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    [–] Competitive Vaping mrtsapostle 2 points ago in Cringetopia

    As someone who's currently vaping after quitting smoking, I feel embarrassed

    [–] Game Chat: 8/22 Yankees (83-45) @ Athletics (73-53) 6:37 PM mrtsapostle 1 points ago in OaklandAthletics

    He had someone one of the staff pick up one of the new popeyes chicken sandwiches for him and he ate it behind the fence right before the game

    [–] GAME THREAD: Yankees (83-45) @ Athletics (73-53) - Thu Aug 22, 2019 @ 09:37PM EDT mrtsapostle 1 points ago in NYYankees

    They're for football and were part of the "Mt. Davis" renovations when the raiders moved back to Oakland. For reference, this is what the coliseum used to look like before the Raiders ruined it. When you sit up there you cant even see half the outfield

    [–] BRING BEER! Plan was to do some solo tailgating but I forgot the damn beer smh GO A’s!!! mrtsapostle 5 points ago in OaklandAthletics

    Some woman on the bridge yesterday was trying to sell modelos for 3.50. Just walked a couple more feet and bought one from another guy for a dollar

    [–] Game Chat: 8/22 Yankees (83-45) @ Athletics (73-53) 6:37 PM mrtsapostle 5 points ago in OaklandAthletics

    Brodie (in the coliseum after not being able to make it into the city to do pregame) asks Dallas:
    "you ever have that nightmare that you can't make it to work"

    Dallas responds, "Nope, not a nightmare for me. Some would call that a dream"

    [–] dynamic duos ; opinions ? mrtsapostle 3 points ago in survivor

    Missing Phillip and "Francesgua"

    [–] Question About Splitting Votes mrtsapostle 13 points ago in survivor

    The minority split vote in DvG was a pretty ingenius move by Nick and the gang