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    [–] Calorie counting and mild eating disorders? narfnarfnarf77 2 points ago in loseit

    Hey! Thanks so much for posting, I really needed to read this today.

    I'm currently overweight, and need to lose a good 20kg to get back to a healthy weight, but struggle with the mental side of dieting.

    I was bulimic between 9 and 19, and find myself slipping back into bad ways of thinking sometimes. For example, today I deemed my lunch too big, so I've gone to bed without dinner...

    I haven't figured it out yet by any means, but I am finding the slow and steady success of CICO quite comforting, in it's moderate pace, allowance of treats, and fairly logical embrace of cause and effect. But it's still tough some days, and I'm still trying to have a healthy relationship with food.

    My advice would be: Hang on in there, try to think kind thoughts, and try to recognise the cray thoughts for what they are! xx