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    [–] Fixed it. ninja-robot 4 points ago in neoliberal

    Considering that if you don't win the other political party gets to pass the laws I would say it is relativly significant.

    [–] Fixed it. ninja-robot 85 points ago in neoliberal

    The GOP has basically destroyed the meaning of the word socialist in America. Actual socialism, as in seize the means of production, is not a good policy but at this point after decades of the GOP claiming anything they don't like is socialist most American voters can't determine a difference between that and nationalizing healthcare.

    [–] Reddit once a year ninja-robot 2 points ago in funny

    My cakeday is in october so can you put my cake in the fridge, I promise I will wait till then.

    [–] McConnell Statement on President's National Emergency Announcement ninja-robot 11 points ago in neoliberal

    On the other hand Mitch McConnell has been an absolutely horrible human being long before Trump and has actively contributed to the increasingly partisan nature of modern politics. He has been a force behind basically all of the shitty things the GOP has done in the last several decades, being subservient to Trump would barely even break the top of the list of shit he has done.

    [–] Gonna be a sad day if I have to dive into the left hand folder ninja-robot 2 points ago in TheOrville

    Even if the movie had been a smashing success it pretty much killed any interest in continuing the television series considering several plot points where wrapped up and important characters killed.

    [–] How many Utahraptors could a Knight defeat in a random fight? ninja-robot 2 points ago in whowouldwin

    If the knight was smart and knew what he was up against he would have a reasonable chance at 1, if he is lucky 2, and if he is extremely lucky then 3. Anything more and the knight is dead for certain. As for the people saying 0 they are drastically underestimating the martial ability of the knight and fighting prowess of a trained martial artist. Humans have killed tigers with knives before they can managed this as well.

    [–] A nice detail I noticed ninja-robot 2 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Not in terms of this universe they aren't. Cornwall probably had his own board of directors or at least people working for him that where very high up in his company, do you remember all the missions they were involved in? No, because they weren't because they weren't relevant to the life of an outlaw or cowboy at all.

    Additionally being on the board of directors doesn't even mean you do anything. You can have a seat on the board and be basically entirely absent, it only means that you control a large enough portion of the company that the CEO agrees to pretend to care what you say. Your opinion only matters if enough other board members agree that you can fire the CEO or other executives.

    [–] Why Mazes Suck in D&D and a Downloadable Card Game I Designed to Fix Them ninja-robot 10 points ago in DnDBehindTheScreen

    Simple, the goal of the maze isn't the end but rather a moving object in the maze. Also any maze worth anything has rotating walls.

    [–] A nice detail I noticed ninja-robot 27 points ago in reddeadredemption

    His heirs decide to sell thus earning them millions and a well payed position on the board of directors for various companies they sold to. Some Cornwalls are still around but not really relevant.

    [–] Billionaires who hate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 70% tax on the superrich are adamant it will hurt the economy — but history suggests otherwise ninja-robot 0 points ago in Economics

    Of course it will hurt the economy, of course by economy they mean their bottom line and by hurt they mean minorly inconvenienced in a such a way as to not affect their standard of living in the slightest.

    [–] Aladdin 2019 ninja-robot 1 points ago in SrGrafo

    I don't know who they could have reasonably gotten for the role, nobody could top Robin Williams as the Genie and even attempting to try would have ended in failure so going another route is probably their best option.

    [–] Do you support raising the minimum wage to $15? Why or why not? ninja-robot 11 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    No, it works in high prices area but that much of an increase would make no sense in say rural Alabama. An increase to $9.50 over the course of 5 years however is probably a feasible idea however.

    [–] You and Satan are partnered up and tasked to create Hell. What activities will the damned get to do? ninja-robot 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I hope you like waiting line because there will be a lot of that. Also the closer you get to the end of the line the more you have to use a restroom but you can't save your spot in line.

    There is also a line for the restroom.

    [–] Trump’s war on socialism will fail: attacking socialism isn’t the cakewalk it used to be ninja-robot 1 points ago in TrueReddit

    Because socialism has become defined as the opposite of what Republicans and moderate Democrats support. It isn't accurate but that is how it is, whenever the discussion turns towards government healthcare or increased taxes on the rich opposing forces denounce it as socialist regardless of the reality and thus since many people like those things and dislike the path Republicans and moderate Democrats are treading they think socialism sounds good without knowing what it is.

    [–] Trump’s war on socialism will fail: attacking socialism isn’t the cakewalk it used to be ninja-robot 1 points ago in TrueReddit

    If these things arn't socialist then neither is single payer healthcare. They are all publicly funded government run organizations with limited or no private sector competition. If that isn't socialist what is?

    [–] When people ask me if I like John or Arthur more ninja-robot 3 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Micah and Bill are pieces of shit but the gang in general seems to be at least anti rape which we know isn't the case for the O'Driscolls and that hillbilly gang.

    [–] When people ask me if I like John or Arthur more ninja-robot 21 points ago in reddeadredemption

    They are clearly bad guys, both Arthur and John admit to being bad people. They where only better by comparison to the other outlaw gangs and even that started slipping as the game progressed.

    [–] I cackled ninja-robot 10 points ago in OnePunchMan

    He is a fan of one hole punch over the three hole punch.

    [–] Trump’s war on socialism will fail: attacking socialism isn’t the cakewalk it used to be ninja-robot 12 points ago in TrueReddit

    Yea socialism is terrible which is why I hate the police, and teachers, and firemen, and the post office, and the military, and non toll roads, and garbagemen.

    But serious socialist institutions work well inside capitalism because not everything works well in the hands of private industry. Hardly anyone is advocating for the means of production to be handed to the government but we can all recognize that the healthcare system is broken partially due to its nature that doesn't allow it to be competitive. You can't choose to go to the hospital across town because they are cheaper in the middle of a heart attack. If you are buying a sofa you can shop around or refuse to buy from some company because their products are poorly made or for ethical reasons, that kind of product works great under a capitalist system, I can choose the product I want based on my criteria and everyone must compete to gain customers. Healthcare prices however have no market regulation whatsoever, I'm not consulted when an ambulance is called and I don't have the choice of getting cancer or not I just have to hope my insurance is good and I don't lose my job or else the bills mean I will probably lose my house as well.

    [–] [No Spoilers] I really want to know how it ends ninja-robot 1 points ago in gameofthrones

    I think imperial but being a fictional setting any measurement units given should be taken with a grain of salt if it doesn't make sense.

    [–] If you chose to side with Mr. House 8 years ago, New Vegas would look like this today ninja-robot 2 points ago in Fallout

    Are you serious, Mr. House literally sets laws, negotiates treaties with other governments, and collects taxes he is 100% the head of the New Vegas government. The fact that he runs things similar to a CEO is what makes him a dictator because there is no outside authority for anyone to go to and he has total legal control over the city.