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    [–] Two Owls Sleeping mymorningjacket 3 points ago in pics

    it's not crab apple season yet

    [–] Strange looking fish mymorningjacket 1 points ago in pics

    It must have gotten separated from it's school.

    [–] At least he seems happy... I guess mymorningjacket 3 points ago in funny

    I'm pretty sure that's just the guy blowing off some steam

    [–] No space for a tree? We hung garland and lights on our wall mymorningjacket -15 points ago in lifehacks

    Damn. Maybe that's not the only thing that should be hanging at your house

    [–] Haaaaaaaaa! HAAAAAAAA! mymorningjacket 11 points ago in funny

    primitive birth control

    [–] Rape is a sensitive subject, until it’s rape in a prison. Then people find it funny. mymorningjacket 5 points ago in Showerthoughts

    tisk should just always assume everyone is smarter than you, that way you wont have that problem ;)