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    [–] My husky 18 months old and old owner didnt gave him toys. So i bought him a interactive chew toy but he dont bite it. And he wont play with if he is full. Did i failed or is it a progress? What to do next? ninasayswhat 2 points ago in Dogtraining

    You can get toys on the end of sticks and drag toys along like prey to try initiate a chase response and then you can help him know what to do, and then he’s got a starting point if he likes to play that way. If he’s unsure about grabbing certain objects with his mouth maybe try some squeaky toys to see if he likes that! Although If he’s a little food motivated now and then maybe try some dog chews to get used to being treated for chewing something, showing he’s allowed to chew certain things.

    My old dog didn’t really bother with toys unless I dragged a rope across the floor and he would pounce and then we would play tug of war, he even let me win sometimes. The above things worked for me but every dog is different, it also took me about a year and a half to get find the right ways to teach him he can play. Sometimes these things take time. It’s not a pass/ fail kinda thing. You’ve already done the right thing by trying :) you got this.

    [–] Oh yeah, Yellowstone definetly lived up to the hype ninasayswhat 3 points ago in NationalPark

    Thanks so much for that! Yeah I’ve always heard that wolves never bothered people, can’t even imagine what it’s like being on the look out for bears!

    Id love for the U.K. to reintroduce the natural predators back, although wolves and the lynx might have a slim chance, I don’t think bears ever will.

    [–] Oh yeah, Yellowstone definetly lived up to the hype ninasayswhat 2 points ago in NationalPark

    It’s nice to see Yellowstone from a different angle!

    What’s Yellowstone like with the wolves? Are their big fences to stop them going anywhere? Are their sign posts around with any information on or do people just know how to be around them? Are dogs allowed to go?

    Sorry for all the questions, I’ve always wanted to go but as a Brit who only has to worry about the occasional fox and chav, I can’t imagine what it’s like to like to hike around an actual functioning ecosystem.

    [–] I’m going to be starting university when I’m 28, and this scares me ninasayswhat 1 points ago in aspergers

    Hi, I’ll be going to uni in September this year at 25, and I’m a little scared too, mainly because I don’t drink. But from my previous experience at uni, it doesn’t matter at all. You’ll be on a course surrounded by people who have similar interests to you, on my previous course I was actually the youngest as I came straight from school and it surprised me a little that it wasn’t the case for the majority, it’s never too late to start uni and learn some things.

    In my halls there were at least 5 people over the age of thirty, they went to all the parties had loads of friends and their age was never spoken about or even really noticed. There are people from all walks of life, that’s part of uni :)

    I’d like to say don’t worry, but I don’t know how to stop worrying myself so I know that probably won’t help much! Youre probably going to worry and overthink but honestly, I don’t think anyone is going to be bothered at all! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing experience there :)

    [–] Found on a large dead log in June U.K., can’t recall the types of trees around the area ninasayswhat 1 points ago in mushroomID

    INaturalist so far has suggested it’s maybe Lycogala epidendrum, and others have said Hypoxylon fragiforme or maybe in the order Xylariales? I don’t know enough about any of them but now I’m very curious as to what it actually is?!

    [–] That’s awesome 🍄 🐿 ninasayswhat 6 points ago in mycology

    Google tells me they can actually eat poisonous mushrooms! Although how they do this is debated and it’s difficult to tell, but they do eat poisonous mushrooms!

    [–] Uk military surplus question? ninasayswhat 1 points ago in Survival

    I have most of my old gear and honestly, there is better out there for the price. Don’t get me wrong I use a fair bit of it, but I got given them and it’s memories. I wouldn’t buy them, and I can imagine there’s a lot of fake kit knocking around too.

    I can imagine the gear from the surplus store is more for show than actual use and isn’t kept in the right conditions and the gear will have deteriorated too.

    It’s just my personal opinion, there are loads of online stores I’m sure, but I personally would research each individual item you want and see which ones would be best for you and go into a shop to test/ see/ try them.

    [–] That’s awesome 🍄 🐿 ninasayswhat 12 points ago in mycology

    This is what I mean! Do squirrel parents teach the kids what’s safe to eat or do certain mushrooms have a chemical signature they recognise is safe to eat, or do they observe other creatures eating them.

    But google tells me that squirrels actually have adapted to eat mushrooms other creatures can’t eat, so I think it’s more the fact that most mushrooms can’t hurt squirrels so they just eat all the mushrooms.

    [–] That’s awesome 🍄 🐿 ninasayswhat 15 points ago in mycology

    Wow! How do squirrels know which are safe to eat!!??

    [–] YSK your outdoor cat is causing detrimental damage to the environment ninasayswhat 8 points ago in YouShouldKnow

    Would bells on collars be enough to help stop the murder rampage? I figure with bells then the prey would hear them coming? Not sure if it would actually work well enough though

    [–] Considering rehoming my cat but I feel like a horrible person for even thinking about it. Has anybody ever rehomed a pet before and felt it was the right decision? ninasayswhat 2 points ago in Pets

    I know it’s different in my case because it was two dogs. But when I got my second dog they become horribly jealous of each other whenever I was giving on attention. The big dog would guard me and physically nip the small dog when he tried to get close. Cato hated him. It took me months, no that’s a lie, it actually took me years, years to train them to be nice to each other, Cato was mean and grumpy and kami was so energetic and just wanted to play and he obviously loved Cato very much. They just didn’t know how to be with each other. First, I made sure each had their own space, where only they could go and no be bothered. Then I worked on teaching them that if they stayed nice and still when the other got attention, then they got attention and treats as a reward. I worked on teaching kami that when his energy levels where calm, then got played with and got attention. Things went well, and then there was a set back, and then things got better and then they didn’t. But in the end, after a lot of sweat and tears (there was no blood thankfully) they ended up not just tolerating each other, but really loving each other. I know these things are really really hard. I wanted to swear and cry. It was awful at times. But there was also a good feeling now and then, and the end result was amazing. I can’t tell you how good it felt. Again I know there’s a cat involved, but are their any dog trainers in your are you could call/ email? There could be someone out there who’s helped this kind of thing before or knows someone that can. I think a professional in animal behaviour might be really helpful to give better advice than I can.

    If all fails, because let’s be honest some dogs just don’t get along with some cats, it’s not an animal thing it’s a personality thing; my grandma had a cat named lucky and also had two dogs and lucky HATED one of them. Lucky was a damn monster to her. I very rarely saw her when I was around to be honest, until I got a little older and stayed up later and realised my grandma would put the dogs in their crates at night and then her and lucky would curl up on the sofa together. It might not have been perfect but lucky seemed to like it.

    Every situation is different, but from my own personal view, I do think you should try and persevere, but that is a very selfish view. It’s an extremely difficult thing to do and I can’t predict the future and say that it’s gonna work out and they’ll be friends one day, I might not end up okay. So it’s a really difficult thing to try and navigate. I’m sorry that you have to think about these things.

    I don’t know your situation fully so sorry if all this is not helpful at all, and again it’s a very personal view. If you have to rehome a pet then that’s very much a decision you can make and there will be feelings of guilt and you will grieve, but you have to know you’re doing what’s best for the pet and their life and know that you found a good home for them. And I won’t shame you or feel negatively about you if did rehome the cat at some point; at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what any random people on the internet think is right and wrong, as long as you do the best you can do. Then you can be okay with yourself, and feel comfort knowing you are doing what’s best for the animals involved. That’s all that matters

    [–] [Breeds] pugs are cute and all but... ninasayswhat 3 points ago in dogs

    Everywhere I go I get people hating on me for my pug. I get abusive messages whenever I post photos on reddit. I must admit I prefer larger dogs usually but he’s a rescue and I just fell in love with him, when I rescued him he was entire. He’s a cross breed pug but he looks like a brindle pug, but he has a very defined nose. I assumed his breathing would be fantastic and could help out the breed! So I went to get all the breathing and hip and elbow checks from the vets.... alas although his nose airways where good, he has the largest soft pallet they’ve ever seen. Luckily it won’t effect him and he will be fine, but it could be a disaster if he had any puppies. He was neutered the following week.

    I hate people who make a blanket statement because they see one thing. Have a conversation with people about their views on things, get people to think about it if they havnt already. Yes people buying pugs and creating the demand is something to be talked about, but there are dodgey breeders and genetic conditions in almost all ‘purebred’ dogs.

    Stop trying to guilt trip people, if they are treating their dog with kindness and love and respect, and meeting all their care needs, at the end of the day that’s what matters.

    [–] What’s the most badass thing you’ve accidentally said in the heat of the moment? ninasayswhat 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I live in a slightly rough area, I’m 5ft tall and I’m female.

    There’s a wooded shortcut (snicket) around my house that I walk my dog along. Three young guys were biking down it going in the same direction as me, they were going so fast and they didn’t shout me or ring their bells or anything so one of them bowled into me and I leaped to the side as the others past.

    Without thinking my mouth just said ‘Jesus you could of at least warned me’ which then made all three of them stop and proceed to shout insults at me and one of them even tried to fight my dog? He’s a pug... they started to say things like ‘let’s go over there and fight then’ and without thinking again my mouth just said ‘why over there? Fight me here, come on then if you really want a fight’ and genuinely they just looked shocked, didn’t say anything else and just rode off.... thinking back I feel like a moron for saying it, but I worked I guess.

    [–] This is Kamikaze, king of the rock ninasayswhat 1 points ago in rarepuppers

    Oh yeah? Well I think me and kami could take you!

    [–] 🔥 This Snow Leopard seems angry for some reason 🔥 ninasayswhat 2 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    I got a zoo keeper experience although I have a love hate relationship with zoos. Best thing I ever did.

    The staff were super friendly and they showed me the big cat houses even though I hadn’t paid for that part! When I went into the snow leopards indoor bit, I was terrified, expecting this elusive giant death monster.... it meowed at me just like a house cat and then started purring and rubbing itself against the door wanting scratches; I wasn’t allowed to give scratches. I understand they were used to humans and this isn’t how they would normally behave in the wild, but I can not get over that tiny little meow.

    [–] The most Yorkshire photo I’ve ever taken ninasayswhat 4 points ago in Outdoors

    For the people the downvoted that - just for context it’s a saying round here.