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    [–] They checked this footage when they realised their customers' payments weren't being credited to their account namraka 1347 points ago in gifs

    The couple switched the card machine. Now every card payment this restaurant takes would be processed by this planted machine and the money would go into the couple's account.

    [–] avatharam - Featured Indian Redditor namraka 5 points ago in indianews

    I enjoy the dysfunction and enjoy the company of some people

    Me too.

    Spend too much spare time on Computers and reddit.

    Me too.

    Read non fiction.

    Me too.

    was initially atheist, still am in a grey sort of way but world made me Hindu

    Me too.

    learnt hindi, forgot it

    Me too. But then had to start talking Hindi to all the migrants in Chennai. Really thankful to all to my former colleagues I used to work with, the waiters in hotels to the bhaiyyas working as cooks and watchmen at homes for that.

    Emacs since at least 1996

    Namaskaram thalaiva. You must be older than the internet. My doctoral advisor was one big Emacs fan and tried to get me interested, but I could never use it. I just couldn't remember all the key combinations for doing things (I hate Vim for the same reason). Guess it would have been state of the art and the only choice on terminals in the 90s. Having said that, I have never found a C/C++ IDE which remotely satisfies me.

    tea, walked away from coffee one day just like that.

    What sort of Tambrahm are you? You must be stoned for that blasphemy 🙂. Tea is for amiths.

    Good to have met you sir. Please don't change your account if possible. Or please give a hint it's you when you open a new account.

    [–] Jai Maharashtra! namraka 4 points ago in indianews

    A resident of Pune and mother of two sons, Shital Mahajan set a world record by becoming the first Indian to skydive from a height of 13,000 feet wearing a sari in the adventure and resort city of Pattaya in Thailand on Monday.

    The nine-yard bright pink Nauwari sari is three yards longer than a typical sari.

    More here

    [–] Bounce namraka 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in Unexpected