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    [–] World Lore to Cover Your Mistakes ninja-robot 14 points ago in DMAcademy

    I straight up designed a desert with the idea that at it's center is a strong connection to the plane of fire which heats everything up and repels rain as water is fires opposite. D&D worlds are innately magical and it should show, there is no reason to believe that plate tectonics causes mountain or that rivers don't appear because of a connection with the plane of water.

    [–] "Critical Role Fan Surprised His DM Not Performing at Level of Award-Winning Voice Actor" - L.A. Hard Times ninja-robot 9 points ago in dndnext

    Or just don't both filling in the blanks until your characters need to go somewhere. This is the city of Feldenhorn what is it is like, I don't know nobody has been there yet so I haven't designed it. But if somebody has a cool backstory about being a guard and being kicked out because their guard captain was an incompetent nobles son who blamed them for his error, well that is now an aspect of Feldenhorn I guess they have an entrenched nobility system prone to corruption.

    [–] "Critical Role Fan Surprised His DM Not Performing at Level of Award-Winning Voice Actor" - L.A. Hard Times ninja-robot 28 points ago in dndnext

    The character development scenes are definitely something I've never seen in a D&D game and speak to their actor and improv background.

    [–] Made some Van der Linde Gang members ninja-robot 10 points ago in reddeadredemption

    It is Bob Robertson thank you very much.

    [–] /u/guestpass127 describes how disingenuous bigots are pretending to ask innocent questions to various sub-reddits in an attempt to sway people into more extreme beliefs ninja-robot -6 points ago in bestof

    It's a sexist dog whistle because it's only correct on a technicality. Plenty of abuse shelters accept women and men, additionally men generally are in less physical danger and often have more options open to them for leaving a bad relationship. The entire thing is a surface level reading of the issue framed to make it look like there is discrimination towards men in an attempt to discredit women.

    [–] My players never just kill the opponent and it annoys me ninja-robot 1 points ago in DMAcademy

    The chief mob they captured knows a secret way into the dungeon that they reveal after some light questioning, this way however is actually a trap designed to ensnare anybody foolish enough to believe torture works.

    [–] Milton Friedman Was Wrong ninja-robot 2 points ago in neoliberal

    Without customers you don't have a business however, same is true for employees who are the ones who determine your companies work culture and quality of product. If work is a solely transactional affair then an employee who offers suggestions to improve workflow is immoral as that is outside the scope of what they have been specially hired but that's stupid. A company isn't like a chair or object designed for a singular purpose. It is a multifaceted organization composed of multiple interconnected parts extending beyond the boundaries of the company itself into the surrounding community. Yes the primary goal of a company is to make money to sustain itself but that shouldn't be it's only goal as that ensures that the employees won't contribute to their full capabilities and customers will have no reason to recommend or stay loyal to the brand.

    To put it in real world terms CDPR treated it's customers well by providing quality expansions to their games and offering free mini downloadable content and as such I recommend their games and will purchase their next one at full price. Other companies however release mediocre games full of microtransactions and as such I don't buy their games till they are greatly discounted if at all and since their product isn't of high quality there is no reason for me to not jump ship to a competing company as soon as they offer something equivalent. This means the companies are always on unstable ground as nobody cares about their products and a dip from mediocre to bad can put the company in financial problems as nobody trust them to fix their games or make better ones in the future. A company with a history of caring about customers however can be forgiven for a dip in product quality as there is trust that better products will be made in the future.

    [–] Milton Friedman Was Wrong ninja-robot 8 points ago in neoliberal

    I'm not overly familiar with Friedman but I 100% support the idea that companies owe more to their customers and employees than to their shareholders

    [–] r/CrUsAdErKiNgS iS LeAkInG ninja-robot 1 points ago in CrusaderKings

    Hawaii would be a kingdom title, I would argue against Vermont being anything more than a petty kingdom but I do think there would be a de jure kingdom for New England. Then you have the de jure kingdom of Dixie, plus Texas which would extend a bit beyond the actual state, same with the de jure kingdom of California. There would also be a Midwest or Great Lakes kingdom plus maybe a North West kingdom and Great Plains kingdom. And then you have Alaska which is mostly wasteland so it might actually just be a duchy title in a de jure artic kingdom primary held by Canada.

    [–] r/CrUsAdErKiNgS iS LeAkInG ninja-robot 1 points ago in CrusaderKings

    When I form the empire title they will get the event option to join or leave and I get a strong claim. With the combined might of 4 of the biggest economies in Europe they would be wise to join.

    [–] Our sub is being raided by fascists so we are making anti-fascist memes in retaliation ninja-robot 25 points ago in neoliberal

    So the libertarian sub had to appeal to a greater authority because they didn't set any regulations over how those with power could use it?

    [–] r/CrUsAdErKiNgS iS LeAkInG ninja-robot 1 points ago in CrusaderKings

    Cash 50000000, add_trait genius, add_trait strong, add_trait attractive, add_trait gregarious. After that it is just a matter of enjoying life as a rich sexy athletic genius. Maybe add_trait immortal down the road as well.

    [–] r/CrUsAdErKiNgS iS LeAkInG ninja-robot 1 points ago in CrusaderKings

    Maybe some of the North Eastern states are just duchy titles but there is no way California and Texas are just duchies. The kingdom titles may not be formed but there are at least 6 de jure kingdom titles in the American empire.

    [–] r/CrUsAdErKiNgS iS LeAkInG ninja-robot 3 points ago in CrusaderKings

    give_title k_germany

    give_title k_france

    give_title k_spain

    give_title k_italy

    And form the European Union empire level title. Then deal with some rebels <_<

    [–] In your experience Are there any small, medium or large companies/corporations that actually are decent places to work, have decent leadership, and do decent things? ninja-robot 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Any organization that is large enough is going to be filled will incompetent people in positions of importance and asshole coworkers, its an inevitability of life. That said there are better places to work than others, some places actually seem to care about making their workers happy while some clearly only pretend to or straight up don't. What those places are however is hard to determine, there are bad spots in good companies and good spots in bad companies. In the end, find a job you don't hate that pays well enough to live comfortably.

    [–] Goodbye Spider-Man ninja-robot -1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Sony is getting the flack because Sony Spiderman movies sucked while the Marvel ones have been pretty decent and Spiderman himself has been pretty good in the Avengers movies. The best end to this story is Sony letting Disney buy back Spiderman as they clearly can't make a good live action Spiderman movie.

    [–] Is communism now inevitable? Are we fucked? ninja-robot 2 points ago in neoliberal

    What people want is a system in which there are safety nets and a balancing of the field between rich and poor not actual communism. People are realizing that so much of our current system is set up to do nothing but benefit the rich at their expense. We can't afford healthcare for everyone but we can afford endless wars and tax cuts for those who already have the most. Housing is getting more expensive and high paying jobs are impossible to get without a college degree, even if realistically they don't need one, which is also skyrocketing in price as wages stay steady. This might still be acceptable if it wasn't for the fact that losing your job means risking bankruptcy for a single health problem. And this doesn't get into the fucked up situation that is the war on drugs or how it seems that practically every successful person in America came from an upper middle class family since the poors aren't able to risk the financial loss of starting a business while the wealthy can.

    [–] It would be interesting if some ex-monsters become heroes. I'd enjoy armored gorilla to become one, he'd be upper A class worthy ninja-robot 1 points ago in OnePunchMan

    Does it though, it means your probably a better ninja since ninja skills are apparently genetic and your mentors where very talented ninja but ninja skills doesn't mean you would be a good ruler. Nothing about Naruto's ability to throw energy balls around says that he would be good at managing economics or figuring out how to feed everyone in the event of a famine.

    [–] You find the command console responsible for your life, what's the first command you enter? ninja-robot 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Motherlode, katching, really just anything to get more money. After that who the hell cares. Maybe some health stuff, increase the IQ a few points and temporary immortality might be nice to make skydiving even more exhilarating but really having lots of money is the most important.

    [–] u/jordanlund describes his experience with U.S. healthcare and heart surgery as an employee with no lapse on coverage. ninja-robot 8 points ago in bestof

    That the system is broken even if you have insurance. We hear about people who end up out of network or without insurance getting huge bills but the system doesn't work even with insurance.

    [–] u/jordanlund describes his experience with U.S. healthcare and heart surgery as an employee with no lapse on coverage. ninja-robot 8 points ago in bestof

    Because racism, there isn't a way to have universal coverage that doesn't also extend to Hispanic and Black communities so rural voters refuse to back them. If you don't think that is true then explain why we aren't giving the detained migrants flu shots any more.

    [–] Is it just me but are Elves creepy? ninja-robot 3 points ago in DnD

    Don't elven children remember their old lives and the mark of adulthood is having dreams/visions of things in your current life rather than remembering things of your past life. In my settings at least elves have 3 phases of life which are marked by significant physiological changes. Childhood in which the elf physically mature and dreams of past lives, last for about 100 years. Adulthood in which an elf is in their prime and dreams if past events in their life, last between 200-300 years. And senior in which an elf shows signs of visible age and starts to dream about the elven afterlife realm they stay in until their next reincarnation, the longer this phase last the more distracted by these visions the elf gets until they basically choose to die as they spend more time dreaming about the next world than living in this one, last around 300-400 years. Because of this elves are really only active for a couple hundred years despite being able to live 7+ centuries.

    Additionally since they reincarnate I say there are a limited number of elves around at any given time. If their population is near max then birth rates are extremely low, literally replacement rates, if however disaster strikes and elven population shrinks birth rates shoot up.

    [–] Jewish leaders outraged by Trump saying Jews disloyal if they vote for Democrats ninja-robot 52 points ago in neoliberal

    To Trump anyone is disloyal if they don't vote for Trump. Jews, Muslims, Christians, White, Black, it doesn't matter. If you dedicate yourself to Trumps well being he will love you and if you remotely stand up for yourself or show the smallest amount of backbone he will declare that you are an evil socialist, fascist, commie, satanist, agnostic, traitor.