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    [–] I saw Bernie Sanders last May when he was losing by 60+ points in the polls & was using electric tape & stickers to hold up signs. Wow, he's come a loooong way! nobody2000 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago) in SandersForPresident

    yeah I know - I catch these people all the time doing exactly this, once with my own front page post.

    Nothing is ever done about it - even when I report it to the admins.

    [–] Congress may mandate more legroom on planes nobody2000 1 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Airlines will find a way to fuck people over, as is tradition.

    Latest fuckover was administered to one of my bosses.

    We work at a decent sized company, but we have been trying hard to cut down on expenses, so some have been using discount sites to buy tickets.

    United Airlines doesn't like this.

    So - he books his ticket, and on his return leg home, they send him an email requesting that he go to the desk to get his boarding pass.

    So - now he has to waste time in line for that bullshit. So much for being TSA precheck.

    Next, the woman explains to him that he must check his bag. It's tiny, it's well within the weight and dimension requirements. She told him she understands, and the reason is that he booked from an "unauthorized site."

    He was also expected to pay to have the bag checked.

    Finally, he asked "okay, I paid, can I just bring it on the plane anyway?"

    Nope - she pointed out that "NO CHECKED BAG" was printed conspicuously on his ticket.

    So - because he had the audacity to book on a discount site to save a few bucks, they:

    • Made him waste time at the counter
    • Made him pay to check a bag that didn't require checking
    • Made him waste time at baggage claim

    I realize that all of this is likely in the fine print, but it's completely unexpected, unusual, and uncalled for. As someone with millions of miles on United, he luckily will probably receive some sort of reparation for this garbage.

    [–] Scranton Strangler Identity? nobody2000 3 points ago in DunderMifflin

    It's never the person you most suspect.

    It's also never the person you least suspect.

    Michael is the person who you most medium suspect. He did it.

    [–] Roku tvs to get google assistant support nobody2000 1 points ago in homeautomation

    I'm rocking both.

    I've found the general knowledge of GH to be better than Alexa. This is expected, as GH will reference the information that loads at the top of a search query.

    In terms of controlling the home, it's almost a wash. They both control what I need, and I set groups in Home Assistant, so I don't do that in either voice assistant. My gripe with google is that they don't have grouping outside of "rooms" which is 1-to-1. So - if I want to create "Living Room" I cannot ALSO create "downstairs." Alexa lets me do this.

    Obviously GH doesn't have ordering via Amazon, so that's a plus from Alexa, but I suspect stronger GH/Google Express integration as time goes by.

    Alexa has the simultaneous music playing, and better intercom systems - GH only has broadcast, but I suspect that'll change soon.

    [–] So how did they get the bobcat down there nobody2000 13 points ago in betterCallSaul

    Lots of poorly thought out answers here.

    In short - they assembled it inside the hole/lab/basement once they had dug enough away.

    These guys have to move a shitload of dirt - I don't remember the figure, but it was described when the lab project was introduced. They needed to do so:

    • At night
    • Quietly
    • Without disturbing the existing laundry business

    FURTHERMORE - it's clear that they have a very small portal of entry. You saw this in the last episode, and you saw it in Breaking bad when they'd enter the lab via the door.


    • THERE IS NO FREIGHT ELEVATOR AT THIS POINT. It's not there. You not only would have seen it, but they would have been using it. In order to install an elevator, they'd need to dig a shaft, space for the counterweights (essentially a second shaft), and of course, there would need to be room at the bottom to actually do stuff.

    • They are blasting periodically. While they want to minimize their blasting, they still have to do it. You don't keep equipment in the pit near where you need to blast, lest you destroy it, cause a fire, and/or make it a pain to have to extract and replace later

    • Consider why one would use a bobcat in a situation where the surroundings are pretty much solid rock. It's there to move rocks that they pick off the walls, shape the flooring that they pick away, move heavy equipment, hold things in place while they install it (think supports) and likely a number of accessory functions (bobcats are versatile and can do more than just push dirt around)

    So - the hole was already dug and cleared, and partial supports were in place. They brought the bobcat parts down into the pit to finish support, tidy up areas that needed it, and save their backs which probably already were in tough shape after months of moving rock. Finally, the bobcat will probably be important in the beginning stages of installing the freight elevator.

    They assembled it in the pit. That's how it got down there. Why they would use a bobcat involves the speed of getting work done and the quality of doing that work.

    [–] So how did they get the bobcat down there nobody2000 34 points ago in betterCallSaul

    Agreed. A bunch of engineers can readily do this with such a piece of equipment. They're readily serviced to begin with - assembling one with air tools underground would be fairly trivial.

    i mean these guys are digging a massive hole under an existing building, reinforcing everything, and doing so with precision that Gus Fring trusts. I think they can assemble a Bobcat.

    [–] Iris Garage Door controller nobody2000 2 points ago in SmartThings

    Oh that'll work! MyQ Lite is nice, and did everything I needed once I got the separate sensors going.

    I've since moved onto Home Assistant, which allows you to do all the MyQ stuff there too, and you won't need the tilt sensors - so if you're ever interested in changing platforms, you should be covered.

    [–] How on earth this BLANK Reddit account gets 1177 Karma? nobody2000 10 points ago in conspiracy

    It's probably less nefarious than phishing. Do you post on /r/entrepreneur? He probably harvested names from comments and wants to pitch some service you don't need.

    [–] Nuked my microbiome with antibiotics. How to repair the damage? nobody2000 3 points ago in HumanMicrobiome

    Generally speaking - just a low sugar/unsweetened yogurt added to your diet. 1-2 servings a day. Most brands will have the live cultures in them. Some specialize in certain strains, but overall, it's unimportant unless you had a serious medical need for it. Just get something that's yogurt or kefir and add it to your diet.

    This will be a longer haul. After about a month, you'll really begin to have the right colonies in your gut. After two, you can probably cut back on some of these things, and go into "maintenance" provided you do your best to avoid high-sugar foods.

    [–] ULPT: The best way to beat crazy is to out-crazy. Being annoyed by someone who doesn't believe in the moon-landing? Call them a sheep for believing in the moon. Harassed by pro-lifers? Accuse them of being child pornographers for displaying naked pics of what they think are children. Never fails! nobody2000 13 points ago in UnethicalLifeProTips

    That's brilliant - if you can get them going, they'll probably inadvertently prove their nutjob theory wrong trying to argue why you're an idiot.

    "You really think there's a moon?"


    "Yeah - a disc that the government projects is up there"


    "The hobbyists are liars. They'd be able to tell that the moon was a projection"


    "A projection can fool a telescope"


    "Yeah, maybe only Americans - hmm - maybe it's part of the conspiracy on there being no moon?"


    "Then maybe the Russians would have been able to call 'bullshit' on the Americans landing on the moon, when it would strongly be in their interest to do so?"

    [–] Nuked my microbiome with antibiotics. How to repair the damage? nobody2000 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in HumanMicrobiome

    Just to elaborate on these good, easy-to-remember points:

    • Veggies, you can't go wrong. Lots of prebiotic fiber and general fiber will keep you moving. Fermented veggies, like fresh sauerkraut, will also help you tons.
    • The apple contains sugar, but since it comes along with lots of other goodies, they'll consume this sugar, not the candida and not any other bacteria that you want to avoid. Eat the apple, avoid the juice (juice cleanses/diets are kind of silly as it takes out the best part of the fruit).
    • Probiotics - do NOT overdose on these. Take the recommended amount and get a good diversity of bacteria. You don't want one dominant bacteria competing against the others, and you don't really want much of that bacteria getting into your small colon. Some people who pop too many probiotics get issues with their small colon due to bacterial colonization there.
    • Apple cider vinegar - make sure it has some mother in there. Don't get the Heinz filtered/distilled stuff (you know - the one that says "apple cider vinegar" but is completely transparent and looks like store bought apple juice). The stuff made by Bragg will work. They also have vinegar beverages if you wish. "If it's cloudy, say howdy! If it's clear, away you steer!"
    • All the way with fermented dairy
    • While we're at it, in addition to avoiding juices, try to cut back on non-nutritive sweeteners. Some of them have demonstrated to have antibacterial properties. While you're repopulating your gut, you should avoid them - at least for 2-4 weeks.

    [–] Truth nobody2000 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in pics

    No - scientific theories ARE fact. "Cell theory" and everything published on the subject is observed and tested and WELL substantiated - all factual. We call it "theory" because we don't have the complete knowledge of everything regarding the cell. There are other things that we don't know or understand. Outside of that, everything we do know within our knowledge of the cell is considered fact.

    The other stuff and how it works doesn't fall under "scientific theory"

    We call it theory because we need to test to learn more.

    The word you're looking for is "hypothesis" - this more closely resembles the lay definition of theory.

    Please consider how the sign in the picture above applies to you.

    [–] Truth nobody2000 1 points ago in pics

    "You need to understand that it's a THEORY, not a FACT"

    ~ Every science denier who doesn't realize the meaning of "theory" in science is not the same as the lay meaning.

    The structure of the cell is well known, and how most of it works is considered factual. It falls under "Cell Theory" which as you just read, doesn't mean speculation.

    "How that scratch appeared on my car after parking in the Wegmans parking lot" is a lay theory.

    [–] An important reminder nobody2000 1 points ago in gamedev

    I agree that you can't just quit your job - but - a lot of people for whatever reason, don't bother looking for opportunities until they've lost their job.

    And I too fell into that category.

    Some jobs masterfully treat you like shit while making you think like you have a great thing going. Ask for extra hours even though you're exempt, give you shit work while no one else is getting the same, and responsibilities that really should fall onto other people fall onto you because someone is cutting someone else a break and your job description ends with "...and other duties as necessary".

    So I fully understand why someone might not go home and at the very least, maintain their resume.

    But it's something you have to do. Even when things are good. Many people who keep excelling at their career do this, even if their employer seems to favor them.

    After I lost my job (and later hired for more money at a better place), I told my girlfriend this. My girlfriend hated her job. They didn't pull extra hour shit on her (she was not exempt) but she did her low level job very well, and did the jobs of her managers very well. All her reviews reflected this. However, every time she applied for another job at the company:

    • Her boss would request a meeting with the hiring manager. Immediately afterward, my girlfriend would get a "we've reviewed your materials and we're sorry..." message.
    • Someone would find a way for her to get written up for something that wasn't her fault. You could defend a write up and even be found not responsible, but any writeups prevented you from seeking another position for 6 months.

    It was like she was about to be paroled, and all the prisoners and COs conspired to make her fail her parole board.

    So I urged her to keep looking outside of the company - one day she would be laid off for whatever reason, and all that garbage she took in hopes of getting a better position would be for nothing. She fought me, saying that she had a good thing going, but she was miserable, and by extension, I was too.

    She got out, eventually. It was a bombshell of a surprise to every one of her managers - but she was very clear that they were the ones who drove her to doing this.

    She gave her two weeks, and then they re-listed her position - as a paygrade higher. 2 days into her 2-week notice period I told her "give yourself a 12 day vacation. Leave."

    "I don't think I'm allowed to"

    "Oh, are you afraid they'll fire you?"

    TL;DR - spending one hour a week tweaking your resume, browsing LinkedIn and Indeed, and talking to others even while you're happily and gainfully employed is a great strategy to keep you paid well, happy, and employed.

    [–] Iris Garage Door controller nobody2000 1 points ago in SmartThings

    I would inspect the wires and make sure that you have enough contact. If the app works independently, and the controller works independently, you likely don't have the issue where the open/close message is encrypted (some liftmasters do this and you have to do something they call the keyfob trick).

    1.) Make sure that you have enough insulation stripped away to make good contact.

    2.) Make sure the screws are good and tight

    3.) Inspect the bare part of the wire for any junk

    Also - get on your ladder with your phone and everything hooked up and move the Iris wire around as you try to open or close the door. This will confirm that it's a continuity issue if it ends up working. I don't remember if it's a solid wire inside or if it's stranded. If it's the latter, it could be that some of the strands broke off and adequate current can't get through

    [–] Iris Garage Door controller nobody2000 1 points ago in SmartThings

    It's very low voltage generally, going from the controller to the door.

    [–] How on earth this BLANK Reddit account gets 1177 Karma? nobody2000 12 points ago in conspiracy

    It means he was active, probably sold his account to some group and then deleted the comments via powerdeletesuite