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    [–] How can I report someone that one shots me? namlasm1 1 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    I ran onto him today, I can't believe they do nothing about it

    [–] R32 Army Armament 1911(few mods) namlasm1 1 points ago in airsoft

    I'm looking at getting the same gun. Some people have said that you need to lube the o rings in the mags as they usually come dry from the factory. Did you do this and did the problem still happen?

    [–] So ED can restrict flyable aircraft on the MP spawn screen based on ownership, but not the carrier? namlasm1 28 points ago in hoggit

    104th members have stated that they won't be using the module in their missions, I'm going to guess blue flag and DDCS won't either

    [–] Calculating Porosity of a Catalyst Bed namlasm1 1 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    Not a problem, it's always good to help a fellow student

    [–] Calculating Porosity of a Catalyst Bed namlasm1 1 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    That would be my guess for it, it depends on if the catalyst is just iron or if it's mixed with other stuff. But I think it would be a decent approximation without any other information.

    Again I'm only in third year and we've just finished covering this stuff a week or two ago so I might not be right. Hopefully someone with experience can come along and help out

    [–] Calculating Porosity of a Catalyst Bed namlasm1 1 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    Quick question, is this for industry or education? Wouldn't you be able to find a data sheet with more information from your vendor or the internet?

    Edit - Forgot to mention that I've used alibaba for finding catalysts and it usually comes with some information. You can also email the seller asking for a data sheet

    [–] Calculating Porosity of a Catalyst Bed namlasm1 1 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    I'm still in university so my answer might not be right. But isn't it just 1-( Density of the bed / Density of the solid)?

    [–] Man the Guns Giveaway namlasm1 1 points ago in hoi4

    Here's my comment

    [–] What is the strangest habit you have? namlasm1 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Bit late to the party but I used to scratch paper with my nails. It gave me a really weird sensation but it was addicting. I Got caught doing it by 2 classmates and they just laughed it off.

    I had the urge to do it again in the library for some reason after years of not doing it

    [–] What is one piece of advice you wish you had when you were younger? namlasm1 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It's a song line that actually hit me kind of hard

    "Stop racing someone else and start racing with yourself, then at least if you lose you still kind of win"

    [–] So I just got banned... namlasm1 2 points ago in Rainbow6

    Something similar happened with my brother and Ubisoft actually responded.

    He doesn't watch American TV (we're british) and doesn't know many American racist slang, someone types something about a Spic but in chat twice, he responds by asking what a Spic is and gets served with an instant half an hour ban. He had shadowplay on and submitted video evidence to ubi and the reply he got was basically "Tough shit, we know your pissed off that you got bated but you're a retard and deserve it, they're not getting banned because they're smarter than you"

    It's really frustrating but it's a lesson to never repeat what someone else types

    [–] Tenancy Deposit Lost namlasm1 7 points ago in UKPersonalFinance

    Not true, that's mainly what the deposit schemes are there for, if the scheme decides against you then they do have rights to deduct the stated amount unless you try delay it via tribunals ect. But in my experience if the deposit scheme rules on something usually the tribunal will back it up

    [–] Tenancy Deposit Lost namlasm1 4 points ago in UKPersonalFinance

    Landlord here, mydeposits Scotland has a section where you can initiate the request to get the deposit back first. That's some advice for next time

    As for now your best bet would be go to Shelter Scotland or Citizens advice. You could also try the council as they give the license to the landlord, when I was having issues with a tenant they went to the council and the council acted as mediators. At very least they can threten to cancel his license. If they can't help shelter Scotland or the citizens advice should be your go to. Next step after that would be to go to the small claims courts, generally as soon as they receive the notice that you're suing them they will get their shit together, as long as you have your lease and deposit receipt the case should be in your favour. I also hope you took pictures as you moved out, there is a very good chance they will try deduct a "fair" amount and with pictures you can argue it in the same case.

    That's all I can recommend

    [–] Please help us out with our reactors course namlasm1 2 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    My brother does AeroMech at Strathi and none of his modules do it like this one seems to have. Although he did say that his class sizes are huge (couple of hundred people). What's the class size like? Do you have timetables tutorials and if so is the lecturer/tutor not there to help? Have you tried emailing your lecturer asking him to look over your answers?

    From what I can gather from my brother and others strathclyde seems to take in way too many students than they can handle. My brothers course is "split" into mechanical with aero and Aero mechanical. From talking with his course leader he was told that they are the exact same. He doesn't have sufficient staff available at tutorials either. Basically what I'm trying to say is if the course is over crowded don't depend on the lecturer, it seems like they want the money but don't care about the quality of learning.

    I know this might sound stupid but have you tried Try go through specific sections on that, if not there's a book that we were recommended to us, I'll try find them tomorrow for you. What is it that the module is meant to cover?

    [–] Please help us out with our reactors course namlasm1 1 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    Just to confirm, you haven't been give a single number as an answer? The petition makes it sound like you want step by step working of the questions.

    We get the question then in brackets below it a numerical value for the answer.

    [–] Please help us out with our reactors course namlasm1 1 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    Do you have the final answers to the tutorial problems?

    Our uni does the exact same, the full point of it is to get you to think and ask your tutor questions. The stats at our uni showed that that when the full worked solutions were given the class averages were lower than when they didn't give full worked solutions.

    [–] Current state of ChemE in the UK? namlasm1 7 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    The issue is the ones who don't have jobs are the louder ones. The ones who do have jobs generally don't answer these questions. Look at why you want to do each one and decide. I had the exact same idea of coming to reddit to ask, all replies were negative. Went to my uni to talk to the final year students and most of them except for 3 already have really good job offers and it's not even a "high ranking" uni.

    Personally I wanted to do computer science but ChemE was much more intriguing and challenging so I did that, I now do programming in my spare time as a hobby.

    EDIT - forgot to mention, due to the increasing call for renewable energy, the opportunities we have look to be alot greater than before, with stuff that energy storage and nuclear power requiring the specialties of a chemical engineer

    [–] Best calculator for Chemical engineering namlasm1 8 points ago in ChemicalEngineering

    If your in the UK the Casio FX-991 is a good choice. Its allowed in all exams basically unless your uni runs with an "approved calculator list".

    I'd say it's more user friend that the TX one others have suggested but that's a personal preference.

    EDIT - forgot to mention the Casio has a spreadsheet function which has come in handy quite a few times

    [–] November 2018 Nokia Care Megathread namlasm1 1 points ago in Nokia

    Nokia 6.1, Android Pie

    Just updated today, Oreo had a sound bug where when you put it to full volume the volume automatically decreases. Solved by using the volume setting one below max.

    Android Pie completely broke my phone's speaker. Headphones work fine but there's no sound whatsoever coming from the speaker. Tried factory resetting it's the exact same issue. I Can't get onto the Nokia beta programme because my phone's apparently not supported.

    Help me please Thanks

    [–] Refused for £13 credit, then offerred a £480 credit agreement namlasm1 29 points ago in UKPersonalFinance

    Yeah my dad had the exact same issue with Vodafone only. We've checked his experian credit history last year and it was almost perfect but Vodafone rejected both him and me despite both of us having previous contracts with them (and I also have a current one).

    [–] It's treason then.... namlasm1 20 points ago in PrequelMemes

    I see through your lies. It's a new account, he is indeed a true r/sequelmemes member under a false identity. He takes the form of a refugee

    [–] Christmas Quilt namlasm1 -1 points ago in dankmemes

    Stolen meme