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    [–] namraka- Featured Indian Redditor namraka 2 points ago in indianews


    No, with milk. It helps with the bowel movements. Think I might be lactose intolerant.


    Decided not to watch it after seeing the description. I do watch non-english international cinema. I remember you posting about liking Korean movies. I watched Train to Busan and Age of Shadows a few months back. Those are the type of movies I enjoy.

    People start reading when they get old

    That is after you retire and have too much time on your hands and you are too old to watch porn.


    I don't even have money to get married now.

    [–] namraka- Featured Indian Redditor namraka 3 points ago in indianews

    Thank you mate. Been following you since the days when you were the most popular poster on both randia and bakchodi. You have to do a FIR here soon, so we can get to know you better. All the mods here have to do a FIR. Only le_clochard has done it so far.

    [–] Rajinikanth has committed financial fraud, should not join politics, says BJP leader Subramanian Swamy namraka 2 points ago in indianews

    Swamy was sucking up to Sasikala a few months back and now this. This guy is looked down upon for his ability to be a cuck to whoever feeds him, while at the same time talking shit to make himself look important. He is looked upon with disgust by every section of TN society, bhakts included. We have been watching him for much longer than his recent Twitter fans.