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    [–] Forest Huntress morningride2 1 points ago in pics

    Is that Chewbacca’s wife?

    [–] Sonic fox is disrespectful morningride2 -15 points ago in dragonballfighterz

    If my dad needed surgery, I would help and wouldn’t make it public.

    [–] Man, 78, confesses to 90 unsolved murders over four decades, say police morningride2 -1 points ago in news

    That’s a much harder one to pull off, especially in the hospital setting. You’re tracked down to the T.

    [–] This doctor resuscitating a little bird morningride2 8 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    The right amount of pressure is really all it takes. We do the same thing with babies and neonates. Compressing the diaphragm and contracting the heart is what matters, you’re looking for blood flow. It doesn’t always break ribs, that generally happens in more prolonged CPR. The ones that have the best chance actually require less compressions. Time is brain.

    [–] Grossest enemy? morningride2 11 points ago in darksouls3

    Those elephant hand dudes are disgusting lol

    [–] When are you supposed to play the DLCs? morningride2 3 points ago in darksouls3

    You play them when you’re to the point where you don’t get slaughtered in them lol

    [–] Great safety plan morningride2 1 points ago in funny

    And then swing like Tarzan

    [–] Homemade atm morningride2 3 points ago in funny

    Nigerian Super Female Warriors?