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    [–] I want to rape my girlfriend nicktheone 1 points ago in sex

    It was more of a “if you want to have a constructive discussion go there”.

    [–] I want to rape my girlfriend nicktheone 2 points ago in sex

    You may want to talk about this kind of things on /r/BDSMcommunity rather than here, they’re much less judgmental about this kink. Anyway, if you want to read about it search for CNC or consensual non-consent.

    [–] Girlfriend wants to sleep with other men. nicktheone 1 points ago in sex

    So not only she does want to fuck around but she only wants to do so with people she has/had a relationship? Seriously, I don’t understand if you only now realized you like being cuckolded or you’re poly but either way she was going to cheat on you, I can guarantee that because none really is on the phone at 3 AM in bathroom unless they have something to hide. One thing is if you’re ok with her fucking other people with your permission (and to be honest this doesn’t sound the case) but in this case it all happened before you had a chance to talk.

    [–] Girlfriend wants to sleep with other men. nicktheone 1 points ago in sex

    Dude, she cheated on her boyfriend with you for almost two years (all while seeing other people too? I’m not sure about that part) then you got with her and now you found her in the middle of the night on the phone talking sweet nothings with someone and she admitted to you she’s not attracted to you anymore and she wants to fuck other people and you accepted that. Seriously man, get a spine because unless this is some kind of kink for you (like cuckold or something) you’re being used and abused and no self respecting person should be in your position. You literally found her red handed in the process of organizing herself to see another man and you gave her an easy way out. I can’t comprehend why you still want to be with someone who clearly doesn’t respect you, much less love you anymore.

    [–] After living with my boyfriend, I am not as sexually attracted to him? nicktheone 6 points ago in sex

    One thing is libido decreasing with time and another is being refused nine times out of then though.

    [–] Looking for advice: BDSM and volunteering with children nicktheone 2 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    Is it really so backwards in the US? I’ve never heard about something like that here in Europe.

    [–] FAQs and beginner questions nicktheone 2 points ago in StardewValley

    That would make sense though. Maybe he starts selling it later in spring year 1 but that would render several guides I’ve seen suggesting Speed Gro on first spring wrong.

    [–] FAQs and beginner questions nicktheone 1 points ago in StardewValley

    I guess so but I find it really strange since I’ve seen several guides for first year talking about it.

    [–] November 29th Patch - 7 Days Later nicktheone 1 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Report him (I already did) and move along then, flaming him is not going to make him stop; there’s zero need to render this subreddit akin to what we already have to endure in game.

    [–] November 29th Patch - 7 Days Later nicktheone 1 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    You sound like the kind of guy who messages you after losing to keep raging and insulting.

    [–] FAQs and beginner questions nicktheone 1 points ago in StardewValley

    Strange enough I can craft it but no trace in the shop.

    [–] FAQs and beginner questions nicktheone 1 points ago in StardewValley

    When I can get access to Speed Gro from Pierre? Read a guide about first year and it suggested I buy Speed Gro in order to get a third harvest of strawberries in spring but Pierre doesn't have in stock. Am I doing something wrong?

    [–] What's your characters name? nicktheone 2 points ago in fo4

    My name’s Tacchino, literally turkey 🦃 in Italian.

    [–] Can you explain DD/lg to me? nicktheone -6 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    And as with many things there's often an overlap between an interest in DDLG and an interest in other BDSM aspects.

    Exactly what I meant. I mean foot fetishists often want/have a dominant figure and tend to act submissively but I don’t think anyone ever thought about categorizing foot fetishism into BDSM. With DDlg I feel it’s the same: for some (many?) couples there’s the whole power exchange thing but for many others there isn’t and the occasional spanking doesn’t categorize a relationship as BDSM, at least not more than a vanilla couple who sometimes indulges in a couple of spanks.

    [–] Can you explain DD/lg to me? nicktheone 8 points ago in BDSMcommunity

    Sounds like a lovely relationship though what I really don’t understand is why DDlg falls under the umbrella of BDSM. To me it seems BDSM core values may be there or may not and many DDlg relationships don’t seem to have any kind of BDSM flavor or it’s an heavily secondary part. I’ve often seen DDlg dynamics that were more like incredibly loving relationships but where the daddy was more an abstract title and less a dominant figure.

    [–] Dalla prima pagina del televideo Rai nicktheone -5 points ago in italy

    Mi stavo chiedendo lo stesso. Sarà qualche sorta di Televideo 2.0.

    [–] Why do you join a ranked game if you aren't going to try your best? nicktheone 12 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Someone who has no life, exactly the same people who can throw games out of spite because they have nothing better to do.

    [–] iPhone X Early Adoption Rate Said to Beat iPhone 8 and 7 Plus Levels nicktheone 0 points ago in apple

    This is for everyone who said iPhone X cost too much and it’d be a failure. People have voted with their wallets and I really hope they won’t get rid of the “middle” tier.

    [–] All of the complaints I had with iOS 11 has left with 11.2. Everything from instability, battery life, performance, calculator not working, alignment issues in the UI. Everything. FINALLY Some peace! nicktheone 1 points ago in ios

    Because software doesn’t go back or, at least, it shouldn’t. iOS11 hasn’t been built from scratch but on top of iOS10 so it doesn’t make any sense for old bugs to come back or the introduction of several, big ones. Apple isn’t some small, indie company: they’re literally worth almost a trillion and yet they don’t seem to have the QA or even the software engineering level they once had.