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    [–] Colleague bought a bunch of USB Drives. narf865 3 points ago in sysadmin

    When it gets this bad, better to just wipe and reimage

    [–] What does the USA do better than other countries? narf865 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Me too, but it is hard to find one of each that is into it

    [–] Slip n Slide narf865 2 points ago in Dashcam

    I really like Avidemux. It's free and will let you cut videos to length without re-encoding so it is very fast and doesn't lose any video quality

    [–] years of network issues... it was servers (and not DNS!!)! narf865 7 points ago in sysadmin

    Then you bring in network vendor who says it must be server, rinse and repeat until you do it yourself

    [–] Mi band or Apple Watch? narf865 4 points ago in miband

    Mi Band is also incredible battery compared to Apple watch, which is very important to me

    Mi band is 15-40 days battery depending on settings while Apple watch is a 1-4 days

    [–] The mysterious GSM modem (aka manglement is excited about new business plans) narf865 26 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    Don't sweat it, you will become a seasoned vet in no time. I actually LOLed at your "Should I panic?" That is a common saying in our team, but more as a joke and especially used on tiny problems where the customer is freaking out.

    No time at all you will be able to handle much bigger problems with ease

    [–] [USA] [IL] She didn’t see me coming in my Big White Semi narf865 7 points ago in Roadcam

    The camera can see her the whole time meaning she can see it plus the rest of the semi above and behind the camera

    [–] [USA] [IL] She didn’t see me coming in my Big White Semi narf865 20 points ago in Roadcam

    Not her fault, there was a big ass semi in the way, she couldn't see the white sedan coming!

    [–] I mean... It's environment friendly narf865 3 points ago in redneckengineering

    If it's yellow leave it mellow. If it's brown flush it down

    [–] I mean... It's environment friendly narf865 6 points ago in redneckengineering

    Why trashcan? Just use the nice green bucket

    [–] [USA][GA] Driver stops for toddler wandering in the road, chain reaction accident follows narf865 5 points ago in Roadcam

    IDK I could understand white sedan. The tan SUV slowing to turn left and cammer slowing to turn right into drive

    [–] Two alphas meet at the hardware store: old video that makes no sense narf865 14 points ago in videos

    Ya the dude is going a little heavy on the synthol. Arm is all weird looking but not as bad as this guy

    [–] This happens way to often to me. narf865 3 points ago in iiiiiiitttttttttttt

    What were the tickets for? Are we talking 6 password resets and you paid your salary?

    [–] Cheap refill cards narf865 3 points ago in CricketWireless

    Kroegers sometimes has them 15% off and Target pretty regularly has buy 1 get 1 10% off

    [–] Newbie looking for advice on wetsuits! narf865 2 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in diving

    Try some rentals in the water at home if possible or on one of your trips to see the style you like?

    Your PADI dive center should have different kinds of wetsuits to try also during or after your course

    [–] Dealt with a Lying Landlord by Threatening to Run Up Their Bills. narf865 30 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    My dog is the opposite, no care if I am not home, but if I am there full guard dog

    This is fine with me because if someone breaks in, you can have my shit just leave my dog alone