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    [–] Photo Quality. narf865 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    I did this on my LG G2 to fix blurry images

    [–] Why isn’t my A/C working very well? narf865 9 points ago in HVAC

    This kills the unit. It works all season to build a coat to survive the harsh winter

    [–] Is it me or is the S7 camera inferior ? narf865 2 points ago in GalaxyS7

    Yes the S7 camera is inferior to flagship that is a year and a half newer

    [–] Before and after IKEA kitchen reno for $10,000 narf865 3 points ago in HomeImprovement

    Yup take the before and replace the drawer pulls with nickle and paint/wallpaper and maybe countertop would update it a lot and not cost much

    [–] My boss who threatened to fire me (Story) narf865 3 points ago in sysadmin

    Doesn't sound like a break if you can't do what you want during it

    [–] Training a future sniffer on smell recognition narf865 10 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Hollup you sayin there is a black guy in the heroin tube?

    [–] Have you ever successfully stopped a repeat marketing or scam phone call? How did you do it? narf865 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I would like to know how you called me in hell!

    Wait, no, nevermind, this call is exactly what I should expect

    [–] My Sunday a few weeks ago. Spot the girl in the boot at the end ... narf865 1 points ago in Dashcam

    She did say to the police I hit her on the day ... no shit I did!

    This made me laugh probably more than it should.

    Also like she thinks it was a valid defense, sure I broke the law but they hit me!

    [–] “The New American Gothic” by Criselda Vasquez, Oil on canvas, 2017 narf865 1 points ago in Art

    Yes a 4x8 sheet will lay flat with all doors closed. It is actually one of the design requirements Chrysler had since the 90s redesign

    [–] Max volume has become super low recently. Any tips to increase it? narf865 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    I use Simple Audiobook Player to play my audiobooks because it has a volume boost feature built in. Maybe you can find an app to play your audio with boost?

    [–] Legit companies spoofing email addresses... narf865 6 points ago in sysadmin

    Yup it has helped our org a few times when employees received email from "CEO" with giant warning about EXTERNAL EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was enough they questioned it rather than transferring the money because the "CEO" said so

    [–] If you had $20,000 to spend on a car that you had to drive coast-to-coast and back in, what would you choose? narf865 1 points ago in cars

    Worst part about GM vehicles with the 3800 is the rest of the car falls apart around the drivetrain and you don't need to replace the car but you want to

    [–] Should I leave my job? If so, when? Classic case of security vs happiness. narf865 53 points ago in personalfinance

    Don't minimize the added stress of money troubles could cause if you quit the job and can't find something else quickly to fill it.

    Always easier to find a job while you have one

    [–] Must eat rain! narf865 3 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    Most places water is far cheaper than whatever energy you are using to heat it

    [–] She’s looking for squirrels narf865 21 points ago in pitbulls

    Real tired of your shit squirrel

    [–] Dude wishes he never looked narf865 1 points ago in instant_regret

    Oh ya she definitely got some, he was feeling frisky after the win