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    [–] Career Change: I Did it For the Money noc_programmer 1 points ago in learnprogramming

    I think a lot of screw ups come from working in places that don't know how to train people or they aren't interested in training them. There are plenty of successful programmers out there who didn't major in CS or really know much more than data structures and algorithms when they started and some of them started at big N companies.

    [–] Career Change: I Did it For the Money noc_programmer 4 points ago in learnprogramming

    The companies that take these new hires on are taking risk. It's akin to an apprenticeship, hell it's this way for CS grads as well, anyone who is just stepping foot into the industry, or at least that is what I've been told. Essentially you've been given the right to learn.

    That's what an entry level position is for. It doesn't really matter what your degree is school is never equivalent to actually doing the job.

    This isn't unique to CS in any way. High school/community college construction classes are in no way the same as being on a build site. Taking networking classes and building a network in a lab isn't the same as stepping into a giant network where all sorts of different vendors are in use and who knows what sort of weird rules are in place. Even if you have experience, you are going to have to spend time trying to figure out how this particular organization does things.

    [–] Take care of your eyes noc_programmer 7 points ago in cscareerquestions

    There is a slight tint to them, but it isn't that bad.

    [–] Career Change: I Did it For the Money noc_programmer 347 points ago in learnprogramming

    I wholeheartedly believe there is no way to become an expert developer in three months unless you're some kind of genius.

    Getting a job in 3 months != becoming an expert developer.

    [–] Grainger starter pack noc_programmer 1 points ago in UIUC

    The physics classes I took here didn't even have books at least none that I knew of.

    [–] Is it just me or is working for the government hard? noc_programmer 4 points ago in cscareerquestions

    This has not been my experience working in a government job at all. It's really chill and I never work on weekends. Are you sure you are working for the US Government?

    [–] What is it about "teaching" that guys enjoy so much? noc_programmer 9 points ago in AskMen

    I'm a man, but I can change, If I have to, I guess.

    The Man's Prayer. I really loved that show.

    [–] What are your deal breakers? noc_programmer 4 points ago in AskMen

    Smoking, loud chewing/lip smacking, drug use, clingy (please have your own life that's not just about me), lying, and not keeping up general hygiene. Also, girls who expect you to pick up on ridiculously small hints and just know what they are thinking. If you have a problem or want to do something just talk to me about it openly and honestly.

    [–] What is the best free website to learn c++? noc_programmer 3 points ago in learnprogramming

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is a great website for learning C++. At least, I haven't seen any. I'd advise buying a book instead.

    [–] Cinnamon is inevitably better... noc_programmer 1 points ago in bingingwithbabish

    Since, you've made this. Do you know what size loaf pan to use when making the recipe on the Binging with Babish website? I noticed it says to use a loaf pan but it doesn't actually give a size for it.

    [–] Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange arrested noc_programmer 1 points ago in news

    I'm not sure that's true. People in prison don't have this issue.

    [–] Cody responds to the Snakes positive test. noc_programmer 1 points ago in MMA

    I really can't figure out how he managed to get them to ok his "pulsing".

    [–] Cody responds to the Snakes positive test. noc_programmer 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in MMA

    I've always been curious about Khabib. Dude pushes an almost inhuman pace. I know he has been shown to slow down, but honestly, I'd still think he would slow down faster than he does.

    [–] Our boss keeps telling us that we need to improve our skills, but then never give us time to do it, and it's starting to get "uncomfortable". What can I do? noc_programmer 2 points ago in cscareerquestions

    There is a serious issue in this industry related to learning new things imo. That's why there is a huge push by people to say that you should love programming because they want you to use your personal time to learn new skills that will benefit the company and you should do it because you enjoy it.

    It's really weird. In the IT world, if we moved to a new technology, we were given training on it. In some cases the training could cost thousands of dollars per person, and this was considered normal at quite a few companies that I worked at. Some other companies even built in work time for training to move up the ladder.

    It always seemed weird to me that two closely related fields seem to have vastly different approaches to management. I sometimes wonder if it is because it was very difficult for people and costly to build servers or networks to practice their skills on (this is easier these days with virtualization) and programming was seen as something that everyone could do at home.

    [–] Jon Jones shows concern for his teammate, Carlos Condit, as he survives the onslaught of 5th round Robbie Lawler noc_programmer 1 points ago in MMA

    know a guy who fights for a living, he and all his training partners do steroids. It’s not a drug test it’s an IQ test.

    Probably for a small organization with zero testing right? I'm not saying people in the UFC don't still juice, but it is not an IQ test at this point. That was the old testing. This is more of a high end lab test.

    [–] What attracted me to crypto currencies noc_programmer 2 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    I mean you saw the character of the guy in the video. Do you honestly think he isn't running tor?

    [–] What is the best ISP in Champaign? noc_programmer 3 points ago in UIUC

    Your experience may vary with this company depending on how much your apartment company is paying them. I'm not sure they offer individual internet either.

    [–] What attracted me to crypto currencies noc_programmer 6 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    I think that would assume you are cashing out or putting money in so it could be traced to your name. He said he got started by mining. Sure, you could track his wallet addresses and where his transactions have gone, but unless there is an actual connection to something you can associate with him, it should technically be private.

    [–] Julian Assange to be expelled from Ecuadorian embassy in London within hours say WikiLeaks noc_programmer 1 points ago in worldnews

    I think a lot of it comes from how little people knew back then. Julian Assange was painted more as a hero fighting the power when in reality he was a guy crafting a narrative and may or may not have some close ties with certain governments.

    I know there are people who say that he has changed or let the power go to his head, but personally, I think it was probably like this all along, and there may have been a good chance that people knew it and that's why they were trying so hard to get him, but they never publicly stated it.

    That's my conspiracy theory at any rate.

    [–] [Megathread] Conor vs. Khabib Beef noc_programmer -9 points ago in MMA

    Are they Or are they two rich people who pay members of gangs to hang around them so they can feel like a big mob boss? Because it feels like the latter.

    [–] [Megathread] Conor vs. Khabib Beef noc_programmer 16 points ago in MMA

    Honestly, that shit Khabib pulled was ridiculous. Both him and Conor run around acting like they are in gangs.

    [–] Some insights from a former tech recruiter noc_programmer 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Would you automatically choose the person with certs with the same experience level as someone without it?

    That's hard to say. It's too narrow I think. I also heavily take personality into account. But all else being equal, I think someone with the cert might actually know more than the person without the cert as they would have studied things that they might not normally do in the course of their jobs or have a better understanding of why things work which can help in troubleshooting. It also shows a willingness to learn and improve. Just because there are braindumps available it doesn't mean that the person used them. Honestly, most of the people I've worked with in IT who have the higher level certs never used braindumps when studying for them and took them seriously as a learning resource to get better. Same thing with the Cisco certs for that matter. I think I've only ever seen the braindump people when they don't have relevant work experience and you can tell by talking to them they don't really understand enough to have passed those exams.

    [–] Some insights from a former tech recruiter noc_programmer 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Yes...what's your point? It doesn't change the fact that having certain redhat certs carry weight in the IT field. Most the certs that matter usually come from people with previous work experience doing the stuff they were tested on in the cert because their company paid for it as well. I'd be highly suspicious of anyone who just had a cert and no work experience to match it, but it doesn't change the value of the cert.