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    [–] Anyone have the file? newtoon 4 points ago in 3Dprinting

    I just printed this one. Caus' far easier. Works good.

    [–] Nineteen species of mammals live longer than humans, given their body size, of which 18 are bats. A new study takes a careful look at bat aging and finds, at a time when most species are shutting down genes that help keep cells and tissues healthy, bats are cranking them up. newtoon 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in science

    The seemingly paradox here is that bats, being the only mammal that flies, SHOULD AGE FASTER than ANY other mammal of that size since flying increases dramatically oxygen consumption (and oxygen ... is oxydative for cells).

    This is why the "free radical theory" seems not so valid after all. According to it, bats should live 10 x less than what we observe !

    The best explanation to it so far is that bats, like birds, have far more "powerhouses of the cells" (you know the name) per cell than you. AND they manage the aging of theses cell powerhouses pretty well (by "killing" them before they become defective, which humans don't do so well).

    According to Nick Lane, free radicals should better be considered as a "internal signal" than a real cause of aging of cells.


    • NICK LANE books (highly recommended)

    [–] TIL that we had Sigourney Weaver and not Julia Roberts in Ghostbusters because the "serious" actress of Alien howled on all fours during the audition newtoon 9 points ago in todayilearned

    If you google a little :

    "I remember Sigourney coming in to audition, so elegant and tall, an extraordinarily smart woman, and she said: ‘You know, I think when Dana Barrett is possessed she should turn into a dog herself.’ She then got on all fours and started howling like a dog on my coffee table, and I was just fascinated. It was so goofy and funny and I remember calling up Harold literally as she left my office and saying, ‘I had this actress Sigourney Weaver coming in about Dana Barrett, and she said something about Dana becoming a dog, and I think that’s a good idea, we should look at it.’ We were already struggling with the whole key-master/gatekeeper thing, and we didn’t know what to do with it, and it was all worth it for the line: “My girlfriend’s a dog.” "

    [–] Respire fort en Boiron newtoon 1 points ago in france

    Je pense aussi que la croissance démographique y est pour quelque chose : il faut bien que tout le monde bouffe, et donc il faut de la "croissance" (donc plus de produits et services en tout genre, et cela passe par la case "intox" ("vent").

    [–] The Eyes of Lauren Bacall, The Greatest “Resting Bit*h Face” of All Time IMO, 1946. newtoon 21 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    In her biography, she says that this look was "invented" because she was young and had a "shyness" issue and therefore looked from under and not directly. The director of the movie then liked this look very much and told her to never change that in her career. A star was born.

    [–] François Ruffin veut interdire l'avion sur les courts trajets en France newtoon 15 points ago in france

    La vraie raison plus logique, c'est que si le train allait à sa vitesse max et faisait 1H45, et bien, en cas de retard, la SNCF ne pourrait pas le compenser et les usagers franchouillards râleraient en bandes de veaux pleurnichards qu'ils sont et diraient au repas du soir "C'est un comble, on a mis 2H pour faire Paris-Bordeaux, vous vous rendez compte !!! "

    [–] Mechanical pong newtoon 2 points ago in gaming

    This is already a thing in Maker Fair :

    [–] France projection: Marine Le Pen's RN largest party newtoon 1 points ago in europe

    I completely agree with that (except on Nuclear, here Science says nothing for sure, i.e. carry on or stop) and only debate can lead somewhere). I also disagree with some of the greens position, but who agrees on everything with a party or even a friend !

    The fact is pushing Greens is the only option to make things move on the environment and fight against industrial lobbies that permeate the European Comission. And, again, Science is behind them on their first fight (Climate) anyway.

    [–] France projection: Marine Le Pen's RN largest party newtoon -2 points ago in europe

    "anti science" ?

    They shout "FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE FIRST" and that's why 99% of scientists would say too !

    [–] The Flying STAR robot, a hybrid flying crawling quadcopter robot newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    It's funny but not very practical. It only can roll on urban surfaces and when it flies, we all know it's for 10-15 minutes max (less with a payload). I don't see what one can really do with it. Pure students project stuff.

    Besides, chinese toys of car-quadcopters have been existing for a while...

    [–] Crazybee boards ARE in stock, along with Hyperlite toothpick motors, at Heli Nation. newtoon 1 points ago in Multicopter

    I have two very early versions of all in one 1S board from Happymodel. One has been working very good so far in 1S. The other, I don't know why (1S too), failed. Perhaps my fault.

    Anyway, I "saved" yesterday the defective board by soldering a 3.7V to 5V regulator to a USB plug. It works but it adds weight and cables. Not sure it's worthy but I was happy to see it can work.

    [–] Is there a limit to how much fun you can have with servos, motors, and a stack of lithium batteries? newtoon 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Multicopter

    Well, I just stuck a camera and velcro on the top and it works wonderfully in FPV. (real video is better : this recording is sh***)

    If my wing flies good with 5-10mph wind but it oscillates a bit too much for screen viewing in my park. I then fly LOS and it's funny to see the FC board struggling to keep it in the air. What is wonderful about my wing is it's silent ! (perfect motor + 3 inch quad prop).

    For wind +FPV , I rather use this delta :

    But its weight is in the 180gr range and a bit too "big" and noisy for my local city park where people go with their dogs. Police would come. I fly the delta in another place, a wide desert field.

    [–] Is there a limit to how much fun you can have with servos, motors, and a stack of lithium batteries? newtoon 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Multicopter

    Actually, I began with quads but went to build small wings. You need a very small and light wing (I have 50 cm and 80gr AUW with FPV and CC3D stabilization) for small parks, but you can achieve that. The only drawback compared to quads is sensitivity to wind (I don't fly fpv with lots of wind except in large areas).

    [–] Zooming to the black hole newtoon 1 points ago in space

    So, you then agree with me. Even if multicellular life exist elsewhere (which I doubt very much further to my reading of Nick lane books), anyway, in the spacetime frame of our existence, we are far more probably alone. Finding life (aka cells like) elsewhere will be cool, but also very frustrating.

    [–] Zooming to the black hole newtoon 0 points ago in space

    Life is not complex life nor intelligent life. And there is only ONE recorded instance of eukaryote type of cell on Earth right now. not any other ancient and extinct complex cell that left any noticable mark.

    The mitochondria symbiotic stuff is an extremely incredible event that worked only once. (source : Nick Lane)

    So, statistically speaking, odds are that we are alone. Or you like shaking hands with microbs...

    Besides, if you go past that and any intelligent life occured, it could be a very long time ago or in a distant future (where the odds are against us to meet since odds are that we will be extinct too).

    [–] Did you hear something far away ? newtoon 4 points ago in 3Dprinting

    Thanks ! I just have a small apartment and can't afford a long corridor mock-up...