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    [–] Monkey having fun with a VR headset on museloverx96 2 points ago in likeus

    Yeah I always feel bad when I see non-domesticated animals in homes and the like.

    It seems like there's a framed pic of Hanuman in the background, so prob these guys treat the chimp well, but idk.

    [–] Random selection museloverx96 2 points ago in pens

    Which one is the second from left?? That's a gorgeous color!

    [–] As a kid this went over my head museloverx96 57 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    "I can't seem to get happy. Maybe this will help."

    [–] Hate when that happens museloverx96 20 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    That explains how I've lost a couple of pounds in spite of mostly eating out

    [–] It's every dog's dream museloverx96 1 points ago in comics

    That is an interesting inquiry, and your guess is probably as good as mine!

    I'm reading a book rn on the subject though which might interest you, called Other Minds:The Octopus, The Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness by Peter Godfrey-Smith

    [–] It's every dog's dream museloverx96 2 points ago in comics

    Okay, so firstly i mostly was curious about what you might think about the cats so thanks for the response!

    I honestly haven't really parsed out exactly what I think about free will so forgive me for that, but the best I can say is that I think free will is found in contingency?? Like regardless of whatever external factors there may be and whatever internal instincts or chemical response I feel, my capacity of choosing any option is unaffected.

    So free will, for me, is that I can think anything and choose to do anything, within the limits of nature. There is nothing which necessarily must be the case when I am exercising free will. Ethics, morality, civil law, outside influence, my own biology, they all can be a secondary factor in my choices, but they aren't what is necessary, in order for there to truly be free will.

    Welp, sorry I don't know if what I just said is consistent with what I've already said, nor do I know if it makes sense. Again, I appreciate the time you took to respond though!

    [–] It's every dog's dream museloverx96 24 points ago in comics

    So what do you think about cats since they apparently sauntered up to people themselves?

    Also this is sorta semantics but if I am recalling correctly, it was a mutually beneficial relation between the dog's evolutionary ancestor and our own.

    The concept of free will is interesting, in that I'm not sure how much any species that isn't a thinking being can exercise change based on their own volition.

    So my dog probably wont be able to override his instinctual actions and responses, but I still think his affection for me is real, I just don't think or know that what he feels for me and my family is love the way we feel love for him.

    But again, I believe only thinking beings (so rn, as far as we're aware, only humans) are capable of change through our own free will, so only people will be capable of really feeling the idea of love.

    [–] Complimenting other women museloverx96 2 points ago in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

    It's funny, I've started complimenting strangers on random stuff throughout the day and I think its from working retail as well! I like seeing their smile if they hear me and if they dont, or do but are doing their own thing, it doesnt matter bc I said what I wanted.

    Glad to see it isn't just me tho (Although it never tends to be)!

    [–] Does anyone ever experience a “movie high”? museloverx96 1 points ago in movies

    Most people mentioned movies that I've def felt that way before, so I have to say Snatch was a great one for this!

    The end scene with Brad Pitt and the fire and the fight scene and everyone and everything leading up to it was just frigging fantastic.

    They set the last fight scene or one of the last ones to the song Angel by Massive Attack and that in of itself is a trippy song, so when you're paying attention to the movie and that song comes on it's like I go through all the ups and downs the movie and song combined is pulling me through

    [–] My baby boy is all grown up! (Pictures are year apart, Edwin is a Malamute Husky mix!) museloverx96 0 points ago in aww

    I mean, I'm not that invested, obv OP can speak up if something bothers him.

    I was just saying i, personally, find it a bit off-putting to find flirty people in the comments of subreddits like r/aww or the other animal subreddits. I guess it's just me and my delicate sensibilities.

    C'mon tho, "up in arms"? I'm not lurking in the wood-works to rant about this topic, this is the only time I said anything about it. Ahahaa you make me laugh you silly goose.

    [–] My baby boy is all grown up! (Pictures are year apart, Edwin is a Malamute Husky mix!) museloverx96 -5 points ago in aww

    Yeeeeeaaaah but still, it is a bit weird to kinda 'flirt' in the comments- at least in a subreddit focused generally on the cute animal, or story, in the post.

    [–] [no spoilers] HOLY SHIRT! Jameela looking drop dead gorgeous at the Grammys museloverx96 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in TheGoodPlace

    Okay but what you seem to be saying then is that bc she has good genes and is naturally pretty, as well as wearing makeup, she can't be outspoken about

    "diet/detox product peddlers, over-photoshopped magazine covers, vanity plastic surgery" ?

    Or not that she can't be outspoken about it, but you think it means less than it would if someone apparently ugly and barefaced was speaking about the same thing. But that is definitely dismissing what she is saying based off she looks like.

    She's not acting morally superior, she' s calling out scams and bad retail practices, and unattainable beauty standards that attack at people with low self esteem.

    If she wears makeup to public high profile events, or in her everyday life, that isn't being hypocritical, bc it's not even the same thing. Everyone can use makeup and make themselves look better than they would naturally, but she (apparently, i only briefly glanced at her social media, but I'm not sure you did at all) is trying to call out products and magazine covers that target people with low self-esteem with false promises of becoming skinny, or even that it's possible to be as thin as photoshoots depict, while still being healthy.

    *phrasing was off. Might still be off but w/e.

    [–] [no spoilers] HOLY SHIRT! Jameela looking drop dead gorgeous at the Grammys museloverx96 24 points ago in TheGoodPlace

    Man the second part of your sentence just really rankles me.

    Body positivity, in my head at least, should mean that people don't put others down or dismiss them or just be generally unkind bc of how someone looks.

    So ugly or pretty, the content of someone's character shouldn't be overlooked based off physical appearance which is exactly what you just did bc she's pretty.

    [–] This lady is a badass museloverx96 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Lmaoo it's funny bc thats a thing Spongebob and Patrick would say to Mr. Krabs in the Panty Raid episode and you "quoting it at me" made me think of the episode and smile.

    So yeah I'm happy, thanks fam!

    [–] This lady is a badass museloverx96 18 points ago in MurderedByWords

    C'mon guys,

    I watched the skit bc I haven't seen Monty Python and knew I was missing a joke.

    But I definitely don't think anybody quoting the relevant material in the Reddit comments is trying to explain the joke or somehow seem funnier. They probably quoted bc it makes them happy, and if someone continues the chain, well then they found a like-minded fellow and that's always swell.

    Insert bold text here, can be slightly patronizing

    [–] This restaurant puts a teddy bear on your table if you're dining alone. museloverx96 116 points ago in gifs

    Yeah that's probably how the guy knew to film the waitress bringing the Teddy Bear out.

    [–] My little girl always comforts me when I’m sad 😢 museloverx96 7 points ago in AnimalsBeingBros

    That's your dog providing you the wonderful gift of distraction!

    [–] My German Shepherd finally made a friend, and she’s so happy about it! museloverx96 19 points ago in PuppySmiles

    That's a great smile from your german shepard, she's very handsome!

    Hope the car ride is quick for the other pupper!

    [–] This 4-year old absolutely kills it! museloverx96 1 points ago in BeAmazed

    Man , the kid is talented for sure, but what does the paper stuck on his back say??

    [–] Loved this episode museloverx96 92 points ago in brooklynninenine

    I noticed that too! I thought, and was expecting, there would be a comment about Amy's looks alongside a comment about her intelligence, but they only went for the compliment about Amy being super smart and I was like, "huh, nice."

    [–] What Muse songs have a special place in your heart? museloverx96 5 points ago in Muse

    I Belong to You (+Mon Couer S'Ouvre a Ta Voix)

    idk why exactly, sometimes you hear a song that just speaks directly to something inside of you.