1 points ago in gaming

    Hmm. Two incredible games obviously but I like RD2 more

    Tough year though, to be nominated, one of the best year for games since the year Last Of Us came out

    [–] Kratos right now moby323 -10 points ago in gaming

    I really loved this game but just to be clear, Red Dead 2 didn’t qualify for this year and instead will be a nominee next year?

    [–] The pressure of meeting the queen was just too much. moby323 2 points ago in gifs

    One thing that I would find overwhelming about being a big celebrity is that every single day, even your most casual interactions with strangers will be something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

    Like, a person will always remember the time they sold Tom Cruise a bottle of water or helped Sigourney Weaver find the double-sided tape.

    [–] SB Nation can confirm that Hugh Freeze is heading to Liberty, a move bound to rub a lot of people certain ways. -Steven Godfrey moby323 19 points ago in CFB

    Yeah I’m cool with it not being what that school is about, since right now it seems their entire mission statement is to politically support a certain politician.