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    [–] New Belly Band coming musicals4life 2 points ago in CCW

    Wow. That’s so rude.

    [–] New Belly Band coming musicals4life 1 points ago in CCW

    I use this one and it’s fine. The elastic is tougher than you’d think. The trigger is protected

    [–] I'm insane... musicals4life 2 points ago in TargetedShirts

    Honestly I kinda like it. Scuba diving is one of those hobbies that sucks you in. Some people start hiking and then quickly become mountain men. It’s like that. Scuba is awesome

    [–] Failed NICS musicals4life 5 points ago in CCW

    Because they don’t know. The NICS check just gives the response of “proceed” “delay” or “denied” but gives no reason

    [–] I’m not a pharmacy musicals4life 0 points ago in IDontWorkHereLady

    When I was a kid my moms work number was one digit off from the ice cream place and I called them on accident a few times

    [–] Sleep patterns musicals4life 2 points ago in Epilepsy

    I’m pretty useless if I don’t have at least 9 hours of sleep. I only got 6 hours a few nights ago and the next day I was so exhausted. I went to bed at 5pm the next day and slept until 6am. I need a lot more sleep than I used to. But I mostly have seizures in my sleep. Sleep seizures make me sleepy. Being sleepy makes me have seizures. And around we go.

    [–] Riots of Paris. musicals4life 3 points ago in AccidentalRenaissance

    Seriously? Why do they hate him so much?

    [–] Lost gun what now? musicals4life 8 points ago in CCW

    Routine is a relative word in the world of underwater search and recovery, but yes, routine. It might be worth contacting the team directly. We were approached every now and then by civilians and we used those as training exercises. One time it was a car that rolled into a pond because of a faulty e brake. Another time it was a mannequin that got lost. Guns were about as common as knives and cars. We spent more time training for weapons than bodies. And in real searches too.

    [–] Lost gun what now? musicals4life 7 points ago in CCW

    It can be found pretty easily with sonar. I used to be on a rescue dive team but we mostly did search and recovery. Searching for discarded handguns in the river was one of those scenarios that happened often enough to have a standard protocol. The county/city/state/whoever will more than likely have a dive team handle it.

    [–] Epilepsy and Alcohol musicals4life 2 points ago in Epilepsy

    I am fine if I nurse a drink and have a water between drinks. And I never have more than 3 drinks in a night but even that is over the course of 6 or 7 hours. Two beers is my normal Sunday night routine with my boyfriend.

    [–] Donald Trump pulled out of planned Mueller team meeting after seeing list of questions musicals4life 1 points ago in politics

    It’ll have to be a tv show. It’s gonna take 7 seasons of 45 minute episodes to unpack this train wreck

    [–] What should I bring to thanksgiving tomorrow? musicals4life 2 points ago in CasualConversation

    What’s this apple and cabbage dish called? That sounds so good.