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    [–] Survivor: Ghost Island | Finale & Live Reunion | Eastern Time Discussion mybustersword 4 points ago in survivor

    What fucking emotions.... You lost, you got zero votes, and you have to pick the winner. Also you are the only one who knows and cannot say anything

    [–] /r/weedstocks After Hours Discussion - [May 23, 2018] mybustersword 1 points ago in weedstocks

    It's really hard to game any stock short term, but this sector is completely new and very hard to predict what will happen. IMHO, it's about the long term game. We had a huge run last year with Weed up to 30+ and it was a great time to sell as it dropped down several notches but I don't know if that will happen again or when

    [–] /r/weedstocks After Hours Discussion - [May 23, 2018] mybustersword 2 points ago in weedstocks

    They are listing into the nyse and it's about to go to vote... That's a bad idea