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    [–] Oh Bobby moonweasel 32 points ago in gratefuldead

    Also to be fair, short shorts were 100% the “cool” way for men to wear shorts in the 70s/80s.

    [–] How can I make money selling nudes? moonweasel 1 points ago in IWantToLearn

    Like a lot of things, the best way to get this information is probably to ask people who are already successfully doing the thing you want to do. In your case, i would look at top-rated posts on places like r/realgirls and r/sexsells and message those girls to ask their advice. Some might ignore you, or see you as competition, but I bet many of them are nice and would be happy to give you some advice on how to get started.

    [–] IWTL executive functioning (how to effectively plan, organize, and time manage) moonweasel 7 points ago in IWantToLearn

    Your response to OP's question about how to improve executive skills seems mostly to boil down to “spend more time on it” and “put in the effort” (which are essentially just variations on “try harder!”).

    Regardless of whether these skills are “innate” or learned (or some combination of both), they can be improved, and the first place to start when trying to improve any skill is to learn about things like what the skill is, how it works, what is the difference between people who are strong in that skill vs people who are weak in that skill…

    OP didn't ask for a “magic bullet”, they asked how they can learn to improve specific skills, and “just get out there and start managing some time!” doesn't offer much in the way of help.

    [–] IWTL executive functioning (how to effectively plan, organize, and time manage) moonweasel 14 points ago in IWantToLearn

    The term “executive function” refers to the set of cognitive processes that enable a person to do things like planning, decision making, correcting errors, responding to new information or changing circumstances, controlling impulses, etc.

    Some individuals have significant challenges to these cognitive functions (most notably those with autism or ADHD).

    OP, I highly recommend checking out the “Smart But Scattered” series of books. They are very accessible and easy to read, while still giving an excellent breakdown of the various cognitive functions involved in “executive functioning,” and concrete ideas on ways to manage and improve those areas of thinking. I think the original book is aimed at parents with “scattered” kids, but they also have one called the Smart But Scattered Guide to Success, which appears to be the self-help version.

    [–] Lucky us moonweasel 3 points ago in TheNational

    Yeah, it’s a riff on the “he protec, he attac, but most importantly he _______” memes.

    [–] What happened to Rukind? moonweasel 1 points ago in gratefuldead

    I regularly forget and my mind is re-blown every time I am re-reminded!

    [–] What happened to Rukind? moonweasel 7 points ago in gratefuldead

    You guys know about the Wayback Machine, right?

    [–] First chaos marine from shadowspear moonweasel 6 points ago in Warhammer40k

    What did you use for the base—kitty litter?

    [–] Here's a "Firebird" I made using blueprints and walnut 1x8's moonweasel 4 points ago in guitarporn

    I would also crime for one of these, especially a non-reverse version with a Bigsby. (What I’m saying is: OP, if I win the lottery anytime soon, you’ll be hearing from me…)

    [–] 🤷🏻‍♂️ moonweasel 2 points ago in gratefuldead

    Check out basically anything from July 89.

    [–] Best The National Outro? moonweasel 2 points ago in TheNational

    Such a great ending. I freak out every time I’m seeing them live and they start playing it.

    [–] What are some of the best ways that you’ve tried to make a passive income? moonweasel 1 points ago in Entrepreneur

    I mean Google Business listings especially… and also Yelp has moved beyond restaurants into home services, auto services, gyms, dentists, attorneys, etc, etc.

    But setting those aside and assuming you find a niche where it's feasible to compete — how does this work in terms of actually convincing people to pay you, and does it scale?

    [–] What are some of the best ways that you’ve tried to make a passive income? moonweasel 1 points ago in Entrepreneur

    Not arguing that it wouldn't work, I’m just curious — actually, make that intrigued…

    Is it really possible to outrank those big sites? I suppose I would have just assumed they would have figured out how to game the SEO so they always come out on top.

    Have you done this yourself? or do you know someone who has? Is there a detailed breakdown available anywhere of how you would go about the logistics (specifically: I assume you would have to manually populate the directory with a good amount of entries to get started — how would you then go about convincing businesses that they should sign up)?

    [–] How much are OOP 40K 2nd/3rd edition boxes worth? moonweasel 2 points ago in MiniswapMeta

    I'm just talking about the Warhammer 40,000 core boxed games: 2nd edition (1993) and 3rd edition (1998).

    [–] Gibson Es-347 moonweasel 1 points ago in guitars

    Good god, that is a pretty guitar.

    [–] Apple's "It's show time" | Live Thread moonweasel 2 points ago in apple

    Anyone know if there is a way to watch the live event via Roku or Plex?

    [–] Michael Scott never missed the Playoffs moonweasel 52 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Tv shows and movies use different types of color grading (processing the color of the image to bring out different colors or levels of light) to create different moods or aesthetics. If you compare Season 1 of the US Office to any later season, you might notice that the picture is a little more “drab”(like the original U.K. series), and then starting in Season 2 they switch to a brighter/more colorful look (as well as changing Michael’s look, making him more likeable, and making the general tone a notch or too “lighter”).