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    [–] What sequel to a film do you feel is better than the original? nickbrown101 4 points ago in AskReddit

    But the T1000 IS smarter, stronger, and more agile than the T800. I'd argue that the shapeshifting makes it more threatening because it means it could be absolutely anyone and you would never know until it was trying to murder you.

    [–] It’s true tho nickbrown101 1 points ago in CloneHero

    I use the PS2 Kramer. Lots of people seem to have issues with it, but it works absolutely fine for me.

    [–] Voldemort's defeat by a drooling infant should have some negative effect on his reputation and Britain's reputation as a whole. nickbrown101 6 points ago in HPfanfiction

    I always just imagined that Fiendfyre is a sentient fire that you can conjure if you know the spell, and then if you're powerful enough you can bend it to your will.

    [–] Voldemort's defeat by a drooling infant should have some negative effect on his reputation and Britain's reputation as a whole. nickbrown101 10 points ago in HPfanfiction

    Deathly Hallows, page 507:

    A roaring, billowing noise behind him gave him a moment's warning. He turned and saw both Ron and Crabbe running as hard as they could up the aisle towards them.

    "Like it hot, scum?" roared Crabbe as he ran.

    But he seemed to have no control over what he had done. Flames of abnormal size were pursuing them, licking up the sides of the junk bulwarks, which were crumbling to soot at their touch.

    [–] Borderlands 3 Cover Shift Code for 5 Golden Keys and Maya Community Day Skin nickbrown101 3 points ago in Borderlands

    I redeem all of my codes inside BL2 itself and I did about 30 or so in one go the other day so I don't think you're limited in-game.

    [–] I have yet to do this but I think it be a grat deal of fun nickbrown101 1 points ago in dndmemes

    I've tried this one time, and it may have just been the DM's way of running it but it wasn't very fun. I just prefer to be in control of who my character is.

    [–] 53% vs 94% - Surprise!! nickbrown101 18 points ago in The_Donald

    Bland acting and low effort are two perfectly valid complaints about any movie though. Granted, I haven't seen this movie, but it applies to any movie that has either of those two qualities.

    [–] Letho be like.. nickbrown101 2 points ago in witcher

    There have always been memes on this sub.

    [–] You can’t lie, this is something he would do nickbrown101 22 points ago in reddeadredemption

    That's just you though, it may not represent what canonical Arthur would do.

    [–] He said stop playing games 😂😂😂 nickbrown101 11 points ago in harrypotter

    Yep, it's five films now instead of three. Not sure how I feel about that.

    [–] Attorney General: NZ will ban semi-automatic weapons nickbrown101 3 points ago in newzealand

    The people he was around probably should have taken a closer look if they think a nice guy with no background issues would do something as fucked up as what he did.

    [–] Trump Just Echoed the New Zealand Shooter's Language About an 'Invasion' Hours After the Attack nickbrown101 13 points ago in politics

    The shooter saw Trump as a good figurehead for white supremacy, but also stated that he disagreed with most of his policies.

    [–] Guys this is so epic nickbrown101 4 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    6 times. YouTube Spotlight took it twice.

    [–] Happy International Women's Day nickbrown101 2 points ago in lotrmemes

    My problem is that Snoke had so much potential, but they just went and offed him without even giving us any background as to who he is and where he came from. It just feels like his whole presence in either movie doesn't really amount to anything. At least Palpatine in the OT got some sort of show of power, but Snoke gets nothing.

    [–] Does Micah deserve some sympathy? nickbrown101 3 points ago in reddeadredemption

    I was always confused why they didn't send someone who the police didn't necessarily know were involved with the gang, like Sadie or Pearson or Swanson or Trelawny.

    [–] Why am I not surprised by this? nickbrown101 24 points ago in reddeadredemption

    The problem with that is that because he only knows the business side of things, he'll be trying to make games that make him money as opposed to games that people enjoy playing.

    [–] It really do be like that nickbrown101 16 points ago in greenday

    My sins in hell