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    [–] Yabu enjoying life natwat95 36 points ago in bostonceltics

    The black white maba

    [–] The Celtics will play the 76ers in London on January 11th 2018 natwat95 83 points ago in bostonceltics

    As someone from the UK who is absolutely going to come to this game I can safely say the answer is yes we do

    [–] Potential Kyrie trade scenarios for the Knicks, Suns, Celtics natwat95 23 points ago in bostonceltics

    I can't wait till Kyrie is traded to the Knicks or Suns or wherever just so we can get past all this bs

    [–] The King has returned natwat95 23 points ago in Patriots

    Damn that dude looks pliable af

    [–] Batshuayi goal vs FC Bayern (3-2) natwat95 6 points ago in chelseafc

    Shame but still good positioning and fighting for the ball

    [–] Batshuayi goal vs FC Bayern (3-2) natwat95 12 points ago in chelseafc

    Is that an assist by Morata or did it come off the Bayern player?

    [–] [Official] Kurt Zouma new contract and loan natwat95 9 points ago in chelseafc

    Kurt Zouma has signed a new six-year contract and will spend the 2017/18 season on loan at Stoke City.