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    [–] An open letter no_haduken 2 points ago in AFL

    Next year of course

    [–] Post Match Thread: Richmond vs Collingwood (1st Preliminary Final) no_haduken 3 points ago in AFL

    Yeah guys I mean hey not everyone knows that Tom Lynch's girlfriend was recently spotted being filmed for a Tourism NSW commercial, and that it is a done deal

    [–] Snoop tells Kanye "Fuck You" no_haduken 0 points ago in Music

    Yep I definitely reckon Em has left a lot in the tank to reply to MGKs possible reply.

    [–] If you didn't go for your team, what would be your second choice and why? no_haduken 4 points ago in AFL

    If I didn't go for Freo I'd be a proper West Coast supporter. The booing kind for sure

    [–] Big movers in 2019 no_haduken 7 points ago in AFL

    If Freo don't finish at least a couple of spots higher on the ladder I think you could consider it a bad year

    [–] Sliding doors: why can't I stop reading this edition. no_haduken 4 points ago in AFL

    "really rare air" - yeah come off it you absolute ponce

    [–] Completely unbiased West Australian. no_haduken 11 points ago in AFL

    Oh get the airline's dick outta your mouth