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    [–] Why does everyone here hates FIAT? nitslitinit 25 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    They used to be an ok car manufacturer but the stuff they're putting out today is just an inferior version of MINI

    [–] Ok guys help me lose some cash nitslitinit 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    It's not so much the coin you buy but how you buy it. going margin is incredibly risky, because you are going to 2x - 100x your position either up or down.

    [–] Can Stablecoins be the New International Currency? nitslitinit 2 points ago in ethtrader

    lol no

    USDT - backed by one company claiming to have backing (they don't)
    USDC - backed by usd fiat deposits that several companies claim to have (they probably do at least for now, but not trustworthy long term without auditing)
    Dai - stablecoin backed by collateralized debt and maker governance setting stability fee rates. An ethereum price crash puts the whole system in a pinch and can theoretically make it all worthless.

    Haven't heard about the other ones

    [–] Can we all agree to not click on their links again? nitslitinit 5 points ago in ethtrader

    If the articles a randomly bad that's one thing, but if they're reliably bad maybe it's a canary trading signal

    [–] Why pay taxes if they can just print money? nitslitinit 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Just turn deductibles into additional tax refunds for those that deserve them.

    $20 gallon gas here we come!

    [–] Withdrawing ETH from coinbase takes 3 days? Accelerate with photo ID? nitslitinit 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    This looks like a security feature. Let me guess, you logged into your account for the first time in a long while and/or also used a new computer or recently reset something like the password or 2fa. Websites have loads of code running around to protect you from unauthorized withdrawals, and it looks like they're giving you a "wait or accelerate" option

    [–] Christmas lights? nitslitinit 7 points ago in phoenix

    it's a nice sentiment, we're all in this together

    [–] Don’t Give the Airlines What They Want nitslitinit 2 points ago in politics

    wtf is with trains in this thread as an alternative to airlines? They're a majorly expensive and inflexible infrastructure investment that can't go over oceans. There's a reason airports have dominated most modern travel needs

    [–] Don’t Give the Airlines What They Want nitslitinit -1 points ago in politics

    you can't get over the ocean on high speed rail