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    [–] To the mamas who are struggling this morning monteverdea1 1 points ago in beyondthebump

    Ughhh I so needed to hear this. Thank you mama!

    [–] Letting the baby cry? monteverdea1 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    Your gut instincts are correct! This time around babies cry because they need something. With time and as your LO grows older you will be able to differentiate between a cry when they need something and a cry when they are just being fussy. Stick with your mom gut!

    [–] What do you guys do for fun? monteverdea1 30 points ago in tampa

    Lick under peoples shoe

    [–] My daughter is having surgery this morning... monteverdea1 2 points ago in beyondthebump

    You are an amazing mom!! Remember that! My daughter underwent open heart surgery at just 7months old last year. She is coming up to her one year surgery anniversary and she is thriving and doing amazing! Please pm if you want to talk more! The worst part is waiting to hear from the doctors but the nurses are so amazing and can give you updates by the hour. Try to keep yourself busy by watching a movie on Netflix or getting something to eat. It helped me as I waited for my daughter to come out of surgery

    [–] What's the saddest song you've ever heard? monteverdea1 48 points ago in AskReddit

    I actually just went there yesterday and it was so depressing seeing signs that say “everything must go” and “store closing”. I’m sad because my kids won’t get to experience what it’s like to go into a big store full of toys.

    [–] I think someone’s getting curls! My little girl is about 18 months and I too have very curly hair! Happy to see my little one has my curls! monteverdea1 18 points ago in curlyhair

    I currently use babyfanics on her hair and let it air dry by combing her hair before bed. Once a week, I add a little bit of coconut oil to keep some of the moisture as it sometimes has dry areas (just like my hair). As the hair is drying, I twirl the hair with my fingers to help the curl become more defined.

    [–] Sex positive parent... monteverdea1 2 points ago in sex

    You’re a great dad! I think you handled that amazingly! My “birds and the bees” conversation went something like this: “if you get pregnant, you no longer live with us. Oh and here’s a book on STD’s”

    [–] How do you deal with hitting? monteverdea1 1 points ago in beyondthebump

    I have 17 month old and we’ve done the following: we have a book that’s called “hands are not for hitting”, when she hits one of us, we tell her “that hurts mommy/daddy”, we tell her to be “gentle” and show her how to be gentle with our hands, we give her a stress ball to hold in her hand whenever she gets frustrated and encourage her to squeeze it, and finally, we have used time outs with her( which usually last for about 30seconds- 1 minute) as a last resort if she goes too far. So far these things have worked for us and have seen a decrease in her hitting.

    [–] Just a question... Tmi maybe monteverdea1 2 points ago in pregnant

    Magnesium works wonders! And it’s over the counter.

    [–] In honor of CHD awareness in the month of February, here is my little one at 7 months old, 2 weeks post open heart surgery. monteverdea1 1 points ago in pics

    Hi there! It was definitely very hard and you are not being forward at all! I will be very honest with the dark side of this experience. When we were told of her diagnosis I took it as a death sentence for her and I isolated myself from my family and friends. I grew up catholic and I even became very angry with God. I still talked to God and prayed for strength and one day I had enough courage to immediately reach out to family, friends, and even mended little hearts. I needed to speak to other parents who have gone through this. My friends and family were amazing and I found the greatest support speaking to parents who have gone through what we went through. It gave us hope and at the same time we also had to be realistic about the possibility of losing her and those were the hard days. One of the greates advice I received was to be strong for her. Obvious right? But it was easier said than done. We tried very hard not to cry in front of her and breakdown in my husbands arms ar night AFTER she fell asleep. I was told that my fear can be transferred to her so we did all we can do to keep that from her. When it was surgery day, we had a clapping game in the prep room and I was choked up with tears. When the took her from my arms I broke down. I would constantly tell myself that I will see her again and I didn’t allow myself to think that she wouldn’t make it. I couldn’t bring myself to think like that. The hospital we were at gave us updates every 30min while she was in surgery and t lasted about 3-4 hours. After she got out of the surgery room I never left her side. I mentioned somewhere in the post that this experience, although it was very hard, i grew so much more closer to my family, husband and little girl and most importantly to God. That is what helped me through this.