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    [–] I wish all Reddit advertisement posts were unlocked to comment on mr1337 3 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    Granted, but advertisers hate it and pull their money out of reddit ads, causing the company to go bankrupt and shut down the site.

    [–] I wish to be immortal, invulnerable to harm and able to contol my age (Both forwards and backwards). mr1337 1 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    Granted. You watch your parents die, then your SO and friends, your children, your grandchildren. Everyone you ever cared about. You watch new technology be developed. The rise and fall of civilizations. You fall in love and live complete lifetimes more times than you can count until you can't psychologically handle seeing the ones you love die over and over. You fall into a massive depression. You force everyone out of your life and live as a hermit until the eventual fall of humanity. Modern civilizations have fallen, and there are only a few pockets of humans left until all people eventually die out. A few million years go by where you have no one to talk to. Maybe you shouldn't have isolated yourself, you think. But you can't go back in time to live a more full life. You go insane. You've lost track of all sense of time long before the sun starts to expand and heat up the earth to the point where it is no longer habitable by any living creature. The dying sun expands and consumes Mercury and Venus, eventually reaching Earth. The planet is eventually swallowed up as well, and you with it. As the sun contracts into a white dwarf star, you are pulled along with it, forever beneath the surface. Forever unable to see, speak, breathe, or eat. You are by yourself. Forever.

    [–] I wish Platinum games would make a sequel to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. mr1337 4 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    Granted. It's a Windows Phone only, micro-transaction riddled, free to play mobile game in the style of Candy Crush that always crashes on the 3rd level.

    [–] Billboard in Beirut! mr1337 146 points ago in raspberry_pi

    Just great. Now they have to bring out the giant keyboard and mouse to troubleshoot.

    [–] Duh! mr1337 11 points ago in funny

    No Adimantium Bones though. Frying pan, but not Retractable Claws.

    Given a choice between the two, you should probably choose the healing.

    [–] Not strictly CCW, but illustrative that "warning shots" are not kosher, despite what you see on TV mr1337 9 points ago in CCW

    You are never required to fire a warning shot.

    However, Florida legalized firing warning shots in 2014. This was after a woman was prosecuted for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband.

    [–] Princess Zorldo mr1337 4 points ago in gaming

    I'm sorry, the answer we were looking for is "Sanic the Hodgeheg"

    [–] Los Angeles passes law requiring companies that want city contracts to disclose NRA ties mr1337 17 points ago in neutralnews

    I love you guys basically just throw up your hands and say "We've already got guns so it's hopeless and children will keep getting murdered by psycho anti-government nuts."

    That's actually the opposite of what I said. I said there are real, rational solutions that don't involve a magic wand solution that instantly causes all firearms to cease existing. Your comment here is a false equivalence fallacy and doesn't really fit into the spirit of the discussion here. I am pro-self-defense-rights, therefore, I must want babies to get murdered. Nothing could be further than the truth. In reality, my solutions do not match up to your solutions. I would much rather be able to discuss this in good faith.

    [–] Los Angeles passes law requiring companies that want city contracts to disclose NRA ties mr1337 10 points ago in neutralnews

    As for "they will take away all the guns": there are some individuals who are calling for that:

    Easy subreddit link for people who says "no one wants to take your guns": /r/NOWTTYG

    [–] Los Angeles passes law requiring companies that want city contracts to disclose NRA ties mr1337 16 points ago in neutralnews

    You are right. Your hypothetical situation where all guns are magically confiscated and instantly disappear will never happen. Even if it did, however, people can create their own firearms. If not a gun, they could use a knife, a bomb, a truck, or any number of other objects that can be deadly.

    Instead of focusing on the imaginary magic wand that can cause all firearms to cease to exist, we should be focused on realistic solutions to why people cause harm to others - and in cases where that cannot be prevented: how to stop them as quickly as possible once they have started.

    To me, the last part is why the 2nd Amendment exists. So that you may have the tools to defend your right to live against anyone who would trespass that right.

    If most guns used in mass shootings come from home, what good will universal background checks do?

    If just as much carnage can be caused with 10-round magazines, will a standard capacity magazine ban be effective? (Spoiler: A magazine is just a box and a spring.)

    If the majority of shooters don't even use any type of rifle - will an "assault weapons" ban prevent more mass shootings - or will shooters just use pistols instead, or other weapons that don't fall into the "assault weapon" category just like the Columbine shooters did?

    Instead - why not enable law-abiding citizens to defend themselves when in the face of an imminent danger to their lives? This goes beyond the fraction of total violent crimes that mass shootings make up. Why don't we work together to solve the reasons that people resort to violent crime in the first place. Not just gun homicides. Not just gun suicides. But all homicides and suicides. What drives people to do this? Poverty? Society? Depression? Inequality? What do we do to help the people who can be helped, and get the people who can't be - off the streets after they've been charged with multiple violent crimes and no sign of stopping. This is what we should be asking ourselves. How can we stop people from resorting to violence - period. I do believe that can be achieved without stepping on people's rights. I do not believe it will be done, however, because those are hard questions. Crying out for a firearm ban is an easier one.

    [–] Los Angeles passes law requiring companies that want city contracts to disclose NRA ties mr1337 19 points ago in neutralnews

    Is that better or worse than exploiting national tragedies to pass unconstitutional laws that would do little to prevent those tragedies?

    [–] This is why Washing machines have windows mr1337 2 points ago in funny

    RIP Boots. Always check your rice cooker.

    [–] Los Angeles passes law requiring companies that want city contracts to disclose NRA ties mr1337 31 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in neutralnews

    lobbying to prevent any measures to help

    Not doing what one political party wants shouldn't qualify as "lobbying to prevent any measures to help."

    The NRA backed concealed carry reciprocity last session. Many on the left may oppose such legislation, but just because it isn't the solution they want, it shouldn't be categorized as "not doing anything." It's more of "it's doing something they didn't want."

    The NRA also opposes gun-free zones in which many public mass shootings have occurred - which limit the ability of the law-abiding citizen to defend themselves. Eliminating or at least curtailing gun-free zones may not be on the books as a legislative priority, but that doesn't mean that the proposed solution from the NRA is "not doing anything."

    Or when the NRA calls to make schools less of a soft target - you can't say they are "not doing something."

    It's simply "not doing the thing that I want them to do" at that point, which is, admittedly, not as catchy.

    [edit] Not that I am the biggest fan of the NRA, either. As a gun owner and proponent for the right to self defense, I feel like the NRA doesn't always take the side of gun owners and there are other organizations that have a better vision when it comes to defending these rights. (E.g. Second Amendment Foundation, GOA, FPC, etc.)

    [–] Drawing does not always de-escalate mr1337 54 points ago in CCW

    Exactly. YOU don't hit people. I hit people.

    [–] This Website "" Was Just Referenced in the Hearing on "Gun Violence." What do y'all think of it? mr1337 23 points ago in 2ALiberals

    Over 500 of the deaths included in the 1,300 number are suicides.

    The study also doesn't show a "control" of the non-CCW population. What number are they comparing it to - per capita?

    [–] This Website "" Was Just Referenced in the Hearing on "Gun Violence." What do y'all think of it? mr1337 11 points ago in 2ALiberals

    Only a tiny fraction of these cases are ever ruled to be in self-defense. Any homicide that is legally determined to be in self-defense is documented and removed from the Concealed Carry Killers database and the ongoing tallies.

    How are they legally determining a homicide to be in self defense? Is it only those that were prosecuted and acquitted? Often times, self defenders will not even go to trial because it's clear that the defender did not commit a crime.

    And yes, the inclusion of suicides just shows they are trying to pump their numbers.

    [–] Will someone PLEASE make a Thingiverse clone? mr1337 1 points ago in 3Dprinting

    I have Ghostery with the ad trackers and New Relic blocked and it still chokes up for me just as much as it did before.