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    [–] Something Special for Hayward natwat95 21 points ago in bostonceltics

    Sign a petition to get a Gordon Hayward League of Legends playable champion

    [–] I couldn't stop laughing natwat95 222 points ago in bostonceltics

    It’s like he ran into all of Australia

    [–] NEXT DAY THREAD: Boston Celtics 99, Cleveland Cavaliers 102 natwat95 177 points ago in bostonceltics

    Jayson grew up very very quickly over the course of that game

    [–] POST GAME THREAD: Boston Celtics 99, Cleveland Cavaliers 102 natwat95 1 points ago in bostonceltics

    It's 3:40 AM here right now.. how the fuck am I going to fall asleep

    [–] I know this isn't the time, but where do I buy tickets for the London game tomorrow? natwat95 2 points ago in bostonceltics

    I never received an email but a mate did which had a link to a presale lobby for tomorrow morning. Not sure why everyone didn’t get an email though...

    [–] Chelsea 'very close' to signing Drinkwater natwat95 3 points ago in chelseafc

    Also cheaper than the £40 mil originally reported so happy days