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    [–] FNP to Acute care mrsfearing 3 points ago in nursepractitioner

    University of South Carolina has a good online post masters certificate program. Its 18 credits, I believe. I am in their acute care MSN program and have been very pleased with the quality of education for the price.

    [–] Anelise’s mystery procedure wasn’t a procedure at all, but a simple NJ placement.. bridled by the looks of it, probably so she won’t pull it out. mrsfearing 36 points ago in illnessfakers

    The blue part is the bridle. It has strings attached to it that go behind the nasal septum to help hold the tube in place. Technically someone could pull it out, but it would be very painful and damage their septum. Source: I'm an ICU nurse that frequently places these tubes.

    [–] Super informative video from Kati Morton about Factitious Disorder mrsfearing 6 points ago in illnessfakers

    Unfortunately, healthcare is seen as a business where patients are customers that need to be pleased. Some insurance reimbursement for hospitals is based off of patient satisfaction surveys. Patients think just because we can do a procedure that it should be done, and will doctor shop if a physician refuses a procedure. But I totally agree that something needs to be done to help these people from hurting themselves.

    [–] Babysitter using my pack n play for her new puppy mrsfearing 3 points ago in beyondthebump

    I would be pissed. I am a huge animal lover too (have 4 dogs and a cat), but I would never leave my daughter (2 month old) on the couch even for a second. Not only could she roll over but what if the dogs decided to jump up on the couch and land on the baby or knock her on the floor. I'm sorry that is your friend but that is a pretty negligent babysitter and pet parent! You definitely aren't overreacting.

    [–] mac and cheese fix mrsfearing 11 points ago in ColumbiYEAH

    Bourbon has an amazing pork belly mac and cheese.

    [–] April is c section awareness month. mrsfearing 2 points ago in BabyBumps

    Had my first child on 3/19 via emergency csection. So grateful that we have the ability to do this procedure to save mommas and babies! Csection moms are awesome and we all made the best decision we could for our babies!

    [–] Baby in NP school? mrsfearing 5 points ago in nursepractitioner

    I also was writing SOAP notes while in the hospital after my birth! Funny how you just power through and get things done!

    [–] Baby in NP school? mrsfearing 3 points ago in nursepractitioner

    I just gave birth to my first child three weeks ago and will graduate in may! I worked full time and stayed in school full time while pregnant. It was busy but I didnt want to take time off and risk not getting back to school! Its totally doable though! The post partum period is hard because babies are so needy but even then it's not as bad as I thought! Talk to your program director and see if you can catch up on clinical hours early. I was able to do most of mine for this semester before I gave birth, which was amazing because i ended up needing an emergent csection and my baby was in the NICU for over a week. Also having family/friend support is amazing. You can do it! Feel free to PM me if you have more questions! Good luck!

    [–] When you freak out and don't know what to do mrsfearing 7 points ago in nursing

    Haha. This is so true! I'm a nurse that just had a baby and that's one of the only things I remembered from L&D! Haha. The only thing they dont tell you is how badly it hurts!

    [–] It's insulting to think a woman cannot handle both motherhood, education and even a career at the same time mrsfearing 6 points ago in prolife

    Yes! I just had a baby and am about to finish graduate school to become a nurse practitioner. I worked full time as a nurse and spent 30 hours a week extra for clinicals. She was born during spring break and the next week I was back working on homework while still in the hospital recovering from a csection and my baby had to be in the NICU for a week. She is my greatest motivator to keep going! I will graduate in may and cant wait for her to be at my graduation! You go momma!

    [–] Best cell service in Lexington area? mrsfearing 3 points ago in ColumbiYEAH

    I agree. We have straight talk, but it runs off Verizons towers. Never have any issues with reception even in the middle of the lake!

    [–] Working at Prisma vs Lexington vs Providence mrsfearing 7 points ago in ColumbiYEAH

    I work at Palmetto health Richland. Now prisma. I'm also an ICU nurse and as an ICU nurse especially in a specialty I prefer to have sicker patients and more resources. While I've heard Lexington pays the most, their ICU is not going to have the same type of patients as Prisma. I'm not sure if they have a specific CVICU. I've also heard providence is a joke of a hospital. We get alot of transfers from there. I have a friend that works in the CVICU and really likes it. They seem to have a good crew, although nursing shortages are really bad throughout the hospital system here. Feel free to PM me with any questions though!

    [–] 🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻 mrsfearing 4 points ago in nursing

    I had to go on maternity leave early because I was so physically exhausted from dealing with short staffing. I'm 9 months pregnant, and every night I would be charge with 2 ICU patients. I would joke around with my coworkers and say just because technically I'm two people doesn't mean I want to do two jobs. My baby hasn't passed her NCLEX yet. 🤣 glad to say I will be leaving this job soon after I get back from maternity leave!

    [–] Guess who’s back, back again? Fox is back, tell a friend. mrsfearing 1 points ago in RandomActsofMakeup

    Thank you so much! I'm about to give birth to my first baby this week! She could come anytime! I cant wait to do makeup and skincare spa days with her when she gets older!

    [–] 9 months pregnant and had to do compressions mrsfearing 2 points ago in nursing

    This is interesting! I think even if I knew I wasn't supposed to do compressions, I still would have in this situation however. Your adrenaline just kicks in and all you think about is saving a life!

    [–] 9 months pregnant and had to do compressions mrsfearing 1 points ago in nursing

    All these comments are right. Thankfully I have 6 weeks short term disability and some PTO but our jobs are only covered for 12 weeks of time off. So most moms work as close to their due date as possible so they have more time off at home with baby after delivery.

    [–] 9 months pregnant and had to do compressions mrsfearing 2 points ago in nursing

    Haha. That would be the dream! Unfortunately until nursing staffing shortages improve it's all hands on deck. I've even been charge with a full patient load while pregnant and backup rapid response so sometimes I'm happy with just a standard ICU pair!

    [–] 9 months pregnant and had to do compressions mrsfearing 1 points ago in nursing

    This is exactly right. Thankfully my patient was already intubated and had CO2 monitoring so we were able to tell that we were giving high quality CPR.

    [–] 9 months pregnant and had to do compressions mrsfearing 1 points ago in nursing

    It's true that stress can make you go into labor! My coworkers and I were all joking we were lucky my water didnt break during the code. 😂

    [–] 9 months pregnant and had to do compressions mrsfearing 2 points ago in nursing

    Yes! My coworkers have been amazing. Working in Neuro ICU we often have unresponsive 300+ lb patients that are total care. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to last so long, because our hospital has a policy if we have weight lifting restrictions we can't work.

    [–] 9 months pregnant and had to do compressions mrsfearing 2 points ago in nursing

    Thanks! I have to do my ACLS certification too! Those dummies are tough!

    [–] 9 months pregnant and had to do compressions mrsfearing 6 points ago in nursing

    Wow. This is an amazing story. You are an amazing momma and nurse! I cant imagine all the hormones and everything you were going through.