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    [–] The Gang. (Original Artist Unknown) nickbrown101 24 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Kieran has no artwork, so he would have to be drawn from scratch.

    [–] me irl nickbrown101 1 points ago in meirl

    So you're the fucker that started this all

    [–] A little off topic, but maybe the greatest meme ever. nickbrown101 6 points ago in GTA

    References, no, but Big Smoke's order specifically IS a meme.

    [–] Used word replacer to change every mention of Red Dead Redemption to my preferred title nickbrown101 2 points ago in reddeadredemption

    There's a Chrome extension called Game of Spoilers, it's designed to be used with Game of Thrones discussion but it has a feature where you can add a custom list of terms or phrases to block.

    [–] (In English) Red Dead Redemption 2 back Cover nickbrown101 2 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Yeah, I think it fits well as a more optimistic opposite to RDR1's tagline, since it's the beginning of the Old West's decline instead of the end of it.

    [–] That... Or would you like to have a game of Gwent? nickbrown101 14 points ago in gaming

    She offered to fix his memory multiple times through the first and second games, but he declined up until the end of W2 because he thought he wasn't ready yet.

    [–] You’re trash, CinemaSins nickbrown101 -1 points ago in raimimemes

    Every time I see this argument it's always just "one criticism out of everything in the EWW matches up with one criticism from the real review so that must make the EWW a real review", completely disregarding the rest of the content in the EWW. Sins videos are supposed to be about poking fun at movies, and you can still be poking fun while also using a valid complaint. That doesn't stop it from being a comedy video rather than a proper review even if the comedy isn't always funny.

    [–] is Ciri the best choice for The Witcher 4? nickbrown101 17 points ago in witcher

    I think Ciri "renounces" her magical powers in Time of Contempt. At least, that's what I got from it.

    [–] Which edition of the game have you picked up? nickbrown101 6 points ago in reddeadredemption

    I don't have the money yet but I plan on getting the physical Special edition, mostly for the extra content and the map. If I were at all interested in multiplayer I would get Ultimate, but right now the only appealing thing about it to me is the steelbook.

    [–] How to kill a series before it's even cast. nickbrown101 10 points ago in witcher

    Lauren S. Hissrich, the lead showrunner

    [–] me irl nickbrown101 29 points ago in meirl

    '"Everyone dies one day. Everyone. Even wolves. But not books. Not words. Words don't die" - My son' - Rebecca

    • Michael Scott

    [–] The best Starks nickbrown101 5 points ago in freefolk

    Any of the Greyjoys except my man Vicky G

    [–] me irl nickbrown101 5 points ago in me_irl

    And you're feeling kind of brave