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    [–] Cat reacts to tornado siren test nobody2000 1 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    You don't get prizes for stating your mind, especially when you're a dick about it.

    [–] Fiber is not everything but I think this article does a good job in evaluating its benefits: nobody2000 1 points ago in Microbiome

    Holy shit - you and I might be the only ones here seeing a cult-like attitude toward "anti-fiber" in this thread/subreddit.

    Like - you mention "anti-vaxxer" and I mentioned how fiber is pervasive in every. sustained. diet. when it comes to weight loss, and everyone shits all over it and says "you need sources."

    Okay fair enough.

    But then, like an antivaxxer, someone comes up with two links:

    • The first link talks about 4 specific ailments that are not improved but certainly not hurt by fiber (four, as in the tiny number that comes shortly after zero, and way before the actual number of GI ailments out there. FOUR.

    • The second link talks about how dietary studies are flawed (which I presume would include the studies describing the FOUR specific ailments that fiber apparently cannot help at all.

    And leaves out the many studies linking fiber to good health...but I suppose they're all flawed, right?

    Are you and I just taking crazy pills, or did we stumble on the same mentality of antivaxxers (that you reasonably pointed out)???

    I'm going to eat a shitton of veggies and psylium husk, and take a nice, easy shit. They can keep ignoring the guidelines on correlations with red meat consumption and bowel cancer. They can keep eating too much protein with not enough fiber and risk hemorrhoids.

    This is madness.

    [–] Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad nobody2000 1 points ago in homeautomation

    You can overengineer it if you'd like. I see value in a "smart" keypad because you can choose to run custom routines based on different user codes.

    So two options - I'm gonna rationalize why a dumb keypad is fine and then give the smart keypad option:

    • If you buy a dumb keypad, and then use it with a smart system like MyQ or really anything with a door open/close sensor, you can set a routine in your hub that says "If Garage door open and time is after sunset, then turn on the downstairs lights" (you can add presence detection for other family members, etc). You're limited to open/close only, which means you're restricting your automations to two: one for open, one for close.

    • They make standalone z-wave security enabled keypads. You can install this, set a code "1234" (or whatever) and have it execute a routine like "If zwave keypad = 1234, and garage door state = closed, then turn on downstairs lights." You can then program other codes to run different routines.

    So - you'll absolutely need a separate garage door opener system like Linear/GoControl/Iris (all the same device, different brands), MyQ, something you make, or one made by another manufacturer. Next, you'll need either a smart or dumb wireless keypad, for the reasons mentioned earlier.

    [–] Cat reacts to tornado siren test nobody2000 3 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    The only way it could possibly be okay is if the retard is 12 and never heard of Chernobyl.

    Well you argue like a 12 year old, so this may be a valid area of expertise for you here. Keep yeetin on them libs, edgelord.

    [–] Fiber is not everything but I think this article does a good job in evaluating its benefits: nobody2000 0 points ago in Microbiome

    In every diet.

    In every "healthy living" plan

    In pretty much anything having to do with your GI health and holistic wellbeing, Fiber is the commonality.

    Fiber is always good. Too much is fine, just prepare yourself!

    I had a lot of soluble fiber one night. Was up every 30 minutes with intense pain and the need to visit the restroom. Made sure I stayed hydrated. By 5am, my visits produced what was pretty much just water.

    So - yeah eat a lot, but there is a point where you might really regret it.

    [–] Best smart aroma diffuser nobody2000 2 points ago in homeautomation

    Integrate with Google Home/Alexa (on/off, routines)

    I think you have this covered with a smart or a dumb diffuser. Sounds like you have this one

    Some sort of granular control on the amount of aroma, since mine is a small apartment don't want to overwhelm it with too much smell

    This is gonna be tricky. So I have an innogear in my office that's a "dumb" diffuser, and it has a "light smell" setting and a "I WILL MAKE YOU CRY" setting. There is a button that toggles the two. You're going to need to find a diffuser that will support variable control. Most appear to be on/off. In terms of hacking, unless the manufacturer put variable control on the board but never added a button in production, this is going to be difficult to achieve with a hack.

    (ASAKUKI appears to make one with variable control, but I cannot speak to how it'll integrate with anything other than Alexa).

    Support for multiple oils would be nice too (I saw one that wasn't smart that would let you combine up to 4 oils to create your personal aroma)

    I'm unable to find any multi-reservoir diffusers that are also smart. This seems like you might be faced with a tradeoff here

    Nice looking...Lights up

    Plenty of options here.

    I'd do this:

    • Google "espurna diffuser" and "tasmota diffuser" and see if there are any diffusers that show up in the compatoibility lists

      • If so, check to see if there is an OTA firmware hack.
      • If not, how comfortable are you with some basic hardware hacks (likely no solder) and running an application in a python command line?
    • If the previous search is fruitless, focus on a "dumb" diffuser with an always on switch. They're not complicated devices, so just go for the one with the look and tank size you want.

    You have piqued my interest in getting a smart diffuser now. Well done

    [–] TIFU by making a gay joke at work, coworker reported me, got immediately flown to corperate office, can't make it to work now (proof) nobody2000 3 points ago in tifu

    Killed for being gay vs killed for being straight? Yes.

    Come on. Pick a better argument to support your bogus "equality" narrative. You can do better than that.

    [–] Best smart aroma diffuser nobody2000 3 points ago in homeautomation

    Diffusers are some of the cheapest, most widely ubiquitous electronic products that have come out in the last few years. In the course of a week, I received a diffuser, and I noticed that several of my friends had received them, like me, from various corporate partners.

    What I'm getting at is what you see is what you get. No one's making a crazy fancy diffuser that's gonna be better than a $30 one.

    My question for you is what do you want to do with it? If your current smartplug configuration will work, just proceed with that. If you are looking for something that will integrate with an automation in smartthings or Homeassistant, and the smartplug won't work, there may be options.

    Go check out the Tasmota and Espurna githubs. I just looked at "smart diffusers esp8266" and as I thought, many of them are controlled by the esp8266. It's basically a board with wifi and some pinouts that will help you control lights and other things.

    Problem is - most of these devices are cloud based, and chances are you are going to relay a signal to China and back anytime you want your room to smell less like farts and more like lavender.

    Anyway - Homeassistant has ways of controlling these types of devices outright even if it's through the cloud. Outside of this, you also have the option to hack the device with custom firmware (e.g Espurna and Tasmota).

    They'll restore it so that the signal processing is done on your local wifi. This way - your hub will be the interface for controls (still will work through Alexa/Home/Siri if it's set up), but you'll have broader automation integration.

    In summary:

    • Most of these devices are the same and probably all made by the same 1-3 manufacturers
    • Most of these devices are probably cloud-based, so check the reviews and ask around. Maybe you can find a true local control one that only goes into the cloud for voice assistants.
    • They might be hackable
    • Pretty much any of them will work with a smartplug. If you go with this option, just find a diffuser with an "always on switch" and not a toggle on/off switch. That way you can just leave it to "on" and let the smartplug manage the power.

    [–] Home Assistant 0.90 Released! nobody2000 0 points ago in homeautomation

    8123 and 3218

    It's possible I had a setting on pihole turned on that keeps it wide open - I thought I remember avoiding it as there's a huge warning to basically not ever use it except in specific cases, but alas - I may have hit it during configuration.

    Either way - I'm glad that it was more of a white hat thing or some guy didn't get a chance to do much with what he found thing than someone looking to actually fuck with me. I left one cloud account open for a few weeks just to see if there was any fuckery (liftmaster for my detached garage with nothing in it - be my guest) and there was nothing showing that they tried opening it.

    [–] TIFU by being too good at my job nobody2000 1 points ago in tifu

    "So the last guy fucked around and made a full time salary, and I'm productive and will earn half that? Fuck you, it's a job seeker's market. I will not provide you with two weeks' worth of notice. Goodbye."

    Then, if they need you to perform the job, demand 4x what you were making as a contract worker to do the same job. Let that fund your life while you seek better employment.

    [–] TIFU by making a gay joke at work, coworker reported me, got immediately flown to corperate office, can't make it to work now (proof) nobody2000 9 points ago in tifu

    I would like you to look at this from the point of view of your employer.

    An employee said something offensive that another employee, who happens to be a member of a protected class, overheard and it made him upset. THEN - that first employee refused to apologize, and in fact, CONFRONTED THE MEMBER OF THE PROTECTED CLASS ABOUT IT.

    Let's say that this employee decides that he is going to roll the dice with a lawsuit. Let's pretend that it's even 100% unwinnable by him too.

    I, the employer, still have to get involved the following parties:

    • HR
    • Inside counsel if it's a big organization
    • Outside counsel
    • The protected class employee
    • The alleged offending employee
    • Several supervisors

    All of which are going to either cost productivity, or money.

    NEXT - if anything's filed and the company receives a notice of claim, more effort has to be put forward toward discovery, more lawyers, depositions, transportation, and court costs.

    NEXT - unless the member of the protected class and his lawyer are so incompetent that all they say is "payday yum yum!" the case is not going to be dropped quickly by any judge. Eventually, maybe, but not quickly.

    What is likely to happen: Settlement for something between $100k and $500k, depending on how the case unfolds.

    This doesn't come from you, it comes from me, the employer.

    Additionally, my company's reputation is damaged. I also lost what could have been a good employee (the protected class employee will likely quit), and have to make a decision about the proud offender who can't say "I'm sorry."

    I would question your judgment and interpersonal skills. Unless you were a hotshot salesman bringing in regular accounts exceeding $20 Million a year, I would immediately seek to replace you.

    Your pride and refusal to say a simple phrase to rectify a situation YOU created will have cost me millions in bullshit fees and costs.

    I would fire you.

    [–] Home Assistant 0.90 Released! nobody2000 0 points ago in homeautomation

    Just to add onto what you're saying - even if you forward a port that isn't 8123 for your frontend, having the port open will still allow someone to access it.

    In a previous install of Hassio, I hadn't had any 2FA or anything other than legacy password enabled. It wasn't strong enough, or someone figured out a way around it. They deleted my !secrets file and removed pihole. They then borked my config.yaml and saved it. They also changed the admin passwords to my IP cameras

    When all my devices stopped connecting to the internet, I went to check pihole, and with it not showing up, I for some reason decided to reboot my pi via the power cord. Since my config was messed up, my frontend didn't load, and neither did configurator at 3218.

    I had to SSH in to know what what was going on. Fixed some things and realized what had happened. Reset my router to nix any forwarded ports, changed the password of any cloud services, and found it easier to just start with a clean install.

    I've since used TOR to remote in, as Hassio doesn't yet have a great VPN add-in (there's an openVPN one but it isn't going to work the way I need it to).

    [–] It made my day too! nobody2000 3 points ago in AnimalsBeingBros

    Definitely confusing, but glaucoma can be very painful. VERY painful. Waking up to darkness, but maintaining an acute sense of hearing is not ideal, but probably an internal relief for the dog. The dog has probably been used to dealing with no useful eyesight for some time before.

    Still sad - no doubt, but it's nice for them to come together like this.

    [–] Home Assistant 0.90 Released! nobody2000 0 points ago in homeautomation

    The cloud is just for the UI remote access and integrating with outside voice assistants. The control is still all local...

    [–] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams U.S. Inaction on Gun Control as Jacinda Ardern Bans Weapons: 'This Is What Leadership Looks Like' nobody2000 -7 points ago in politics

    oh ho ho ho - you sure "gotcha'd" him!

    The point, which you missed, should have been clear. OP didn't literally mean "the US wants strict assault weapons bans" but was referring to "the US wants some sort of action"

    The NZ Assault weapon ban is not what's so incredibly newsworthy here.

    What's newsworthy is that it took six days to take action.

    for perspective, Columbine was 7275 days ago, and we are still running into this problem, as most of the action has been performed on the state level, and most of the federal actions have actually relaxed gun control laws.

    People want reasonable action regarding control and restricting weapons use from people who are likely to misuse them....and not have to wait more than 7275 days to get it.

    [–] Just uncovered this in my crawlspace. Kind of panicking. nobody2000 19 points ago in HomeImprovement

    This is also why you never, never EVER get the seller of the house to do the repairs.

    I gave the seller the option to either leave me $500 off the selling price or to fix a window that we observed was cracked. They opted to fix it themselves.

    Good news: they used a quality window. I was happy with this.

    Bad news: The window casing was replaced and does not match anything else in the bathroom

    Good news: We're updating that bathroom anyway.

    But overall, you're right. I lucked out because the seller was immensely proud of the home, and didn't want to cut any corners. This is rarely the case.

    [–] Just uncovered this in my crawlspace. Kind of panicking. nobody2000 23 points ago in HomeImprovement

    It sounds like the buyers, thinking that you solved their problem, will never take care of the issue...

    ...and when the mold comes back, and they never notice it because of course they won't - it's in the attic and they're done scrutinizing the house with a fine toothed will get them just as sick as it would have had they not made you clean it up (which is not-sick-at-all)

    [–] The code works nobody2000 3 points ago in funny

    Fuck that. I'd get quotes from the most expensive fish market that sells a comparable salmon and bring that to court, and sue them for all that you mentioned as well as court fees.

    Fedex likely won't show and a judgment will be levied against them.

    [–] Red thinks they could beat up Gordon Ramsay. nobody2000 2 points ago in iamverybadass

    GR: "I'm here to help your establishment"

    Badass: "okay"

    GR: "Holy shit, are you fucking insane? You have exposed wires and children running around playing in puddles on the floors near the wire. You're also serving chicken so raw it's basically a salmonella dumpling."

    BA: "I'm going to kick your ass" (Cat fist fire)

    [–] What “common sense” is actually wrong? nobody2000 13 points ago in AskReddit

    Another person posted something about "wider highways do not mean less traffic"

    I think this may apply to my budgeting skills. With the new tax law, my annual income taxes stayed more or less the same, but less was taken out of my withholding. My financial highway got wider, but I found a way to make sure that I was able to use all that extra space.

    As a result, with that extra payday money, I spent like I had earned it, and kept my financial habits the same as they always were. Now that it is tax time, I'm paying in when I'm used to getting a refund. Now, when I usually pay off my credit cards if they haven't been already with all my December christmas spending, I don't have that quick influx of cash.