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    [–] I know its kinda old but... ninasayswhat 3 points ago in memes

    I wonder if this act of slight self preservation and compassion effected his sentencing? I’m assuming the guy got caught here because I’m looking right at his face.

    [–] The biggest marmot I have ever seen, Mount Whitney ninasayswhat 1 points ago in WildernessBackpacking

    If it’s challenging and things could go wrong, surely it’s best to have your pack? But I agree I think a sign should be put up to encourage people to tie them up so not to attract animals, it still seems a little crazy to me.

    [–] Fire-branding a wheel of cheese ninasayswhat 1 points ago in specializedtools

    He reminds me of a Spanish Andy Serkis

    [–] The biggest marmot I have ever seen, Mount Whitney ninasayswhat 1 points ago in WildernessBackpacking

    Is ditching your pack a thing? Why? That doesn’t seem logical to me at all

    [–] Wildlife Sightings - recommendations ninasayswhat 2 points ago in bradford

    I just loudly chuckled at the mental image of seeing a turkey run loudly down the street

    [–] Not easy to grow lemons in Northern Ky but makes a fine tree for the holiday. No ornaments necessary. ninasayswhat 1 points ago in ZeroWaste

    Ah so im not a terrible lemon mother! Haha, thanks for your advice! Hopefully I’ll come back to this in a few months with some lemons to compete!

    [–] Wild Burros ninasayswhat 33 points ago in vandwellers

    I read it as burritos and I was expecting some burritos on trees, psssh what an ass I am

    [–] Wildlife Sightings - recommendations ninasayswhat 3 points ago in bradford

    I did wonder! Haha, no worries, but you can see foxes in Bradford just incase your ever over here 😂

    [–] Wildlife Sightings - recommendations ninasayswhat 3 points ago in bradford

    Those are places in Canada I believe? Do you mean bradford in England or are you searching for a bradford in Canada?

    [–] Grooming tips? ninasayswhat 5 points ago in reactivedogs

    What brush do you use? My dog is a snow breed so the fur is a lot different, but I use a double slicker with some de tangling spray. I will use a rake brush to gently brush the over coat, then use the spray and slicker to gently brush through matts. He’s a rescue and when we first had him he would get far to excited and never sit still. So at first I would place the brush on the floor and let him sniff it and get used to it. Whenever I got the brush out I gave him treats and cuddles so he knew that when the brush came out it meant good things! After a week he was totally okay with the brush and I started to stroke him using the brush, only I used the wrong side so I wasn’t actually brushing him, I was just getting him used to the feeling and that the brush was something good! He is a very old dog however, so I think his age has caused him to mellow out a little and he loves getting brushed now. My local groomers showed me tips on how to cut his claws too, he’s still not brilliant but It might be worth popping down to your groomers and asking for their advice! Good luck!

    Edit: there are also some tangles that are just too much to work through, at the start we did have to cut a few chunks off here and there, while it was growing back we got him a coat to keep him warm, but luckily we rarely have any serious matts like that now

    [–] Rescue is basically saying I can’t adopt anything other than an adult dog because I work 40 hours/week and live alone ninasayswhat 1 points ago in Pets

    Ah I’ve never owned a cat apart from being a kid, I always assumed they were very independent, but that’s possibly because I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales and my cat rarely came indoors. I know my friends cat did used to cry a lot when he was left alone, but they put up some cat shelves and tunnel runs and rope toys around the walls and after that he was absolutely fine so I just assumed it was boredom! All animals are individuals and have their own preferences and care needs, i guess you just gotta find the right personality!

    [–] No sympathy for the kids of NParents ninasayswhat 5 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    I don’t have many friends so no one really knows the full situation. If it ever gets mentioned I used to say I don’t have contact with them. All I got was abuse, and things like ‘oh dont worry I’m sure you’ll speak to them soon’ ... or ‘don’t you think that’s a bit out of order’ I don’t get too mad, I understand they have a different perspective. But it doesn’t change the fact I’m sad and I’m lonely. I just want someone to tell me everything is going to be okay, and I want to be able to message someone when I get the roast potatoes just right! I want the unconditional love that every human deserves. But that’s not how people see it. To them, I’m just a bratty adult who’s bitter and angry. I know I shouldn’t but I just tell people they’re dead now. Cba with the hassle.

    Just because someone is your family doesn’t mean they were good to you, or that they are good for you. Being a blood relation isn’t a free pass to be toxic and hurtful. Yes someone gave birth to me, but I never once had a mother, a mum. It’s not that I simply stopped speaking to my mother, I stood up to my abuser and I made myself better because of it. No one can take that away from me. I’m proud of it.

    If she couldn’t break me then no one can.

    [–] Why doesnt the government teach about taxes and credit cards in the school system? ninasayswhat 2 points ago in conspiracy

    I learnt about them in the U.K., before we choose our GCSEs we had a term of business and economics and went through all that kinda stuff, I assume the ones who took it for gcse went through more at more detail.

    [–] Rescue is basically saying I can’t adopt anything other than an adult dog because I work 40 hours/week and live alone ninasayswhat 11 points ago in Pets

    I adopted my dog when he was 8, he’s extremely large and not treated well which aged him considerably. Best decision I ever made though. The way he looks at me and cuddles me, I can tell he’s so happy and he will literally spent all day just with his head on my lap. I can tell he’s so grateful just to be inside a home, with a bed, and cuddles. That’s all he wants, he just wants love. That dog is another part of my soul, and I know it’s going to hurt so bad when he eventually leaves, but I would do it all again in a heart beat with no hesitation. There’s no love like an older dogs love 💕

    [–] Rescue is basically saying I can’t adopt anything other than an adult dog because I work 40 hours/week and live alone ninasayswhat 12 points ago in Pets

    Please be aware that even if you are coming home for lunch, the dog is still being left along for 8 hours a day. Is that really fair on the dog? Cats wouldn’t mind that at all, have you thought about another pet to better suit your needs? I know it’s probably not what you want to hear, but only having an evening and weekend dog isn’t ideal, if you could take them to work or get daycare I guess it wouldn’t be too bad, but it’s still not ideal. Young dogs especially rescue ones can be unpredictable balls of energy, and they need a lot of time and training, leaving them alone for 8 hours, even if it is 4 hours at a time, you might loose a few belongings and have the neighbours wonder who’s screaming the place down. Of course all dogs are different, and somewhere there is a dog that won’t mind being left all day, but ask yourself, is it really fair? Is a dog truly right for you right now?