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    [–] Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy Model nobody2000 2 points ago in news

    His contracts don’t use basic English and are unreadable

    My company is having it out with this vendor right now because their contract is worded with the absolute opposite of plain language for things that other contracts have no problem stating in plain english.

    From what I understand, use of the term "notwithstanding the foregoing" is now considered outdated and unnecessary. Writing language about an exception to the aforementioned shouldn't require such "legal" language.

    But IANAL.

    [–] Jamie Oliver tries to scare kids off chicken nuggets nobody2000 3 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    It would make them respect their food a lot more.

    Amen. Food is not respected, at least in most parts of the US.

    You bring up good points in terms of wastefulness, and probably even a spirituality based connection to food - that a LOT goes into keeping us alive, including making other things less-alive.

    There's another aspect that I learned a few years ago. General respect for all food. What it is. What it does. What it can do. I was very obese into 2012, and after trying to cut back, and exercising and yo-yoing, I figured out that I had no respect for food. Sure - I loved "foodie" stuff, and pigging out, but I abused the shit out of food.

    It took simple calorie counting to start understanding more about what I ate. Beyond macronutrients and micronutrients, there were flavors. After cutting sweets (real and artificial), I began really understanding subtle flavors. Expanding what savory flavors could deliver. Getting in touch with how some foods made me feel good, and others made me feel horrible.

    And as I learned, I respected what I ate more often. I ate more mindfully. I began seeking out better understanding of where things came from. Caring about the conditions animals were raised/slaughtered. I think my approach came full circle into what you're talking about.

    I think just gaining the understanding of what you said regarding food respect and the other things I've learned about food respect really played the biggest role in getting me out of obesity. I think this level of care could benefit others as well.

    [–] Breaking Dads nobody2000 1 points ago in pics

    Better call saul.

    [–] Buffalo, Rochester private jobs rising; New York state at new high nobody2000 3 points ago in Buffalo

    There's a strong job market for my line of work (marketing)

    While this is very true (when I was unemployed, it was a matter of just interviewing a few times before I had gainful, enjoyable employment again), there are a lot of predatory jobs in "marketing" here.

    • This is low hanging fruit, but M&T. They had ridiculous job descriptions in marketing requiring 5+ years of management experience both managing projects and people. They also were happy to offer $50k for these jobs.
    • We have a ton of marketing agencies here. In order to keep earning money, some of them have been expanding their efforts into other business functions (i.e. they suck at marketing but are going to leverage their firm's equity in other ways). I was brought into several interviews for "marketing management" roles at several of these firms....then learned that they were actually filling jobs for their clients, and they weren't marketing jobs, but sales jobs. Once, I showed up for a marketing interview to be pitched a job for Appolson's Performance Center. $20k, no benefits, not a great commission scale, expected to work 6 days a week.
    • I think this is probably true for most of the country, but since so many people think they're marketers when they're not, I think a lot of people undervalue what an actual experienced marketer can provide. Here, anything under "senior" level (e.g. "Senior Marketing Manager") requires hard negotiating for a fair salary. Senior Managers in Buffalo should be paid $85k and up before bonus and benefits. I have friends who are making $70k after negotiations.

    I enjoy marketing and analytics. Had I known that we'd get into this weird situation where jobs were plentiful but often paid significantly lower than the upstate average (non NYC), I'd have zoned more into the analytics piece.

    [–] Cashless tolls were supposed to reduce traffic, but are they working? nobody2000 1 points ago in Buffalo

    Now if only show drivers would use the right lane.

    Yeah, but I need to be the left lane 100 miles up the road! There's construction in Utica, and the right lane is closed! It's best that I keep in the left lane starting here just to be safe.

    [–] Young People Are Registering to Vote in Huge Numbers, New Study Finds nobody2000 32 points ago in UpliftingNews

    ...this ad paid for by the committee to elect Ron Jimmerson for Polk County Office Building Upstairs Custodian.

    [–] Young People Are Registering to Vote in Huge Numbers, New Study Finds nobody2000 1 points ago in UpliftingNews

    I get the sentiment - really - I once shared it.

    But - honestly, if you had to vote on whether you had someone diarrhea on your face vs someone who would drop a lumpy turd on your foot, while a third option, of "neither" was so incredibly unlikely to win, that a protest vote for that option actually resembles a vote for the diarrhea, wouldn't you vote for the lumpy turd?

    I'll happily vote for the lumpy turd in 2018/2020 over the diarrhea in the face. Yeah - I'd prefer that the National Committee decides against the lumpy turd this time around, but given the choice - especially now that we can see what a protest vote can cost - it's gotta be lumpy turd.

    Both parties are NOT the same.

    [–] Game, set, match. Point. Flenderson. Game over. End of game. nobody2000 53 points ago in DunderMifflin

    He's like a dark-haired Michael Cera if Michael Cera aged into an actual adult and not an adult-teenager hybrid.

    [–] Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in The Avengers circa 1960s. Today is her 80th birthday, most of you know her as Olenna Tyrell, the queen of thorns in Game of Thrones nobody2000 11 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Brosnan had the class and charm of Connery with a touch of Moore's campiness.

    The writing behind the films was terrible, save for GoldenEye. They were all non-Fleming stories, iirc, and they just were drawn out, not very good films.

    [–] Chicken Place in the Southpark/Soutwesten Quick Fill nobody2000 2 points ago in Buffalo

    Gas station chicken can be either the worst mistake of your life, or one of the best things ever.

    As toucan sam says, just follow your nose

    [–] Breaking Dads nobody2000 60 points ago in pics

    If Vince Gilligan lost his mind, decided to let Walt live, and then make a formulaic gritty continuation where Walt's in jail or something and then they merge BB back with BCS and just really sold out for 10 more seasons...

    ...I'd watch the whole thing.

    [–] Anon watches Black Panther nobody2000 0 points ago in greentext

    A movie that revolves around black culture featuring elements of black culture. How dare they????

    [–] Bears on Welfare nobody2000 7 points ago in MurderedByWords

    What people have a problem with is eternal poverty that can be fixed by budgeting, working , not having kids you can’t afford, stop wasting money on nicotine fixes and alcohol.

    But not only are the problems that the perpetually poor not limited to these, these aren't fixes.

    • Most welfare recipients DO work. Many of them multiple jobs. They're stuck in a pit of working to support themselves/another to get better education - they haven't the time or the support, let alone the luxury of being able to manage the logistics of getting their child to school every day, while also getting themselves to work.
    • In terms of budget - there's almost nothing to budget. Your entire check goes toward necessary stuff
    • In terms of drugs. Yeah - people should quit, but that gets pretty hard when smoking cessation is expensive, and the types of options that you and I might have aren't available to everyone who's on public assistance. Counseling. AA. Chantix. Not only do people on the dole need to worry about what some of these may cost, but they also have to worry, again, about the logistics of fitting it into their schedule.

    Most people want to curb their vices. Few addicts are sitting there going "I genuinely enjoy this!"

    • They get addicted, either by pills, or whatever, or some other bad decision
    • They try quitting
    • Those on dope or those who are alcoholics get sick. Really bad alcoholics can withdrawal all the way to death
    • Now, you have to go to work. Do you go to work, all dope sick, or do you use a little dope so that you can feel a little normal and earn a paycheck?

    Rinse and repeat.

    • The whole "having a ton of kids" makes sense to you and me because we're educated. Few welfare recipients are having kids for the money (another "welfare queen fallacy") but those who are having....well...probably more kids than they should - they simply don't have the education to realize the impact of their sexual decision making. There's strong beliefs about superstition even in American poverty-stricken communities. There are outdated beliefs, like jumping up and down to prevent a pregnancy. There's also a hell of a lot of assault, and not a lot of resources for women to abort rape babies.

    Most people strive for responsibility. Most people try hard to get out of a shitty situation. Even when they put in the effort, there are an incredible number of factors constantly working against them, and getting off assistance is rarely as trivial as "work, budget, stop having kids, and stop using."

    There are absolutely abusers of the system, but when you spend some time in the communities where people need these benefits, you'll find that the number of people abusing welfare aligns up with the <1% figure reported by the US government about welfare fraud.

    [–] Is anyone else refusing to watch trailers and look at new images so everything is a surprise? nobody2000 1 points ago in betterCallSaul

    One thing that is exciting me about these trailers (so yes, I'm watching trailers) is that they're becoming more and more vague for BCS.

    I'm excited because it's the same path Breaking Bad took, and I feel it really helped build up suspense. I was sick to my stomach some days wondering what was going to happen in BB. I hope that we get to that point over S4 and S5 for BCS

    [–] PSA: Cop on 290E just before exit 1 this whole week nobody2000 6 points ago in Buffalo

    I've had the same commute from Cheektowaga, and while I can definitely attest to a collision happening once every 1-2 weeks, it has never been as bad as it is now - it's daily.

    As for the "I'm gonna drive 40 now" thing - yeah, that's always been a thing, no matter the time of day/night or construction. It's just something you have to accept about that stretch of road. For some reason - everyone loves to drive at a snail's pace in the right lane whether they're exiting on exit 2 or not.

    [–] PSA: Cop on 290E just before exit 1 this whole week nobody2000 30 points ago in Buffalo

    Another warning:

    If you're driving 290W, a lane is closed just past Colvin.

    From 4-6PM, this area gets backed up.


    Also - even outside of these hours, people love to go about 40 in the right lane between the NF Blvd Exit and Colvin for some reason. Maybe there's a connection here.

    [–] "Deadbeats" nobody2000 49 points ago in SandersForPresident

    We have a society that gets hard off of comparing yourself against those lesser than you. It's been around for decades and the internet has kind of either made it worse, or just shown how apparent it is.

    Think about it: Friday Nights - what's been the most popular TV show on Fox (network, not news)? COPS. The show where police officers are filmed arresting some of the most ridiculous people.

    What we don't see is how awful many of these people have it. Obviously we don't get the backstories on how they slipped into addiction and crime. We just see criminals doing silly things, getting "justice" and then it moves on.

    People who watch these shows go "oh what a loser" and compare themselves to them so that they feel better about themselves.

    Social media demonstrates this well too. We see so many memes about "welfare queens" and others where people just sound off about how terrible they think this person is.

    And then there's the low hanging fruit. A news story about a child molester. Yeah - we all should agree that what the guy did is heinous, but do we need to have a contest in the comments to see how loudly we can describe our disgust?

    Since much of this comparison shows the marginalized people in society at some of their weakest moments, it tends to attract the attention - and praise - of those who align their political beliefs away from these people: Republicans and Moderate Dems.

    So - we have people today who would prefer to lampoon and tear down those who already have it horrible, while also not bothering to understand anything about what got them there (racism, addiction, hard times, economy, etc) - and unfortunately, they also like to vote.

    So - we still have this trope - that the welfare queen that "siphons" off a fraction of a percent of the welfare that makes up a fraction of a percent of the GDP - is the person ruining the country, and not at all the corporate welfare recipients, paying slave wages, and enjoying the public benefits their workers are forced to use to live (I'm looking at you, Walmart).

    [–] What activity is socially accepted but actually borderline psychotic? nobody2000 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A more accurate analogy would be something like “When you’re talking with someone and someone knocks on their door. Then the person you’re talking to goes to the door and answers it.” which does not sound psychotic to me.

    So when this person knocks on the door, and I answer it, you're cool with me ignoring you to talk to them, as you hear only the words I speak, but none of the words they speak?

    [–] HS110 smart plugs allow monitoring of the power and trigger events(On or off) based on on other parameters or the sensors built in ! nobody2000 1 points ago in homeautomation

    For an electric dryer, you need something that'll support 30A. itead doesn't make anything better than 16A/3500W

    Your best bet, unless something has come out recently is either:

    The heavy duty smart switch by aeotec:

    Or the aeotec Home Energy monitor. You would take your dryer cable, split it somewhere in the middle lengthwise a bit (i.e. you don't sever the cable, just separate the 3 individual wires inside - no need to break the insulation), figure out which one is your ground, neutral, and load, and place the clamps around neutral and load. My energy monitor gives me issues (low readings despite running full power), but others have found success.

    EDIT: GE makes one too:

    [–] Missing Person: If you see Oliver please call the Buffalo Police at 716-853-2222 nobody2000 11 points ago in Buffalo

    missing less than 24 hours

    The faster a missing person is reported, the better chances they have in terms of being found safely. Waiting to report a missing person is a bad idea perpetuated by TV/Movie tropes saying "we can't file a missing persons report until they've been missing 72 hours"

    The other details you mention, however, are good to know.

    [–] What activity is socially accepted but actually borderline psychotic? nobody2000 0 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in AskReddit

    When you're talking to someone, and then someone comes running into the room with a bell, obnoxiously.

    That person who was talking to you then ignores you, even cutting you off mid-sentence, and decides to hold a conversation with the annoying bell guy.

    Now replace the whole "bell guy" thing with a phone ringing. One sounds ridiculous -ignoring the person you're talking to in order to address the guy who obnoxiously asked for your attention - and one's perfectly socially acceptable, since the ringing is happening through a telephone.

    [–] James Comey: This Republican Congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the Founders’ design that “Ambition must... counteract ambition.” All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall. Policy differences don’t matter right now. History has its eyes on us. nobody2000 2 points ago in SandersForPresident

    It's always been like this, only in the past, while we had (D) and (R) dominance, there were so many party factions, based on geography or common interest, that everyone had something to trade everyone else to get things done. Compromise was necessary, and even though everyone was in it for themselves, as they are today, it was much harder to streamline policy because you couldn't get consistency within your own party...

    ...which isn't a bad thing. Imagine - Democrats in Red states working with Republicans to advance their goals among their shared constituents - as it's the only way either one of them would be able to stay alive in the game.

    Now, today, you have homogeneous parties, and worse, outside of the platform (which only gets pushed if your party is in the majority), you have strict "for the party" or "against their party" politics driving every move. Sadly, starting with Newt Gingrich's actions and continued on through the Tea Party/Ryan/McConnell scheming in the early part of the decade, you have their party voting as a solid block, and the democrats doing the same just to survive.

    What I'm getting at, in terms of your comment, is sadly, you're right. It won't happen. It wouldn't happen if we had a liberal president who made the same foreign policy and trade flubs, and it's certainly not happening now.

    We need progressive democrats now more than ever because:

    • It'll make the party more heterogeneous. You're not going to get rid of some of the establishment no matter how hard you try, unless they retire or die. At least it'll diversify the viewpoints and push us away from this mealy-mouthed moderate liberalism that pleases no one.
    • It'll push policy to where Americans actually want it, and where it's actually worked for other countries
    • It'll neuter many of the outdated ideologies on the right and HOPEFULLY encourage them to break the party up from "everyone vote as far right as possible" to "we need moderate candidates" - there will ALWAYS be a right wing in the US, but it doesn't have to be as militant as it is now - many lifelong republicans have even stepped back and gone "ok now..."

    Then maybe, one day, when a president makes a serious misstep, or we have a democratic crisis related to voting, everyone will come together and go "let's nip this right now."


    [–] Can any comment on the legality of giving away homebrewed beer at a bar? nobody2000 2 points ago in Homebrewing

    Interesting idea. I suppose this isn't too different from restaurants with limited liquor licenses. In my area, liquor licenses are or were tied to the address. My cousin's ex husband opened a restaurant, and had to fight to get a liquor license as the former owner of the establishment lost his license for frequently serving minors.

    He was allowed to serve wine as long as the customer brought it and paid an uncorking fee. Beyond that I don't know the specifics. I was just a kid, and the dude was shady, so for all I know, he was doing it completely illegally and had this explanation so people wouldn't blow him in, but still eat at the restaurant.