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    [–] Frank Lampard Regen mr_meeesix 8 points ago in chelseafc

    Damn that's accurate. His buildup in the last goal with CHO

    [–] Realised the importance of helmet today. mr_meeesix 1 points ago in india

    sister fell yesterday and came unscathed, thanks to her helmet and jacket. Swelling which needs to be checked

    [–] To prank the teacher mr_meeesix 4 points ago in therewasanattempt

    You worthless miserables is what I would be thinking if I were him and pulled of that

    [–] Cubbon Park to get 800 smart LED lights with motion sensors mr_meeesix 4 points ago in bangalore

    Let me walk in the delusion that I control the streetlights when walking

    [–] I Made Dunder Mifflin in Fortnite! mr_meeesix 0 points ago in DunderMifflin

    I'd prefer looking at minecraft version of it

    [–] Quintessential South Bangalore <3 mr_meeesix 9 points ago in bangalore

    I wish vijaynagar had more trees. That is the reason why I love jaynagar.

    [–] Why my body does that?? mr_meeesix 5 points ago in dankmemes

    Public urinals are a pain, trying to hold the fart in and peeing at the same time. I wish I could let the fart out