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    [–] Booked my first role in a TV series monsow 1 points ago in acting

    This is simply not true.

    I found my agent through Mandy. In the last 30 days I've also gotten two roles; one role-play for 4 days at £150/day and another commercial for £400/day. For me those really help pay the bill and let me focus more on acting.

    Starnow on the other hand, I feel is more suited to people who are just starting. I find the jobs are sometimes too entry level, only paying £20-50/day, but for someone who may just be entering the scene and wants experience, it could be a good opportunity.

    Btw, I'm also on Spotlight, but I do feel I find the other sites useful. Just check Mandy, there are so many job postings there right now.

    [–] Booked my first role in a TV series monsow 1 points ago in acting

    So I should have made it clearer, I'm actually Danish and just moved to London 4 months ago. The acting scene in Denmark is seriously so small and different from what I've read and experienced about the UK.

    Most school productions in Denmark are very amateurish and unpaid (unlike the UK). Often times if you're available that's enough to get you cast. But, for a complete beginner that's good enough to get experience.

    I would say if you're in London sign up for: - Starnow: they have a lot of low tier productions, both paid and unpaid, so there should be something for most skill levels - Mandy: only have paid jobs, its very competitive but you do occasionally get some roles. However, I've only ever gotten commercials from Mandy, which isn't too bad as they pay quite well

    I'm not a member of any Facebook groups myself, but I've heard there are quite a few in London.

    [–] Booked my first role in a TV series monsow 20 points ago in acting

    I was really depressed around three years ago, because I'd always been too scared to do anything I was truly passionate about.

    So I decided to give acting a go. I just applied for a few school productions and went to some auditions that make me cringe now that I think back on them. I remember my first audition where I just smiled throughout and kept changing my eye contact from one person to another and then to the camera, not understanding anything.

    Eventually I got a some small roles, few lines here and there and got to learn the filmmaking process a bit more. I've always been interested in behind the camera as well, and I've actually written and directed 4 shorts myself now that I believe has helped me as an actor.

    After three years I have now acted in around 10 short films and three music videos as well as branded content and commercials. However, the majority of what I've done is absolutely horrible - I'm not being humble, its truly bad.

    Out of all those shorts I have a showreel with only two scenes. I believe they are my best two scenes, and I feel adding more would not do me any good.

    A few months ago I managed to get an agent (I'm middle-eastern and based in London) who focused on minorities. I guess my CV and showreel was enough.

    This is the 3rd audition she has managed to get for me, which I booked. The first one I got a callback, the second one nothing.

    The reply got a bit longer than I expected, but I think that covers it. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

    Just a funny note to end with: I made a post on r/acting about three weeks ago regarding this casting. The actor before me told me they went through the lines 100 times with him and it took forever. They only did the lines twice with me. I felt terrible after the audition and all I could think was they wanted to get rid of me ASAP. Three weeks later, I was completely wrong.

    [–] Official Question Thread! Ask /r/photography anything you want to know about photography or cameras! Don't be shy! Newbies welcome! monsow 1 points ago in photography

    What is a good, free portfolio site to host images I can show potential clients?

    I really like 500px - it's simple, the layout is great and the galleries function is very useful. But it feels more like a social media than a place to host my images. Would love something similar without the social media aspect.

    [–] Danish citizen living in the UK. How do I verify location? monsow 1 points ago in Upwork

    Yes I do, but these are not options you can choose.

    I did contact the support team who are helping me out tho, so hopefully they'll figure something out.

    [–] [edit] toilety bag product shoot monsow 1 points ago in photocritique

    The intention with the leaves and stones was to show it is a durable bag, but perhaps that is not clear enough.

    Good idea to darken tones and increase contrast, I'll give it a go.

    [–] A7III wont connect to computer monsow 2 points ago in SonyAlpha

    I updated the firmware and it seemed to work!

    [–] A7III wont connect to computer monsow 1 points ago in SonyAlpha

    Yes, although I cannot get the camera to connect in the first place, so I haven't actually used it yet

    [–] /r/weedstocks Casual Daily Discussion - [October 17, 2018] monsow 9 points ago in weedstocks

    Am I the only person happy we started with a gap-down instead of a gap-up?

    I think this is healthy for the sector. Don't expect today to be a bloodbath.

    [–] Quick vs slow audition - does it matter? monsow 1 points ago in acting

    Yeah, could really be anything so I guess I wont dwell on it. Thanks!

    [–] Need Help Translating a Few Lines - Urgent monsow 3 points ago in Iraq

    Also sent you a PM, and also really appreciate it!

    [–] Need Help Translating a Few Lines - Urgent monsow 3 points ago in Iraq

    Sent a PM - really appreciate it!

    [–] How to self-tape a dialogue scene alone? monsow 1 points ago in acting

    Yeah I was planning on doing this. But I think I will try and get somebody to help me through Skype - hopefully that wont be too obvious.

    [–] How to self-tape a dialogue scene alone? monsow 1 points ago in acting

    Thanks for the thorough reply.

    I've recently just moved to London from Denmark, and I barely know anybody here. I haven't yet had a chance to meet people - particularly not anybody I would be confident enough to ask me to help with a casting.

    I was actually planning on doing it solo as some others suggested, but after reading your arguments I've changed my mind. You make so many good points that I will try my best to get someone else to read the lines. I think my best bet at the moment is just to Skype some of my friends from Denmark.

    Thanks again.

    [–] “Boots on the Ground.... with TheCannalysts” - Broken Coast Cannabis monsow 8 points ago in TheCannalysts

    As a fellow filmmaker, this video was absolutely fantastic. Amazing production value, but more importantly, the narrative is so clear and well structured. Thank you for all your work!

    If you guys for some reason ever need content from UK/Denmark (or EU), please hit me up! :)