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    [–] Another re-watch question about Bedelia and Hanni S1 museloverx96 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in HannibalTV

    I think she tells him in the first half of season 2 when Will is stuck at that one place (on mobile and I dont know how to add a spoiler tag for op). The end of season 1 is the final step for Will to be stuck there season 2, and Bedilia tells him like 1 or 2 episodes before he leaves the place.

    Edit: wait i think i misread your question! She warned Will about Hannibal, because she gets a greater glimpse behind the human suit when she and Hannibal continue their sessions in season 2, bc he's regretting the actions that split him and Will so I think he let Bedilia get a better look so he's not as alone. Along with all the crime going on and her own growing fear that Hannibal is truly dangerous, i think she figured out Will was actually right the whole time.

    [–] P r e s s u r e b u i l d i n g museloverx96 1 points ago in Muse

    That, unfortunately, is not affordable. Meh, the dream was nice, and i can still keep an eye out for something similar if not exactly like it, so not a total loss. Thanks!

    [–] Not mine museloverx96 32 points ago in lotrmemes

    Wasnt there a shakespeare play too? Where a guy is like "Ha! I've covered my bases and cannot be killed now" but he missed a technicallity and dies.

    [–] P r e s s u r e b u i l d i n g museloverx96 5 points ago in Muse

    Man, that jacket Dom's wearing is great, I'm gonna keep an eye out for an affordable version of it, if you find something similar hmu!

    [–] Why did they stop including flashbacks in the later episodes? museloverx96 9 points ago in psych

    So I always thought of the flashbacks as a contrast to Shawn and Henry's current day relationship. So like the better their relationship becomes, the less you need to see from Shawn's childhood to illustrate just what kind of a father Henry was.

    I cant give you any specifics except that i always liked the episode where shawn gets shot, because it's a great episode for character development and inter relational development. And in the flashback for that episode, Henry says something along the lines of, "you'll thank me later kid" as he's stuffing young shawn into the boot of his car. And that episode obviously confirms that Henry was teaching Shawn valuable life lessons the whole time and wasnt just being a complete hardass, although he def was a hardass.

    [–] Guy tricks dog into jumping in his arms museloverx96 17 points ago in aww

    I got heckin bamboozled! But uk, even though you're talking about a few hundred years down the line, i think that imagined future of dogs beating us in video games is a nice one to aspire to.

    [–] Wholesome woofer. Wholesome driver. museloverx96 72 points ago in wholesomememes

    Hahaa aww, it's not that active. I guess UPS drivers who love dogs and use reddit is kinda a niche selection of people

    [–] A user takes a Leap of Faith in /r/GirlGamers thinking they would agree that making a review of the penises shown in the last Assassins' Creed game is hypocritical, but he misses the landing and gets Disconnected from Host museloverx96 8 points ago in SubredditDrama

    It doesn't necessarily matter pragmatically, you're right.

    The issue is more cultural, like what kinda expectations you're putting on women and girls about what their body 'should' look like. And it only purposely sexualizes the one gender. So anyone playing who may be young and impressionable might walk away from the game with the idea that it's okay to sexualize the one gender irl as well.

    On the surface, you're right that looks dont matter. But if the games only options for female characters are all scantily dressed with big boobs, then like the guys should also be barely wearing anything with a ridiculously sculpted body. Anything else is unfair, and entertainment in general, it's so easy to influence people and pass on latent ideas through something that seems harmless. The idea that women should be busty and attractive, when irl women are wonderfully diverse like men, is insidious and speaking from my own experience, yeah video games (but honestly entertainment in general) made me hold unrealistic expectations for what my body should look like when i was going through puberty.

    [–] take me home with you taps museloverx96 16 points ago in tippytaps

    Not the hero we need, but the one we deserve

    [–] [Update to] Employer refuses to recognise employee’s civil marriage. museloverx96 3 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    No I think you're right on that account that if LAOP chooses to relocate elsewhere that they may have to jump through a bunch of hoops again in regards to their common law marriage. I'm fairly certain it varies from state to state.

    [–] [Update to] Employer refuses to recognise employee’s civil marriage. museloverx96 76 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    But the whole point is that she has a valid marriage in the eyes of the state already, so she shouldn't have to go out of her way (uk aside from all this legal trouble) to be recognized as legitimate.

    Idk, maybe she paved the way for someone in a similar position at that company to have an easier time later on.

    [–] Real bros bone each other. museloverx96 60 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in AnimalsBeingBros

    Especially if one or both of you are ladies about to give birth to puppies.

    Edit: just double checked but yeah looks like they're both lady dogs.

    [–] They really do look 💯/💯 fabulous museloverx96 7 points ago in wholesomebpt

    Hahaa idk if that's true considering the artwork already out from their existing films.

    [–] Where y’all going? museloverx96 10 points ago in funny

    I never understood that either. Maybe because religion has the connotation of faith behind it, that belief is inherent to those who are religious.

    But theology is absolutely fascinating and the fact that people all over the world have come up with these diverse and multi faceted system of beliefs in an effort to explain the world is interesting as all heck. And theology and religion aren't the exact same thing, i get that. But I feel like anyone who wants to be percieved as smart would take the time to actually add to the discussion at hand instead of repeating something that really says nothing at all.

    Although I'm just speaking about atheists generally.

    [–] (spoilers) Massively disappointed with the ending museloverx96 4 points ago in sharpobjects

    I really agree with your point about Camille being completely removed from the ending. I haven't finished the book yet, but you know we were given that huge sequence basically about life w/o Adora bc shes going to be serving time bc her crimes were brought to the forefront through Camille's investigative efforts.

    But she finds out in the last moments of the show that it's truly Amma and that's it. Like seriously, there's nothing else on the subject and you have to use your imagination like "oh she had to have turned Amma in right? There's no way that Camille would let the arbitrary idea of family (but specifically to take care of the young) hold her back from seeking the truth, but uk I never knew how tied she was to the idea of justice..." which is fine, i guess. But it is an immensely frustrating sort of ending.

    I'm fairly certain there was never going to be any intentions for a second season. Which means they deliberately designed the ending to be that way. Personally though, i think an open ending is best done when there's room for another season somewhere down the line. Hannibal season 3 also had a sort of open ending, but they did tie off the season and series well, with very little loose ends. In the case of Sharp Objects, I understand it's based around the book, but it feels as though there are many loose ends that will never get any satisfaction. I get that life doesn't always function and end neatly but entertainment doesn't have to be like that.

    Still a great show and absolutely stellar performances from the actresses who portrayed Adora, Amma, and Camille

    [–] Your Favourite Show Beside True Detective ? museloverx96 3 points ago in TrueDetective

    I am definitely seconding all of the Hannibal recs, but as no one has mentioned it yet, my favorite show has to be Peaky Blinders. Also along the lines of all of these shows, you might wanna check out The Fall

    [–] Shawn kept his promise of taking care of Gus museloverx96 14 points ago in psych

    Can you believe that I've watched this show dozens of times already, and yet I never made that connection before now?

    Man, this is a great show =)

    [–] Just an old man pushing his best friend on a swing museloverx96 10 points ago in aww

    That's cool that you're heading back to Bag End.

    [–] Illusion 100 museloverx96 2 points ago in funny

    Wow, I've never considered that the letter B actually looks like a flat butt

    [–] That friend of yours that’s always single, what do they need to hear to that they just won’t accept? museloverx96 3 points ago in AskWomen

    Hahaa that's actually eerily like my mindset. Like i think i might make a more active effort to changemy single from birth status once i hit my late 20s but for now i am happy focusing on getting myself out of bed everyday let alone focusing on anyone else.

    [–] O captain my captain museloverx96 23 points ago in brooklynninenine

    That was everything i never knew i wanted.

    [–] The Southern Raiders in a nutshell museloverx96 34 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in TheLastAirbender

    Idk if it's actually all that bad, i mean i get the context, but what she's literally just saying she and sokka loved their mother in different ways.

    Like thats actually possible, even among siblings. Their mother likely loved them the way a mother does all her children, but her children can have different relationships and loves for their mother. Katara's saying it in anger and maybe to hurt Sokka, and that's bad, but I don't think the sentiment alone is horrible or anything. It's why she and Sokka make such a great parallel with Zuko and Azula.

    [–] Gf and I just started watching and proceeded to watch eleven straight. museloverx96 21 points ago in community

    If this was your first time watching the show, you can definitely do a rewatch or two somewhere down the line, im still finding jokes i didnt quite catch the first 50 times