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    [–] Kate Casey Breaks Down the Big Brother Celebrity Cast – narbz 5 points ago in BigBrother

    Amazing podcast, didn’t know we were getting a brutal cast assessment for Celeb Big Brother!

    [–] CBBUS2- Preseason Discussion narbz 3 points ago in BigBrother

    Midnight Tuesday, after the 2nd episode finishes on the west coast (and when feeds are supposed to start)

    [–] CBBUS2- Preseason Discussion narbz 4 points ago in BigBrother

    Reminds me more of Marissa cbbus1 lol

    [–] Celebrity Big Brother US2 - Cast Reveal Discussion narbz 3 points ago in BigBrother

    So who's the early favorite to win? I think Kato, Jonathan, and Natalie won't be too bad. Seems like the biggest crapshoot of players to choose from in a long time, all of them are messy and none of them seem very familiar with the show so I have no idea how this will play out

    [–] Celebrity Big Brother US2 - Cast Reveal Discussion narbz 3 points ago in BigBrother

    WOW put out a supercut of all the roasts that I watched yesterday, and gagged when I remembered Tamar was there and heard Farrah's read. It was Brutal lmao.

    [–] Celebrity Big Brother US2 - Cast Reveal Discussion narbz 19 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in BigBrother

    Kind of crazy the youngest cast member is 34...
    30s: Ryan, Natalie, Lolo, Johnathan
    40s: Joey, Ricky, Tamar, Tom, Kandi
    50s: Scaramucci, Dina, Kato
    Kind of weird that with a cast of 12 they have 5 women vs 7 men. This season should be fun, and trashier than the last lolol

    [–] Perez Hilton claims: Joey Lawrence confirmed for CBBUS2, and full cast will be released Monday narbz 85 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in BigBrother

    Perez Claims:
    - Sources tell us that Joey Lawrence is “definitely” doing it.
    - The cast goes into sequester this weekend
    - The cast will all be announced on Monday
    - Cast will have a lot of personalities who have previously done Dancing With the Stars

    [–] Gabby Pascuzzi: Survivor Post Game Retrospective | RHAP narbz 47 points ago in survivor

    Love these retrospectives. Now just hoping for a Goliath (Hopefully Angelina!)

    [–] CBBUS2 possible cast spoilers by Evel Dick narbz 60 points ago in BigBrother

    Evel Dick got this cast list from the Twitter account '@ilovefakesugar'
    They have only tweeted once, and it was this cast list.
    'bf got this pic at the cbs offices. if this cast is true then damn im hyped #CBBUS2 #CBB2 #BB20 #BBCeleb #bbccast'
    So, it seems totally unconfirmed, and I would take it with a HEAVY grain of salt.

    [–] Celebrity Big Brother 2 preview (sorry if this has already been posted before) narbz 6 points ago in BigBrother

    Lol, I’m not sure how bad they want her after she backed out of BBUK only hours before launch after flying her out to the set

    [–] AS4E03 - Snatch Game of Love [Live/Reaction Post] narbz 9 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in rupaulsdragrace

    Reddit better be LIVING for the amazing television Gia brings. She doesn’t deserve any hate, if she wasn’t there what would the masses be talking about!? It’d be a snooze fest. Queen of Reality TV

    [–] Previously On, /r/Survivor: No-Judgement Questions narbz 4 points ago in survivor

    It makes for bad TV though. If someone is a huge target (like a Christian, who had many votes) and he tied with a goat, they don’t want to send home the underdog that’s been scraping by each time