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    [–] Any way to reset an account on iOS? nicktheone 1 points ago in FFRecordKeeper

    Unfortunately even with iCloud deactivated and Facebook never linked the game still manages to start as my previous save from a fresh download. You think I need to create a whole dummy iCloud account?

    [–] What kind of rope is best/safest for play and where can I get it [UK]? nicktheone 5 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    As to where to get it I can’t help but I remember an Etsy store that should sell internationally being praised enough here.

    When it comes to material the most common types are natural fibers: cotton, hemp, jute and silk. Silk tends to be relegated to exotic kind of ropes with cotton used mainly by beginners for its ease of use not needing to be conditioned or treated particularly. Hemp and jute are what more experienced people use, because of the possibility to condition and modify the rope’s feeling as wanted and because they tend to grip much more, making ropework easier. On top of that cotton is recommended only with floor work because it poses a greater risk of breaking when used in suspensions.

    [–] The top three things in Final Fantasy XIV that really get under my skin. nicktheone 5 points ago * (lasted edited 17 hours ago) in ffxiv

    People that undercut by 1gil on market board

    That's kind of normal to be honest. Much worse when, as you said, people drop the prices of something to one tenth of how much it was before just because. I'd really like to have a conversation with these people to understand what's happening in their minds when they do it:

    "Ah! I see someone's already put on the market board this fast-selling, ever-needed material. My only chance to sell it this picosecond is to undercut the lower price by a good 30%, that'll show them how pros marketboard. Mmm, what? Someone already undercut me by 1 gil? Unacceptable, I'll lower the prices further so they'll understand I'm not one to be jerked around."

    Proceeds to destroy the market dropping the price to a fraction of what is was the day before.

    [–] What is your "must have" macros you've set up? nicktheone 1 points ago in ffxiv

    Well to be honest even if you can exclude Protect from your cross-class spells I don't really see the point. You always want to have Swiftcast, Lucid Dreaming, Esuna, Largesse and with the fifth spot now free what can you get, Rescue? More useful for trolling than anything else. Cleric Stance or Eye for an Eye? Unless you're at the point where that situational 5% more DPS is fundamental (in that case you're probably in Savage so the point is moot) we go back to the beginning where Protect remains the better choice when you take in consideration risks vs benefits.

    I wouldn't even dream of doing any 8 man actual content without Protect because I always find myself needing to recast it several times per try - especially in Rabanastre - and rarely my co-healer does before me; they almost all act like it can't be cast during a fight or they don't know dying removes the buff.

    [–] The top three things in Final Fantasy XIV that really get under my skin. nicktheone 3 points ago in ffxiv

    While I agree we as humans collectively tend to remember and notice more bad events than right, good events sometimes it really feels off.

    I only recently started gathering and the other day I was working on my daily turn in and being under-geared I was struggling to get 10 HQ items but when I finally did I noticed the numbers: HQ rate was 11% (without counting the eventual HQ node and gathering buffs) and at 10 HQ I had more than 300 NQ items.

    [–] Fibra Tiscali: router in comodato IMPONE i suoi DNS nonostante io abbia ocnfigurato i miei in Windows...perché? nicktheone 1 points ago in ItalyInformatica

    Sfortunatamente non credo. Del resto scusa se te lo cheido ma se questo cambio di DNS come mi sembra di intuire serve solo al fine di pratiche piratesche allora perché semplicemente non usi una VPN per quei momenti?

    [–] What is your "must have" macros you've set up? nicktheone 2 points ago in ffxiv

    Doesn't make sense. What if the other healer does that too?

    [–] Fibra Tiscali: router in comodato IMPONE i suoi DNS nonostante io abbia ocnfigurato i miei in Windows...perché? nicktheone 3 points ago in ItalyInformatica

    Devo dire che è la prima volta che sento una cosa del genere. Ho sempre pensato che il resolver DNS di Windows avesse per ovvi motivi la priorità e venisse sempre prima di quello del gateway. Hai provato con altri servizi DNS? L’impostazione la fai attraverso Windows o tramite il loro programma?

    [–] Getting really tired of being scrolled back up to the top (or up several dozen posts) of the feed if I accidentally turn my screen on it’s side. nicktheone 34 points ago in apolloapp

    Two whole different things. Considering the bug it’s probable with such an option almost every one would activate it while leaving rotation lock always on impedes the normal use of many that often want their apps to rotate.

    [–] This person's parents failed. nicktheone 2 points ago in iphone

    What’s the deal with a woman working while being pregnant? The real problems are the working conditions and wage.

    [–] Older doms turn vanilla after the first time, starting to get frustrated nicktheone 1 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    I’m going to sound harsh but if it keeps happening are you sure it’s not on you? I mean, maybe being expert and experienced they want an experienced sub too and you’re not what they want.

    If they fallback to vanilla mode why don’t you take the initiative and start/set up a scene? With my girlfriend for example, while we’re both switches so some things may be different for us, we never wait for the one being dominant to start a scene. It’s really common for us to set up a scene even as subs.

    [–] Dirty soundtrack nicktheone 3 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    Added a link to a Spotify playlist of all three movies’ soundtracks.

    [–] Dirty soundtrack nicktheone 11 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    I know it sounds stupids and the books/movies were horrible but I find the soundtrack of Fifty Shades is a masterpiece; definitely well chosen.

    Link to my playlist

    [–] How to be sure that someone I love isn't being abused? nicktheone 0 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    I don’t really see it as concerning to be honest. If I were to have a FWB or a D/s relationship I wouldn’t have an interest in meeting her family. A girlfriend would be another story but a purely sexual/BDSM relationship I don’t think has anything to do with family.

    [–] J.K. Rowling calling the bullshit nicktheone 1 points ago in quityourbullshit

    I don’t know if it counts but at my university in Italy I’ve seen armed security services roaming around.

    [–] What causes a single character of text to crash Apple's devices, and why has this happened now several times in the last few years? nicktheone -2 points ago in apple

    Yes, of course. I was trying so simplify for the sake of the discussion but still the concept is Apple should be more watchful about this kind of things, especially when the solution is relatively simple.

    [–] What causes a single character of text to crash Apple's devices, and why has this happened now several times in the last few years? nicktheone -1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in apple

    It’s not a matter of error checking, it’s a matter of error (and exception) handling. If my program is trying to do something that may fail unexpectedly - like in this case display a string - it’s not a matter of CPU cycles or things like that, it’s just a matter of intercepting an error and displaying an error message accordingly or simply stop it from crashing the whole logic behind your program.

    For the more simplistic things it’s a matter of using block of codes like Try ... Catch, for more esoteric things you can still do similar things. The fact Apple can’t or won’t do something like that says a lot about them, especially after an incident like that keeps repeating almost every year.

    [–] Ladies, your number one piece of advice for men during sex!!! nicktheone 1 points ago in sex

    Unfortunately it’s incredibly common to the point of being a joke.

    [–] Girlfriend says if she can fuck me with a strap on,I can fuck her ass nicktheone 4 points ago in sex

    I really think do ut des doesn’t apply to sex. Both partners need to want to do something and not just because they might receive something later. If she wants to peg you and you’re ok with it then it’s all good; if you want to have anal with her and she’s good with it then do it. But if one of you is placing something they don’t want to do behind something they think their partner won’t like just to spite them then you should probably reevaluate your relationship.

    In this case you’re probably pestering her to do anal and she’s childish enough to be open to it only if she can hurt you or make you do something you won’t like. Both things need to stop.

    [–] Has any game in history made such a massive successful pivot as Fortnite? nicktheone 10 points ago in Games

    You never played a “rather grindy” MMO then. Besides, the grind usually comes in the form of tomes and token from dungeons and raids, a system much better than direct drop because sooner or later you’re going to get what you want. Compare that to WoW where I went entire raids without a tier set bonus because I couldn’t get to drop the damned token and when it happened someone always took them from me.

    [–] Exposing others to your kink, however mild you may find it, is unacceptable. nicktheone 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in BDSMcommunity

    Fact is I see every day things I dislike that I never consented to and yet, never in my life, I thought “wow, this person is violating my consent so they shouldn’t be doing that”.

    If we start going this way it’s inevitable to go down a slippery slope: where do we put down our boundaries? Especially because many of the BDSM practices aren’t even explicitly sexual in nature. I mean, going out with a karada over your clothes to the eye of the common man could seem like a simple quirk. Same for the ballgag: what if, instead of the ballgag, was a bandanna in her mouth?

    [–] When the sub has more ideas than the Dominant nicktheone 2 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    I find both topping from the bottom and dominants being che creative engine in a D/s relationship incredibly dangerous and harmful to a dynamic. The first I find is used more as a boogeyman from bad doms who can’t impose their own authority and the second because it burdens the dominant with a massive workload implying if they don’t take initiative nothing will ever happen, creatively speaking.