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    [–] A lady from hell ndjs22 1 points ago in TalesFromThePharmacy

    We call those people zombies. They always come back.

    [–] Top before and bottom after headlight restoration ndjs22 1 points ago in 4Runner

    I did the same thing, same kit and everything. Unfortunately went back to foggy in a few months. Hopefully you have better luck!

    [–] [POST-FIGHT THREAD] Vasyily Lomachenko vs Jose Pedraza ndjs22 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Boxing

    I mean over half of the 11th was either him getting pummeled, on the mat, or Harvey Dock making sure he was fit enough to continue. I'm gonna go with heart.

    [–] At Vanderbilt, a nurse's error killed a patient and threw Medicare into jeopardy ndjs22 1 points ago in nashville

    That's fair, I suppose I could have been more clear.

    Mistakes like the initial selection of the incorrect drug happen all the time.

    This is a whole string of fuck ups that happened after that initial one. I've actually worked at VUMC and this nurse is entirely at fault in this case. She had to manually override the incorrect selection. She was probably in a hurry and was definitely apathetic. This particular mistake didn't go through a pharmacist, who I'm certain would have caught it.

    I love nurses, in fact I married one. I couldn't do what they do. But that job isn't for everybody, and people shouldn't die for their mistakes.

    [–] Tennessee fans do not mess around ndjs22 9 points ago in secfootball

    Hilariously bad luck that I'm having a hard time believing. 10 v 4 because you asked somebody to sit down?

    [–] A Day In The Life Of A Retail Pharmacy ndjs22 2 points ago in TalesFromThePharmacy

    I correct my patients 100% of the time when they say "but today is two days early, it's due today!"

    No. No it is not. It is due in two days. I may let you have it one or two days before it is actually due and before you should actually be out of medication.

    [–] Tennessee fans do not mess around ndjs22 12 points ago in secfootball

    You were probably being a dickhead.

    I was at the same game in LSU swag and had a blast with zero issues.

    [–] What are the best life hacks for poor people? ndjs22 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I put half of every single paycheck into a savings account and still thoroughly enjoy my life. I do a lot of things to excess, but I've managed to reach a comfortable point where I have gotten used to living on half of what I take home. Moderation I guess.

    [–] What are the best life hacks for poor people? ndjs22 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I don't spend every dollar I make because I want to be able to live and enjoy life if I'm lucky enough to retire.

    [–] 20,000 worth of $2 bills in HSV #local2hsv ndjs22 1 points ago in HuntsvilleAlabama

    $2 bills get deposited back to the bank, we never actually see them in the wild.

    [–] 2 Ross Bridge security guards hurt during Hoover mall shooting protests; criminal charges possible ndjs22 3 points ago in Birmingham

    If they do this wrong, that's where the risk of dragging this out comes in. They have to do this right, and that means all the people screaming for immediate results are just going to have to wait.

    [–] 2 Ross Bridge security guards hurt during Hoover mall shooting protests; criminal charges possible ndjs22 9 points ago in Birmingham

    Do you understand the concept of an investigation?

    Jumping to conclusions without evidence could make this substantially more difficult for Hoover, and they've already fucked this up just about every way possible.

    [–] [UPDATE] - Lawyers for E.J. Bradford’s family viewed mall shooting video ndjs22 14 points ago in Birmingham

    He was not a veteran. Continuing to spout inaccuracies will only dilute everything else you say. Also, do you have a source for him being unarmed?

    [–] Bulldog with the NHL insight. ndjs22 5 points ago in Frasier

    I hate the expansion draft.

    -A Preds Fan

    [–] Deontay Wilder will be on the Joe Rogan Experience on December 10th ndjs22 6 points ago in Boxing

    Wilder's daughter has spina bifida and Charlie Z said something about kidnapping her and duct taping her mouth shut and that was when Wilder found him.

    I also hope Rogan doesn't mention Charlie Z at all because he legitimately needs help and doesn't need to be kept in the spotlight.

    [–] Alabama mall-shooting victim killed by police was struck from behind, independent autopsy shows ndjs22 22 points ago in news

    There was another gun they later found in the Santa's workshop place or whatever it was, the place where kids hang out to see Santa.