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    [–] IWTL how to concentrate nmegabyte 1 points ago in IWantToLearn

    depending on your citation with Adhd you need to get tested for adhd. And professional neurologist has to determine if you have adhd or add. Then you can speak with neurologist about medication which can help you with your attention problem.

    [–] Can you spare a Super sir? nmegabyte 2 points ago in Eve

    None stood up for me. And that idiot director continued purging people active capitol pilots during the war. The fuck I would be a spy? If I had so much assets to loose. All I wanted is to have fun during capital pvp.

    [–] Can you spare a Super sir? nmegabyte 79 points ago in Eve

    I was in goons, had a titan pilot ready, I bought 22 dreads for the war, 10 different type of capitals. I had 3 dread pilots ready 1 super pilot. And was about to purchase new titan. Fucking idiot director kicked me out of the goons in the middle of the war and all my capitals and dreads left in delve, thinking that I was a spy or some shit . Now mittani begging for supers. I will not be selling my capitals to goons, let them fucking stay in my assets. 22 dreads, 6 faxes,4 carries and a super. All fitted. No fucking way I will be selling them. And idiot director didn't present any evidence. I was not a spy.

    [–] Fuck you CCP with your EDENCOM Cyno Jammer nmegabyte 0 points ago in Eve

    I can't do logistical, because of the fucking cyno jammer, I tried to kill it, I lost my ship because edencom comes with a fleet of ships and kills me. Even if you bring a carrier you will loose your carrier before you take down the jammer. Fuck the CCP.

    [–] Fuck you CCP with your EDENCOM Cyno Jammer nmegabyte -1 points ago in Eve

    You can't kill the jammer, edencom kills your ship and pod. Too much dps. No fuckin way to kill it. Carrier is useless as well. You will loose your carrier before you kill the jammer.

    [–] Trying so hard to hold it together nmegabyte -1 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Wtf? During the pandemic? I would feel like him as well.

    [–] Trolled an entire Olympic team! nmegabyte 2 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Is it true or just some clickbait bullshit to get up votes?

    [–] 🔥 Whales in the Backyard nmegabyte 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    My question is how much does this backyard cost?

    [–] Millionaire meets billionaire nmegabyte 1 points ago in ThatsInsane

    If you wonder who owns this boat? It belongs to Alisher Usmanov, and name of the yacht is Dilbar.

    [–] Trucker swerves and crashes to avoid meandering bicyclist on road nmegabyte -2 points ago in nononono

    I think the driver should have ran over the cyclists. Let the stupid people die.