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    [–] Breakthrough Starshot IS NOT a laser beacon for sending messages into space. It’s a propulsion system for micro space craft to be sent to our nearest star neighbor. newtoon 59 points ago in space

    Starshot plans to use a swarm of these micro craft in the hopes that at least one will make it there. This is the same reason bugs have so many offspring because evolution knows only 1% will live long enough to reproduce.

    This is very interesting stuff. A whole other paradigm : send a swarm and rely on probabilities. The concept in itself is enthralling. And to explore outside our solar system is the next big step for humankind.

    [–] Scientists may have solved one of the biggest questions in modern physics, with a new paper unifying dark matter and dark energy into a single phenomenon: a fluid which possesses 'negative mass". This astonishing new theory may also prove right a prediction that Einstein made 100 years ago. newtoon 2 points ago in space

    it's more than that

    "Historically, the uncertainty principle has been confused[5][6] with a somewhat similar effect in physics, called the observer effect, which notes that measurements of certain systems cannot be made without affecting the systems, that is, without changing something in a system. Heisenberg utilized such an observer effect at the quantum level (see below) as a physical "explanation" of quantum uncertainty.[7] It has since become clearer, however, that the uncertainty principle is inherent in the properties of all wave-like systems,[8] and that it arises in quantum mechanics simply due to the matter wave nature of all quantum objects. Thus, the uncertainty principle actually states a fundamental property of quantum systems and is not a statement about the observational success of current technology.[9] It must be emphasized that measurement does not mean only a process in which a physicist-observer takes part, but rather any interaction between classical and quantum objects regardless of any observer." Wikipedia

    [–] Eachine Trashcan 2S 75mm brushless whoop newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    Christmas is coming, I know but try to resist preordering. We know have Youtube reviews. Wait for them. The 2S whoop is blooming. The most urgent thing to do is to wait (a bit).

    [–] Is nocopter a thing? Engineers fly first-ever plane with no moving parts. newtoon 1 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in Multicopter

    This tech has been very popular for the science aficionados, especially from the early internet.

    Just type "lifter" on youtube and enjoy The researchers had fun to use it on an airplane for a few seconds but they do bring NOTHING to the tech on itself which is completely still unusable for a practical thing because of the energy used for so little benefit. But, hey, "Ion Drive" is such a cool name for the media attention.

    [–] Just a race of Podracers newtoon 1 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in Multicopter

    OMG, thanks ! I looked and found the link between what you say and the podracers +

    These have been 5 YEARS I wanted to build such a rad thing ! More complex to pilot, but no more camera angle and props that are used solely for forward propulsion. I just don't have a tx for that yet (old Dx6i) right now

    [–] Just a race of Podracers newtoon 5 points ago in Multicopter

    Exactly, that's the feat that makes me drool, because I could make a build of interesting stuff with that trick !

    [–] Just a race of Podracers newtoon 2 points ago in Multicopter

    how to program things like that ?

    At the end of the video, they set the podracers at 45 degrees. How can I do that with betaflight and RX. Dunno and very interested.

    [–] Just a race of Podracers newtoon 5 points ago in Multicopter

    Yeah, in a way. I think that they also have motors in the pods.

    [–] I have a Mobula 7 but still prefer this old beater for outside. Similar power, much more durable. newtoon 2 points ago in Multicopter

    I also don't see the point of mobula 7 for the outside compared to these kinds of builds. Props are now very durable (many of them bend and you just have to rebend them). My 1S (3 inch props) fly as fast as the Mobula and there are now bad effects of ducts. So, I would prefer the emax mini hawk for small spaces (like child parks, when they are not there of course).

    [–] Now that looks fun, Dubai Police...^^ newtoon 3 points ago in Multicopter

    Who needs legs when one can fly ! (Dubai proverb)

    [–] Neato newtoon 1 points ago in gaming

    Nobody thought of putting this link ?

    [–] "Yes, it does come in black, Mr. Wayne" newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    Just made a video of it.

    Sorry for the rubber bands. Will find another way of fixing the vacuum formed canopy.

    [–] "Yes, it does come in black, Mr. Wayne" newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    dal cyclones 2" props

    OK ! I will. Thanks for the tip

    [–] "Yes, it does come in black, Mr. Wayne" newtoon 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Multicopter

    Thanks. I wanted to do that a long time ago but I'm on several projects at the same time. The idea came back to me when I saw a Thingiverse creation but that used only 3D printing and therefore too heavy. I went from scratch. This one flies with good performance (correct punchouts) thanks to a thermoformed canopy (fins in Depron). I'm at 120 gr here with 450 mah battery. No FPV stuff of course. It's for LOS only. 2 inch props / 1104 7500kV.

    Underside in strong special PLA (at least as solid as ABS)

    I'm just looking forward to fog and a full moon now...

    [–] What misconception about history bothers you the most? newtoon 5 points ago in history

    This was the whole point of Hitler's view : Germany going to war ASAP and expand fast, before it was too late facing America's economy and communists rising power. (source :

    [–] TIL Charles Darwin's grandad, Erasmus Darwin, conceived a rocket engine in 1779. It used oxygen and hydrogen for fuel, the same fuels NASA's rockets use today, 200+ years later. newtoon 4 points ago in todayilearned

    Actually, the subject is especially touchy with all the bigots who would say "AH AH ! Darwin was wrong, then !".

    It's just that neither Darwin nor Lamarck could have guessed about DNA and epigenetics stuff. So, we refer to them, but they just, with their own means, gave some insight about what could be going on. We are way beyond that now, with all the technology we use. Why always refer to them anyway ?

    Regarding the starved descendants, it seems that the effect is not going very far (in time).

    More here