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    [–] The Police Photoshopped His Mug Shot for a Lineup. He’s Not the Only One. n0oo7 1 points ago * (lasted edited 21 minutes ago) in news

    Ill tldr this so we can end this chain.

    Someone Commits a crime.

    Guy A has tatoos, COmmits crime.

    They potoshop tatoos off of guy a and once they fix his face up enough, he kinda looks like guy B.

    Line up witness lady says that the photoshopped picture of Guy a looks like Guy B

    Now we are in this shithole.

    [–] Sumo wrestler Kakuryu nails 3p shoot n0oo7 11 points ago in sports

    Sumo is open weight. heavier is better for smaller people to not be able to lift you. But Im sure that there is an ideal weight for each different sumo strategy.

    [–] Buying deceased family member's home that has a reverse mortgage? n0oo7 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in personalfinance

    I thought if it was a government reverse mortgage It can't be higher than it's estimated value. is this wrong?

    Edit: the best thing you should be able to do is to talk to the person who was willed the house, and find out through the reverse mortgage company. It should be a period of months where your family can buy it before it goes to forclosure, well if it is a hecm mortgage that is.

    [–] Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - What Happened? ft. Maximilian Dood. n0oo7 32 points ago in Games

    Mvc2 had like 12 competitive characters tops. Literally everyone went sentinel Ironman storm magneto cable with jwong cyclops sprinkled in.

    [–] Why does Pantheon block Xayah feathers from behind if he is looking at Xayah? n0oo7 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    Street fighter does this too. If something is hitting you from behind but your enemy is infront of you, you still block by holding backward,

    [–] Nerf Akali's Safety/Mobility, Not Her Damage n0oo7 0 points ago in leagueoflegends

    lol. no. Make her E not flip backward, and she just throws the shuriken and flips in place, or Foward. That move is simply too safe. She shouldn't be able to escape for free with the option of coming back if she hits the skill shot. Either the move is a 100% escape or a 100% dash in. I will get downvoted by every akai fanboy and girl but the people who hate akali will like this post.

    [–] Why are APCs not a thing yet ADCs are? n0oo7 0 points ago in summonerschool

    I actually recommend that every champion that qualified for the old "carry" role designation (think s1-s4) that does attack damage, be called an adc. And we call the "stay far away and auto targets front to back / objectives / baron etc" Marksmen. Since that term was pretty much made to split Champs like reksai (and tryn/yi/gp/fiora/riven) from the adc term anyways.

    [–] I am unable to stay in Master with 65% winrate; the decay speed is ridiculous n0oo7 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    Being high elo means that you wont fight a stupid fight you're going to loose anyways just for the privilege of loosing herald and dragon at the same time and both top turrets.

    [–] Why are APCs not a thing yet ADCs are? n0oo7 -1 points ago in summonerschool

    Graves is an adc.

    Attack Damage Carry.

    [–] What should I build as kindred adc? n0oo7 1 points ago in Kindred

    Phy posted a video noting a Korean conq kindred bot lane build. And they go IE into essence reaver. Than zeal items

    [–] Did Japanese Samurai ever fight abroad? n0oo7 1 points ago in history

    Popular? It has 3 comments and one shadowbanned comment.

    [–] Mentoring Thread: Patch 9.16 n0oo7 1 points ago in summonerschool

    if he records it on twitch, twitch usually will turn streams into vods,

    [–] Did anyone else fortify Morgan's office? n0oo7 7 points ago in prey

    I swear that motherfucker folds like a chair and can fit into small spaces.

    [–] I had tried Caitlyn with hail of blades. n0oo7 4 points ago in summonerschool

    She used to have third, and kennen was besto numero uno until a nerf hit him recently. Had that record for YEARS.