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    [–] What's the best way you've seen someone rebel against school rules? nootdoot 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The funniest thing tho is that its not even a 'new hip thing'. I imagine the school has had a lacrosse team for awhile. I mean who hasnt heard of lacrosse? This lady is just plain stupid.

    [–] AITA for telling my brother his offer to cook for my birthday was a slap in the face? nootdoot 45 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    The CDC states that a vegan diet is suitable for all stages of life including pregnancy and infancy. If a child dies due to their diet thats because of parental neglect not veganism. Plenty of kids die due to malnutrition with parents that are omnivores too. Veganism isn't the problem, shitty parents is the problem.

    [–] Pregnant coworker gets her just desserts nootdoot 12 points ago in pettyrevenge

    Letting someone cum in you doesn't make you special. Its not a free pass to get your coworkers to do your work for you. She wont switch shifts for other people? Thats her call. But she shouldn't expect anything different from everyone else. Don't dish what you can't take. Being pregnant makes zero difference in this scenario. She could be sick for any reason really and OP has no obligation to cover for her. But in this case she didnt just get sick she (assumingly)chose to be pregnant. Her choice is not OP's problem.

    [–] Daughter of a fallen fire fighter wearing dads helmet nootdoot 6 points ago in pics

    My grandma died when my littlest sister was 3yo and I dont think she fully understood until about a year later. She was 4yo and in the backseat of my car and she suddenly got quiet. When I turned around to look at her she was crying. I asked her why she was crying and she said 'mommy was watching the news today and they said a baby died in a car accident and mommy said she's never coming back'. I said thats very sad and then she went 'The baby died like grandma and went to heaven. Im sad because I miss grandma and the baby'. I had no idea what to say for a minute. Watching my little sister experience that kind of emotion was heartbreaking.

    [–] Skin deep nootdoot 1 points ago in tumblr

    This very unfortunately true

    [–] Skin deep nootdoot 1 points ago in tumblr

    Not sure where you're from but it's illegal to use a tanning bed in the US under 18.

    [–] Is it normal in the USA for people to browse their phones while getting a haircut or is it considered rude? nootdoot 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Hairdresser here- as long as you can still move your head where I need it positioned I don't care if you're on your phone. However it is super annoying if you're constantly looking down and I have to keep asking the customer to look up so I can cut. So basically, do what you want but be aware of whats going on around you. Don't make your stylists job harder than it needs to be.

    [–] What is the creepiest glitch you’ve experienced In real life? nootdoot 11 points ago in AskReddit

    Would you be up to describing the scenes/post your drawings so maybe one of us with more artist skill can attempt to sketch it out for you?

    [–] As a woman, I think pregnancy is gross nootdoot 14 points ago in childfree

    Honestly Im a hairdresser and I've seen it both ways. Some women their hair starts thinning like crazy and for others their hair growth wont stop. Some people even go from having straight hair to curly hair. Pregnancy does weird things to hair. And dont even get me started on how it affects color services 🙄

    [–] As a woman, I think pregnancy is gross nootdoot 19 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in childfree

    Not just that but the influx of hormones usually makes the hair grow longer and faster (same with nails) and that alone can be described as a 'glow up'. My sister is pregnant right now and I'm jealous of her perfect hair but I also have a phobia of pregnancy and when her baby moves it freaks me out and reminds me of alien.

    [–] AITA for refusing to call my dad’s girlfriend ‘mom’ or obeying her rules? nootdoot 4 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I was engaged at 17 and married at 18. I had been driving for 3 years, had a job just as long. I got a high school diploma + cosmetology license + married all within 4 weeks after turning 18. 17 year olds are basically adults. Maybe there are some exceptions but most 17 year olds are seniors and im guessing OP is one semester from graduation. Meaning in a few months OP will be able to move across the country alone to go to college and rack up thousands of dollars in debt. So yeah, 17 year olds are basically adults. They're definitely not children but they're at least mini-adults.

    [–] TIFU by getting a haircut the day before going on a date nootdoot 1 points ago in tifu

    THIS! As a hairdresser I have wayyyy too many people who either don't know what they want or refuse to tell me. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me 'idk shorter. You're the professional' when I ask what they want I'd be rich. You don't get to be vague and leave it up to me to guess and then complain about it when its not what you wanted.

    A story from a few months ago:

    Guy sits in my chair and the convo goes like this.

    Me- So how much were we planning on taking off today?

    Guy- I want to get a clipper cut. A 3 on the sides and 1 on top.

    Me- Are you sure thats what you want?

    Guy- Yeah thats what I want.

    Me- (showing him the clipper guards) We can do that but you won't have much hair on top to work with or style. Are these the guards you want? This is the 3 and this is the 1.

    Guy- Im positive. This is what I always get. The other girls dont usually ask all these questions.

    He was being really snippy and dismissive with me while I was asking him questions. Ooookkkaayyyy weirdo. So I do what he asks. And of course he freaks out and is pissed. Because his hair was short on top and long on the sides! It looked ridiculous!He THEN tells my manager what he ACTUALLY wanted. Which was a fade on the sides and an inch off the top.

    People, PLEASE be specific when you get your hair cut and dont dismiss the person with scisssors near your head! We dont know you! We can't read minds!

    [–] can anyone with henna knowledge let me know if i can lighten my hair? nootdoot 1 points ago in Hair

    Seconding this! If a guest came into my salon with henna on their hair I would say 'sorry, we cant work with any bleach or color at risk your hair falling off.' You really don't have any options besides waiting for the henna to grow out and then getting it cut off.

    [–] Hair Stylists or Experiences of Reddit, Can I swim with my perm? nootdoot 1 points ago in Hair

    How long ago did you get the perm? If its within a week I suggest you use a swimmers cap and avoid getting your hair wet. But if you've had the perm for awhile you should be okay, just use a nice clarifying shampoo after or if you have it a swimmers shampoo. And be sure to condition well after too because the chlorine can really dry out your hair.

    [–] AITA for cleaning up from my/our dinner before my daughter was finished cooking hers? nootdoot 119 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    They won't eat vegetarian so you cant have a meal together? Pizza is vegetarian. Macaroni is vegetarian. Spaghetti is vegetarian. How fucking limited are your diets? What the hell do you eat?

    [–] AITA for not paying for the vet bills for my sisters cat? nootdoot 0 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in AmItheAsshole

    Agreed. I have a cat. My cat has never got out because we 1. Trained her well and 2. We make sure we know where she is before walking out the front door.

    If I accidentally let someone's cat out I would go find it and bring it back. Because it would be MY fault. I'd probably have to take the cat to the vet myself afterwards too because thats just being a responsible adult? Yes it was an accident but that doesn't absolve responsiblity. A small cut is the best case scenario. The cat could have been ran over and died while out because no one was looking for it. That said this should be the only incident. Op shouldn't be paying for any FUTURE vet bills but only the bills they're responsible for.

    Also OP said they suggested keeping the cat in a seperate room at NIGHT. Assuming her husband goes to work in the morning like most people this still would have happened even if the sister followed her suggestion. And for some reason sister wasnt home at 5am when this happened? So OP could have put the cat in the laundry room if they were afraid of the cat getting out because sister wasnt there to complain about it. Sometimes seems up with this story.

    [–] They Always Think Saying They Have Cash is a Bargaining Chip nootdoot 2 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Personally I dont. Im not dealing with anything where the buyer has the option to dispute the charge. The way I see it, if you can afford to do it through paypal it isnt the difficult to get cash from the bank instead. But that's just me, if someone wants to accept online payments thats up to them but I won't.

    [–] My hair vs the hair I bought for a job interview at a middle school (they can never know) nootdoot 10 points ago in femalehairadvice

    Well considering it takes 3 years of schooling to become a cosmetologist + passing a state board test and you can literally run a daycare out of your home by just paying for a license + background check without any prior experience or qualifications I would definitely say you could argue that putting chemicals on people's head takes more education and professionalism than wiping a baby's ass. Obviously daycare vs. Highschool teacher have different levels of professionalism but you simply said you wouldn't trust your kids with someone who has colored hair, no indication of level of care/education. But you also provided no reasoning or explanations for your claims so to each their own 🤷‍♀️

    [–] My hair vs the hair I bought for a job interview at a middle school (they can never know) nootdoot 7 points ago in femalehairadvice

    The wording is clear. 'Professional industry'. Cosmetology is a professional industry no matter how you put it. Whether you're a presenter for a large company or just working reception in a salon its a professional industry. There is no reason to change the definition of professional based on the industry. And being a daycare worker and being around children is arguably less professional than cosmetology. So if someone can present professionally with colored hair in that environment what makes the difference of someone with colored hair in another environment? Why does your standard change? Are you saying hairdressers shouldn't be trusted around children? The color of one's hair affects their ability to act appropriately or maintain reliable but ONLY in certain industries? Or does hair color suddenly contradict a persons years of study and experience and make them unfit to teach? Are you implying its inappropriate to have colored hair around children? For what reason? Is it a safety issue? Do you think it's a bad influence? Are those who work with children not allowed to be creative? Please, explain.

    [–] My hair vs the hair I bought for a job interview at a middle school (they can never know) nootdoot 12 points ago in femalehairadvice

    Would you trust your hairdresser less because they have fun colored hair? Because that's 100% a professional job. Would you assume they were unreliable and would give you a bad haircut? No? Why? Because their job is doing hair? So you think having fun colored hair only makes people unreliable/untrustable in certain industries? Please explain to me how you reason that.

    [–] They Always Think Saying They Have Cash is a Bargaining Chip nootdoot 23 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I posted it at $200 under the bluebook value. I didn't go to a dealership because my husband works at a dealership and they will do anything they can to not pay out. They will say 'we dont go by the bluebook, we have a different internal system'. Or they will tell you 'it isnt worth it to us to put it on the lot so we can do $500 towards a trade in for another car.' I wasnt dealing with that. I already have a new car so I just need to get rid of the old one. But I also cant afford to just lose $600 because people want to lowball me.