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    [–] I got this bad boy together and now I can't get it to fly. (Weight problem) newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    OK, so 12500Kv with 1535 props are nonsense in 1S. Just put your hand under the quad : there's no real air pushed down !

    You have to go 16000 KV or, better, have far bigger props (like 2.3 inches !). So, just find another bigger light frame (see armattan production for instance), extend wires and it will be a good quad.

    [–] Which movie hero was actually the villain? newtoon 3 points ago in AskReddit

    The ending made me sooo much think about one main character of Asimov Foundation.

    [–] TIL that Three physicists flew around the world twice in 1971 with synced atomic clocks to test out the time dilation theory. Upon meeting up, they found that all 3 of the clocks disagreed with each other. newtoon 1 points ago in todayilearned

    That's how science works. Science is more about doubts than truths. But even a lot of scientists forget about it. Einstein was Einstein because he dared to say that something seemed wrong about classic theories. His teacher at university did not want to appoint him a position just for that questioning and even his father making a touching letter to try to change this fate. Then, Einstein had issues to make ends meet. A friend gave him a nice but low prestige work as a patent clerk. He had then a little money and free time at the library. The rest is history.

    [–] ELI5: If light moves at a constant speed, does it never need to speed up? How can it be instantly at 300,000km/s? newtoon 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in explainlikeimfive

    you should now definitively read Poincaré (who discovered almost everyting about special relativity, but Einstein did explain it better). One of his striking remarks is about Force concept definition (not the Star Wars one). He says that Force is best defined by F=ma . And acceleration ? with a=F/m... Modeling you said ?

    [–] TIL modern cruise control was developed by an engineer frustrated by his lawyer who kept speeding up and slowing down the car as he talked newtoon 1 points ago in todayilearned

    This is right : one may not know that engines are more efficient when you are at around 70 % throttle and at the highest gear possible (so in manual mode, when you shift gear rapidly). I often use "pulse and glide" (when I'm alone...) at around 70-100 km/h and even in cities when nobody is behind me

    [–] [OC] Real-life mileage comparison between hybrid and petrol car newtoon 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    I noticed that poor differential too but already read that in litterature (influence of other parameters). Yet, I guess if you drive hundreds of km at 100 km/h, you should consume less in very cold weather than in a hot summer.

    [–] The Craziest 1s Brushless Drone! TinyWhoop Killer? newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    I'm shocked to see such a huge velcro stuff. Rubber band instead ? Do these motors have issues ? Why not your 1102s ?

    [–] Best cheap DSMX serial receiver? I’m tired of paying $25 an RX... newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    I use the dasmikro ones and no issue for 100 m range (why go further with a micro quad). Nedd fine soldering tip and that's all

    [–] 2018 is going to be the year when, for the first time, we'll observe a black hole. newtoon -19 points ago in space

    This is no proof

    "Analysis of the signal along with the inferred redshift SUGGESTED that it was produced by the merger of two black holes " (Wikipedia)

    • "The signal matches the predictions of general relativity for those of an inspiral and merger of two black holes with masses of 36 and 29 solar masses, respectively." (Max Planck Institute)

    [–] A GOOLRC PRO G90 can take many shapes newtoon 2 points ago in Multicopter

    Yes. Printers have issues making small holes or cylinders. Simple PLA is shitty for frames (break far too fast) anyway.

    [–] A GOOLRC PRO G90 can take many shapes newtoon 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Multicopter

    Above is a strong PLA (3D870) that is rigid enough. Petg was too flexible for this design (Flew badly)

    Below (+ config) is PetG. Good for this design. No Flex. Both frames are under 20 gr (foam is a nice trick !).

    I disliked the 2 inches initial frame : too loud (screaming at full speed). 2.5 is perfect

    [–] Plaidoyer du PDG d'Orange contre la neutralité du net: "Il faut nous laisser faire". newtoon 2 points ago in france

    Pour l'instant, en France, il y a effectivement Free. C'est eux qui ont fait sauter des verrous, internet et mobiles aussi (mobile inclus dans forfait internet, déjà hyper bon marché et avec haut débit) ! J'imagine mal son PDG revenir en arrière sur la philosophie globale.

    [–] What is causing this imbalance? Are these motors just that unbalanced? newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    Yeah, that surprised me the first time too caus' I was used to old quads on openpilot and there is no such behaviour

    [–] Got arms? :) newtoon 2 points ago in Multicopter

    Nice but what size and where are you supposed to put escs please ?

    [–] Batman Ninja - Trailer newtoon 1 points ago in movies

    would have added sharks and a tornado to be sure none has done it

    [–] What a time to be alive! newtoon 8 points ago in gaming

    I still have a 1984 article (around) from Nicholas Negroponte . He was writing we all will have a computer phone TV in our pocket after 2000.

    But true that none of those futurologists could imagine that even beggars would have them.

    [–] RC car with Wifi / Bluetooth / Radio newtoon 2 points ago in arduino

    Thanks a lot, A LOT, Brian. This is very similar to my project. I have to listen to you all the way now. Perhaps in a few days.