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    [–] Has the community shrunk or gone elsewhere? newtoon 6 points ago in Multicopter

    I agree. Even on Rcgroups, there is a change. There was a time (2013-2014), where "experiments" were on the top list. Now chinese quads, helped with youtube reviewers, are overwhelming almost everything. The advantage is that electronics made great progress.

    [–] Direct Coupling of the Higgs Boson to the Top Quark Observed newtoon 9 points ago in science

    True. Actually, even "fields" as "ocean" are a model of something (reality) which is, in true essence, different. The issue is that we have no way of making analogies with our "real" world, i.e our day to day experience since we are born. That's why QM can't be graped except in the abstract.

    [–] Two different parenting styles newtoon -1 points ago in calvinandhobbes

    Please, could you rephrase that advice while considering 2nd law ?

    [–] slo mo takeoff newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    I did not even know it existed, actually...

    [–] You know when a technology becomes popular when there's a "nice" movie about it newtoon 3 points ago in Multicopter

    This is not so weird if you consider that kids are more afraid of "monsters under the bed" than by pictures of nuclear bombs on TV...

    [–] Relative velocities newtoon 3 points ago in interestingasfuck


    He already has a wife with infinite mass, why not a car ?

    [–] Most incredible thing I've seen yet. Orbiting a person walking through trees... newtoon 2 points ago in Multicopter

    What is odd about noise is that I used 6 blades on a 1900 kV quad and this is the best noise you can dream of. Insight here

    [–] Giant Squid makes an appearance in Tokyo Bay newtoon 6 points ago in TheDepthsBelow

    Sorry, it's not "given". If you read biology books, you will soon discover that if one can imagine the odds of having another Life (i.e. bacteria alike) elsewhere, complex cells represent such an incredible step from it, such a random hard feat, that one can express doubts to even encounter an "ET animal" one day. And effectively, between simple life came up and the emergence of complex life, there were 2 billion years !

    Then, add 2 more billion years for intelligence. Such a span !

    [–] What was ruined because too many people started doing it? newtoon 13 points ago in AskReddit

    You complain and are a drone flyer like I am. Yet, it was obvious since 2012 that all the stupid things that people do with drones would sooner or later make problems with a community who never dared to even fly in national parks : Rc hobbyists.

    And those begin to see a lot of restrictions coming down to them. And they did nothing to deserve that : playing with their toys in well defined areas and even avoiding flying during the hunting season. Now, they have a lot of paperwork and shit to do to carry on flying. Still whining ?

    [–] Turn and yaw at the same time, name? newtoon 2 points ago in Multicopter

    Very useful trick when one want to turn around an object while pointing continuously at it (like your body when in FPV)

    [–] What is the coolest scientific fact you know of? newtoon -8 points ago in AskReddit

    This fact was col before you realize that humans invented overfishing...

    [–] Demonstration of LED Nunchuck Skills newtoon 5 points ago in UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG

    You can practice for combat : there are clubs and books about it (practised alone 25 years ago for 10 years) but then, you don't do those stupid "Bruce Lee" show off moves. You just arm the weapon under your arm (for instance) and send a direct hit while extending at maximum your torso so that range is optimal, especially if opponent has a knife. Then, you get back the stick under your arm and you can change leading arm in the process to hit from the left.

    [–] Til that if you pay so low for shipment of small packages from China is because it is in an old treaty considered as poor as Gabon... newtoon -1 points ago in Multicopter

    Yeah, I was wondering the exact cause of those such low shipping prices. I closed my ecommerce business a few years ago (I was bored) and it was in a way comforting to know it was not possible to be competitive against this phenomenon anyway. Trump first effort should rationnally to kill this treaty : China now has 25 % ecommerce share !

    [–] I got this bad boy together and now I can't get it to fly. (Weight problem) newtoon 2 points ago in Multicopter

    OK, so 12500Kv with 1535 props are nonsense in 1S. Just put your hand under the quad : there's no real air pushed down !

    You have to go 16000 KV or, better, have far bigger props (like 2.3 inches !). So, just find another bigger light frame (see armattan production for instance), extend wires and it will be a good quad.

    [–] Which movie hero was actually the villain? newtoon 3 points ago in AskReddit

    The ending made me sooo much think about one main character of Asimov Foundation.

    [–] TIL that Three physicists flew around the world twice in 1971 with synced atomic clocks to test out the time dilation theory. Upon meeting up, they found that all 3 of the clocks disagreed with each other. newtoon 1 points ago in todayilearned

    That's how science works. Science is more about doubts than truths. But even a lot of scientists forget about it. Einstein was Einstein because he dared to say that something seemed wrong about classic theories. His teacher at university did not want to appoint him a position just for that questioning and even his father making a touching letter to try to change this fate. Then, Einstein had issues to make ends meet. A friend gave him a nice but low prestige work as a patent clerk. He had then a little money and free time at the library. The rest is history.

    [–] ELI5: If light moves at a constant speed, does it never need to speed up? How can it be instantly at 300,000km/s? newtoon 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in explainlikeimfive

    you should now definitively read Poincaré (who discovered almost everyting about special relativity, but Einstein did explain it better). One of his striking remarks is about Force concept definition (not the Star Wars one). He says that Force is best defined by F=ma . And acceleration ? with a=F/m... Modeling you said ?