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    [–] Anyone else a terrible friend? nokia621 2 points ago in depression

    It's just not possible to pour from an empty cup

    Wow, that hit me. Thank you!

    [–] Well that backfired nokia621 29 points ago in socialism


    We dedicate a whole month to homosexuality but one day to veterans. Response: Killing people overseas shouldn't be celebrated at all.

    [–] I honestly had no idea who tf that was in the video. nokia621 6 points ago in Instagramreality

    Her face got fuller because of fillers, but I honestly think she looks great without makeup...

    [–] Cocaine and lexapro nokia621 18 points ago in lexapro

    step 1: don't do coke

    [–] Afghanistan, 2010 nokia621 16 points ago in pics

    US soldier Jacob Moore, 21, stares into the distance as he clutches the hand of a seriously wounded comrade on board a helicopter in Afghanistan. (November 22, 2010)